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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

lastes from the pyscho dan


the total meltdown from dan follows but I will pick out a few notes

Marky was also warned by the FCC about libeling others.

why tell this lie, dan?> I have n ot been warned by the FCC about anything Todd has received 2 wasting of postage from the FCC but I have received NONE

Did you notice Marky used this account to post 13,142 NONSENSE messages in 316 different groups? I told you Marky ain't all there. He also shares and hosts blogs with Karol Madera, VE7KFM, using the callsigns of at least 3 other people. Callsigns that DO NOT belong to Marky. I won't bother posting links to Marky's BULLSHIT.

in point of fact not allof those post are even mine plenty of forges including some likely from dan himself

Impoint out VE7KFM does not belong to YOU dan or crow and yet you use it in

KD8CTL also does not belong to you or your freinds and you use it to attack me

N9OGL also does not belong to you or your friends and yet

and to be imparital neither does ab8mq it is wisement 's call and yet you and your friends use to harrass the por man

Of course, it backfires on Marky, because he wrote the note himself, and because Law Enforcement alreadys knows Marky's a loony, because they transported Marky to Marquette Michigan, to a psychiatric unit, in 2004, for psychiatric evaluation and followup treatment!

again why the lies dan? backfires on me how it sounds more your scheme to anoy backfired because I took your sick joke seriously

never was transposted to MQT Hosiptal for anything at anytime that is just more of YOUR libel

Well, Marky's still at it. Sometime around November of last year, Marky, KB9RQZ hooked up with Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Now, you have to realize, Marky is known to his law enforcement personnel as someone who is not all there. Not in his right mind, as we say in Alabama.

So, Marky writes a note to himself, using his blog, and the note is written in Marky's unmistakable style of gibberish. It was so obvious that Marky wrote the note, that Marky quickly deleted it, because so many people took one look at it, and said "Marky wrote that himself."

To make a long story short, the note was about one of Mark's long term fantasies -- that someone wanted to sell him a 9 year old boy for the purposes of sexual gratification. Marky's a sicko who is a known pervert. He tells everyone he's bi-sexual and into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. Keep Marky far away from your kids folks!

So what does this sick bastard Marky do next? You guessed it! Marky contacted child welfare hotlines in 7 different states, and reports all his so-called enemies, and Karol's so-called enemies, as perpetrators of child pandering! I told you Marky's a sick boy.

Of course, it backfires on Marky, because he wrote the note himself, and because Law Enforcement alreadys knows Marky's a loony, because they transported Marky to Marquette Michigan, to a psychiatric unit, in 2004, for psychiatric evaluation and followup treatment!

Now Marky, if this account of events isn't 100% true, you just go ahead and sue me, and we'll order those records and look at them together in court, in front of a judge and jury.

Anyhow folks, Marky was banned from Ham Island and banned from QRZ and he was voted out of office at his radio club by a margin of 11:1. Marky voted to keep himself in the club, but, Marky was over ruled, because in the few short months Marky was in office, his fellow club members also realized Marky's "not all there" as I mentioned before. Marky was also warned by the FCC about libeling others.

To read some of the total BS published by Marky, just visit and look at just ONE of Mark's posting accounts on usenet:

Did you notice Marky used this account to post 13,142 NONSENSE messages in 316 different groups? I told you Marky ain't all there. He also shares and hosts blogs with Karol Madera, VE7KFM, using the callsigns of at least 3 other people. Callsigns that DO NOT belong to Marky. I won't bother posting links to Marky's BULLSHIT.

Well, enough about this HUMAN GARBAGE.... It's actually quite humorous until you realize this documented lunatic is trying to maliciously affect other people's lives with his Lies and Deceit.

Y'all Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now where's my CW key?

my reply coment

no reason to sue you you got nothing to to take

fact I think you or your sick feind sent the note so I reported it correctly and properly and as you have learned legaly which is why you can't sue me

you can delete this coment as you like it will get out

as to malious acting no malice here I am like todd Karol and some others tired of your efforts to control who we choose to speak to on air and online

Sunday, December 21, 2008

dan I know it is easy to get depressed this time of year but you have access the mental treatement p[lease use it

source a

source b

I'll be listening to CW and avoiding idiots this Christmas. To all my friends and well wishers, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. To the others, I'll see you in Hell soon enough. And y'all better hope you see me coming before I see you. Hi Hi.

I do wish dan would stop being such a hypocrtie

again you complain abotu the bad feeling being stired up this holiday season and yet you take part

grow up

or go see the VA for your histary of mental illness

dan I know it is easy to get depressed this time of year but you have access the mental treatement p[lease use it

source a

source b

I'll be listening to CW and avoiding idiots this Christmas. To all my friends and well wishers, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. To the others, I'll see you in Hell soon enough. And y'all better hope you see me coming before I see you. Hi Hi.

I do wish dan would stop being such a hypocrtie

again you complain abotu the bad feeling being stired up this holiday season and yet you take part

grow up

or go see the VA for your histary of mental illness

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

well soemthing from the past in RRAP

after all my problem have always come from being too honest and tooopen
I should have allowed the ve's of the day do as they offered and take a
passed code (recieving) from one session and put it with a passed codetest (transmitting) lallthose years ago they were willing and offeredit to me but no I was too honest
or in my early experimental days with sexuality I should have made sure
never to be honest and admit to being Bisexaul
I should have lied and stated my wife was male then steve would eitherleft it alone or called me a liar and then I could confess and shecould be female without question
I should have described my eme preps and 440 band not 2m so when Ioperated the spoofer would not have been looking in the right band

Friday, December 12, 2008

btw Jesswald as it happens if you have not filed your suit you are in fact SOL

since the last day to file is sunday you are areadly Satatue of limtationed or just plan shit outa luck

more luny shit from not ve7kfm huimself of course

400 NG's I pst basicaly to 3 some spill over to perhaps a dozen more

much of my time? gee under 10 -20 minutes a day

they require no reading at all sinc ethe they are simply saying "this thread is trash"

Now what the numbernofforged posts made in my name I don't even try to follow but googling my post does not seem to reveal anything close to thos numbers

Information exits? information that I am being lied about yes, and that the local sheriff depart are accused of a federal crime as well (I know the cops are not doing as claimed)

Morgan, in particular, spends much of his time ruining newsgroups, employing a kind of incoherent babble-speak which requires an interpreter and a cryptologist in order to decipher. At last count, the number of newsgroups Morgan spammed was over 400 with over 4,000 of the same inane, repetitive posts. These numbers correlate to just ONE of Morgan's posting accounts! Morgan gives new meaning to the term "brain damage." It has been widely reported (by Morgan) that information exists which states he was involuntarily transported to a hospital in Marquette, MI, in 2004, for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. We are not surprised. Morgan and Madera are currently involved in a kind of folie a deux where they co-manage at least two libelous websites about individuals with whom they share a mutual obsessive interest.<source

After this discussion of mental health (or lack thereof) it is probably appropriate to mention Madera's latest cohorts, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL), and Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ). Once again, upon reading the "collected works," of the aforementioned parties, the terms, "psychotic" ; "person requiring treatment" ; and, "crazy as a bedbug" may leap to mind. If so, congratulations. You are among the overwhelming majority, and it's doubtful you will be involuntarily transported to a mental health facility in the near future. We wish we could say the same about Madera, Daugherty, and Morgan.

al sane persons know that I am in dager eand that is why k3vr is ranting about me so on his website

proof of the lie is contain within the para itself since brain K3VR drools at thought I might or that Karol might be comitted means he lied in the above

how pychotic can rambo get?

or my copy and coment for rmabos own blog

excerts only here

It doesn't help inspire confidence in the hobby of ham radio when aholes like Tolassi, Madera, and Morgan accuse people of jamming and God knows what else when they haven't even turned on the radio to listen to their BS.

it m,ust be anteresting power that come with code knowledge you can tell when others turn on their radios

It's become obvious to me that some people, and the people I mentioned in particular, have no lives, no respect for others, and no self esteem. They constantly make fools of themselves on line and on the air. Why do I even bother. Idiots are idiots. I for one am sick of it

by the small wndow of my interaction with Ham radio rambo is able to tell wether I have a live or not

sorry rambo YOU spent years accuysing everyone you did not like of being a pedophile and child rapist tyou conite as of the 10 of dec to support the effort at a msear of Robeson who accused me to the authorities of raping my father, and yet you support and promote him and his efforts

if you are sick of then stop taking part and stop enagaging in your insane sounding attacks but nobody out here can accept being the ARGET of your attacks I have indeed been qrmed certainly BY K3VR I belive by yourself but I don't have a good voice sample to id it so by your action I forced to resort to guesswork other says you are jamming me I think so and I am told so so I belive it

Come on people. This is supposed to be a time of year when folks spread good will and spend time with family and friends. Do you have to continue your psychotic crap all year, or can you take a break once in a while?

then stop spreading you fould bile and that of others for a start such in just the last week
this and this

you try taking a break before you demnd it your victums

your fight with me is of your own making danwith your years of abuse in RRAP the report to CPS was based on the fact it read like your crap

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hmmm back to lame some has sent you a blog post

one roger never signs as roger so it ain't roger

it serves as aninteresting claim that Dan et al have been publishing a fraud as I have been claiming all along

unless the goial is to humilate Dan Jesswald again for participating in a fraud I can't see what you win

as to me losing losing what Dan Jesswald loses and I win I rather not be stuck in the childish attacks that has been Jesswald's Crow's and Robeson SOP

The Real W4NTI : About Mark Morgan KB9RQZ - As Seen Online
Thursday, December 11, 2008 4:09 PM
"Your Master"
Add sender to Contacts
Your Master has sent you a link to a blog:

I took Steve's old post and added a bunch of shit to it and gave it to Dan who thought the whole thing was written by Steve and posted it. I win again and you lose. Simple as that.

Blog: The Real W4NTI
Post: About Mark Morgan KB9RQZ - As Seen Online

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

more from dan kook supreme

dan the kook supreme
Looks like the boys are giving Sparky Marky a bad time about his free ride down to the loony bin in Marquette back in '04. Even quoting comments from his own blog!

I guess that's what he gets for cooperating with the Canadian fruitcake and making all those false calls to children's protective services.

They're calling him Sparky cuz of the e-lec-tro-shock, I guess. What a deal!

he followed this whivc a bunch link to posts on Nimbuster ( board whoose motto is seving the mental ill since 2002

gee ias i have said never been tp mqt hosapital even as vistor and bunch of lame nimbusters mean nothing

attacvking me with lie does help and does nothing but add tp my believe you were involed in the child sex pandering scheme

Sunday, December 7, 2008

dan spend the eve of paerl harbou lying about a veteran of the US Armed forces

Also reading where that nutcase Mark has been sending out fake sos calls again and getting his own visits from cops or sheriffs or what have you. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. Got an email from Stan saying somebody discovered Mark had a little trip to the nut hatch back in 2004. Got the info from one of those freedom of information sites the government runs. Now theres a surprise huh?

hy do you belive the crap at Dan ? and then you repeat the slander

yes I have been visted and found to be sleeping whe it has been reported by other that I sending an SOS in cw no less Dan knows I can't use CW, but he freely repats the lie any?

why becuase he is sack of shit and disgrace to the ARS

of course nothing wil happene to me from call the Houghton couty about these SOS call I hope none of our cops get hurt as a result of trying to check them out in bad weather but again this is nt my fault oir within my control

but Houghton county can't enforce FCC violations after all so even if they BLEIVED I was sending fake sos cals and being dumb enough to sign my name to it, they can't do anything except check on my good health

OTOH publishing that and puting next to the claim I was comitted in 2004 well one claimis an obvious lie so is the other most likely. I suspect that the stalkers have turned up another Mark C Morgan since on Nimbusters they publish the names of those the asked for their minor son to comitted in 2004 Charles W Morgan and Jane Francis Morgan. first in 2004 IU 40 years plus or minus a year depending on the exact date, hardly a minor. Second my father as is well known is William R Morgan and My mothers is dead in 1994 according she (even if she was Jane Franis Morgan ) can't siugn a whole lot. irt falls short of abolsutle proof that I was not te guy involved but it is pretty close

Friday, December 5, 2008

strange things online recently

funist is trying to seel links to an alleged forcble comintment in 2004 of a mark Morgan by his father Charles W Morgan. Who Chrles W Morgan is a mystery to me, my father names William R morgan furthermore only in the case of a minor can parents petion for comentment in 2004 I would be 40 depending on the date hardly a minor

we are in the season where the guys insist that my pipes are frozen, and as a result we are defacating in the backyard. Funny if these clowns were realy concerns that would mean I am misteating my father and yet no report gets made ....strange or just normal for dweebs

this week the poster calling himself "uberjacker (and my merely mentioning the word bisexual justify a multi year jihad aginst me but I digress) has been questioning wther we are able to survive the minor strom we just had (indeed I saw worse ib Illinois) yea Thursdays was a bit rough and the wife and I decidded to stay home rather than run out and deal the monthly checks (we went today)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


well the new mbaem is holding out well so far

Thursday, November 27, 2008

well congrats nimnbuster

for thanking giving the nrmal of of puke was pradrded out sos and is a pedo sos and is a pig contiueing right along as thought this were just another day? yea for once it unsettled my stomach (or did I just over eat )

that your life guys posting stuff that you are truly afraid to say with your own name tagged to it or even a FAKE name attached to it, yea I Nomme deNet is conwardly but anymouse on and on is even worse

truly I pity you guys, i pray for and I adknowledge you gave a me a bit of haert burn till I vented it about you

blogger pepto for the soul some days

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

malice or se,lf defense

Mark Morgan Continues Malicious Spam Campaign

Despite being banned and/or ejected from every organization and forum we can think of, Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) of River Road, Chassell, Michigan, continues to post malicious spam on radio forums, despite being asked to cease and desist. Karol Madera calls Morgan a good friend, while Morgan refers to Madera as his "ally." Approximately one year ago, Morgan made malicious and false reports to children's protective services against numerous individuals, at the urging of Karol Madera. Morgan was overwhelmingly voted out and ejected from the CCRAA radio club in Michigan by a margin of 11:1, earlier this year.

when did defending oneself become an act of Malice?

if one wants to stop my posting in self dense you need to stop attacking me and family

indeed if you want to mostly silence Karol the real VE7KFM stop harrassing constantly and he will mostly go away

likewise N9OGL

and W3DUB

and the list goes on

the lastest

well the lastest formt he nimbuster "ham Board is accusaing my wife (flasely coin the name of CCRAA) accuusing my wife of stealing something unnamed from the club

Sunday, November 2, 2008

some days you just got to wonder

I read w4nti on his blog rant and rave about Karol who he insists is an antention seeking fruitcake (or rather fouler words to that effect) if I were to belive him for moment then it begs the question why does Dan (et al) give the "attention seeking fruitcake" what he desires and then complians of the action he is rewarding. Dan iff you happen to read this please don't tka emy word for this go watch aepisode or three of the "dog wishper" cesar Milan he will tell you. back to my thought if Dan is feeding the frauit cake what the fruit cake want then either dan (et al) are even more whcked out than they think ve7kfm is or they want things exactly as they are meaning that there ojective is to disrupt the ARS and they are suing VE7KFM to achieve that end, meaning they should have their license(s) pulled. If they are that insane they likely lack the charater to hold licenses and their license should be pulled.

If Karol is just the victum of a long term stalking on air and online then they should have their tickets pulled. If Karol realy threatened the american amabassdor and they had the proof then Karol (ve7kfm) would have at least been arrested right now the world is a bit less tolerant of anything looking like terroism. nothing happens of the sort

these same fellow also claim to have proof I am molesting children, yet nothing happens to me forom LE. LE is quick indeed IMO too quick sometimes to act on such allegations but despite having Video tape of me doing this awfull thing I am not arrested or even questioned by the cops in what 4 years

I agree the FCC realy does not have the budget to do what they should online but this a beyond insane, we are seeing the sos signal sent with other people callsigns attached and the FCC can hardly be bothered to investgate (they just sorta leave my local ineffectives to struggle wityh and have some success I might add)

sad really

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

well Jesswalkd is at it again

jessawld always seem to want to control what is said about anything he has written on his blog he does the opther thing is he realy good at as well is sounding like a little baby and showing ihe does not know how the web (in this case Blogger works) in past I would have offered to help even that jack ass but most of problem if just restruiction the comentor to those with google accouints the coward like his freind K3vr as a an example are afraid to sign anything like their own to much of anything on the web

as it happened I only rarely happened to post on his blog nmost of it it just the ravings of an admitted "nutjob" to put it crudely and bluntly ready to belive anything he reads ( amusingly demands other check anything they might write ) OTOH he is not called pyhco rambo in some quaters for nothing

Friday, October 3, 2008

the K3vr mob jams DX some more

was listens a few mintues ago and they were at again qrming lu7mal could hear him 20 over 9 and heard Ve7kfm himself qso a bit with him in spanih I thought

also every one and his borther qrming for all their rig could be worth
with this

and heard K3vr repoate his call over and over

Friday, August 29, 2008

semiserious question her for Dan

copy in case he changes deltes it

the q " how does the human race survive if evryone you dislike turns out to be Gay ?

next Q you want to add someone name polly to my list of lovers or todd aleged list of lovers?

in either eveent you isnsit that neithe rI nor todd have any money or job etc so how to do we afford to flit around so much so as to have sex with out list of alleged lovers I mean I have to me making thousands of miles a week to keep up with Karol and Todd like the other I stand "acussed" of having sex with , and some I falleegdly find time according to some peoplel (you dan perhaps?) to rape 10 cub scouts per day.

as I have admited esle I was never virle enough to have active sex 10 times a day et alone sustain it, and to paraphrase slightly John Adams in 1776 I am 44 and still have my verity but their is more to life than sexaul combostibility

again dan you post the crap you post on your blog you make the on air statements I have heard you make and you wonder why I believed and still believe you suspect in being Dloyd Lavies the sauthor of the pandering note?

you realy need to look at what you are doing and stop to think

sadly I am becoming convinced you lack any real abilty for rational thought

Thursday, August 28, 2008

why is Dan Jesswald and trying to assist AlQueada?

copy of dan's message

It seems that the number Dan and are puting is to used by the public to report possible tterrorist and/or smugging into (or out of ) the USA

this brings to mind the question: why is dan and trying to QRM in effect the USCG and the offices in charged with the defense of this great nation against terrorists?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the desperate length dan et al are going to


copy to keep dan honest

rumur control here are the fact I was never reported to houghton county sheriff for making a false distress call

it was reported by WA8MEA that he heard a sos with my call attached to it as Dan knows full and it is he that is reapeting this message I can't send such a message I lack the skill to do so. further more Dna should know now that signal RDFs well away from my home area according ly since the sherrif to whom the sos was reported found at home within minutes of allegedly sending a signa;l that had to be sent from ana rea well away from my hoime I am obviously not guilty of sending it

as this person claim that the USCG has absolute jurisction I honetsly don't think so as the distress was apearntly not recieved by them at all

as to the matter of threatening a flase disress call as far as I knwo that is know crime at at tall only doing so

BTW as always anyone with evidence on this matter please call the USCG I am informed the phone number is please remmebr that Lying to the feds is a crime in and of itself so only call if you have evidence to give

Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Clifford Golm AC4GH said...
As a USCG vet I want to mention Mark Morgan's recent SOS Hoax attempt. He was reported the the Houghton Cty Sheriff, but he should have also been reported to the USCG tipline. The USCG is a Maritime law enforcement agency with arrest power domestically and internationally. We're also a division of Homeland Security will full investigatory and arrest powers concerning false distress signals. Our authority supercedes the FCC and we investigate distress calls on ALL frequencies.

Karol Madera sends a false distress signal sequence every time he's on 20 meters.

Todd Daugherty also threatened to send false distress signals.

Monday, August 25, 2008

why is Dan Jesswald such a totaly reprehenable "person"


dan why do you attack other vets like myself it is a siumple question althoutgh i realy don't expect an answer from you?
you have proably spent several years attacking me an other americans and fellow of the armed forces of other nation with vilest materail and i have heard you on air dan you are a vile found muth disgrace to the ham world heck youd be a disgrace even to CB radio. your efforts to use your P
tsd as means to threaten fellow americans law abiding ones as far as i can tell meaning the are incocent

you have wondered why i suspected you in the pandering incident is quite simple i have heard myself showing a total regard for FCC rules us law and common humanity

you apear tom be a bitter old man upset that people are free to disagree with him

I don't agree with karol VE7KFM on a lot of policy I certainly disagree with his stance that it would serve any usefull purpose for the usa to lose the war in Iraq but he has the right to such views indeed i under Reagan was tranied right next to the town you live in at Ft McClellan and put my life on the line prepared to defend this nation and the western allaince of which both Karol you and I are part yet you insist on falsely claiming it is impossible that i have served this nation, and that I continue to do so a a loyal citizen

I have seen online your attacks on someone that dares like some thing you consider obsence and that I personaly don't see as such and the SCOTUS has ruled again and agin is legal, and yet in difaince and disrespect for the constitution your claim you once swore to defend

sadly mr jesswald you are so out of touch with reality i am sure this message will totaly fail to reach you even if you read it

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dan w4nti


you are certainly a worm Dan and franjly you dishonor all veterans and everyone with PTSD you threaten to lose it on Todd and blame it on your alleged pysd. thhat act is a the act of a laying dishonarable sacok shit that being Dan Jesswald w4nti

Dan/W4NTI said...
Emperor Palpatine said...

Let your hate flow, Dan. Feel the hate within you, and let it control your destiny! Soon you will give in to the dark side, and your transformation will be complete.

Mua Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

August 22, 2008 6:53 PM

I'm trying to leave you alone Toad, but what the hey, right?

Let me try and explain some things to you. This fasination you have with Star Wars is idiotic. IT's A MOVIE, this here is life.

Before I even attempt to educuate you on how PTSD works I'll give you the oppurtunity to search the Internet, find out for yourself abut the "dark side". But let me assure you of this; IT REALLY EXISTS.

One of the last things you want to do is screw with someone that has it. Take my word for that.

You see it all depends on how much control the Veteran has. You might catch them on a bad day. You wouldn't want that.

Now go do your research.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

why is dan baosting of a mental disorder

copy in case he changes it

it is interesting to watch Dan Jesswald claiming and braging about a mental disorder?

it is a strange thing not something id be bragging about if it were true about me, but in dan's case it appears he is trying to hide behind a claim of mental illness in his attacks aginst other hams such as myself

perhaps this would explain his action if he the nman that sent the pandering note

I have my metals from My service but I certainly object to any vet hiding behind PTSD to threaten people with murder as jesswald has done on a numbe rof ocasions

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

why is dan whining?


the gist is dan is whining about alleegdly Karol VE7KFM is causing his va disability to be reviewed

one if he is not cheating what has he got to worry about

two, according to you nobody listens to the "fruitcake" so again what is the issue

three why are you whining if you were attacking everyone in sight you dislike then maybe these things would not happen to you, indeed that is one of the things you tell me so often

well in any event it does sound like you are saying that i have nothing to worry about you from your many threats to murder me over the facts I suspect you of a the crime of pandering a a boy to me for sex for money

Thursday, August 14, 2008

interesting as they would say

the site belonging to K3vr it seems
interesting the way my every alleged failing is recounted there and yet nothing ab0out me allegedly sending a false SOS

futher nothing about it a false SOS from someone alegedly acrdoing to(Dan Jesswalds website) a Ve7KFM supporter (me perhaps) of sending it by computer and still NOTHING on this event see,s to miss at this point at

very interesting

Dan wonders why I suspect him of being behond the panders? and other harrassment?

if I am the insane monster Dan keep insisting then indeed his problems from me are his own fault for a contiuous stram of point and insane man and he needs to look in the mirror

if as I belive is the case I am not insane then well he is posting insulting crap and pretneding to be a the victum

Dan all I am can say is this sort of crap is not convincing me or much of anyone that you are a human being

I will be slightly childish a share something I read posted about Dan "dan wear lots of hats all of them lined in tinfoil" i must admit it does seem to bear to out

Wow, if this is indeed them I can certainly see a "family resemblence".
And perhaps accounts why they have similar tastes and values, eh?

Well not being a shrink I can only go by what I see going on.

Comments anyone?

One more thing folks. It has been reported that Toad, N9OGL is on or
will soon be on the air again. Going on with a broadcast on Karol's
frequency of 14.275.

If anyone has a schedule I'll gladly post it here, what say Toad?
Got the gonads to try again?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

further updates of the recent events

just got back from the sheriff's office where I handed over aditoonal info that has come into my hands and recieve an update for the the sheriff himself as it happened ( one of the really nice things about living in a small county you get to to talk to the man at time never happens in the big cities

the call made to made to Houghton County came from William Lauterbach who sem to be wa8mea of Hanover I thank him and praise him for his efforts sadly however they were of course for naught since i was in no danger and sent no SOS or any other signal, given his location it would seem odd that he would hear me at all OTOH clearly he decided since it was possible he decided to make the call. since someone had priated my call for this transmission sadly he is now being investagated to insure he did not make a false police report . it is truly sad and no good deed goes unpunished, assuming as seems likely he is cleared I hope this sad affair does not disauade form trying to come to the aid of others that may be in need in the future

this being said i hope we can rouse the FCC from it topor and try to find and stop this sort of outrage from occouring again and punished to fullest extent of the law

he should knwo I thank him for his efforts and hope he can help and the authorites will investagte the matter

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an interestering occouance

I'm listening to a pile-up on 14.277 tonight. I barely hear an SOS being transmitted in CW, followed by a callsign.

Took me fifteen minutes to dig the callsign out of the mud; it was KB9RQZ. So I look it up on QRZ. I see he's in Houghton County, MI. Lots of water up there, so it could be legit. (BTW, I know nothing about this Mark guy until tonight when someone fills me in...)

So like a good little ham operator, I call the Houghton County, Michigan Sheriff Department and report the SOS.

This would be a REAL black eye for ham radio if this was a hoax.

and we had a visit from the sheriffs office this message and the whois on was given them

Clearly the incident is meant to provoke to accuse Glen wa8qnf and/or w8fwg george and while such an action is certainly possible indeed it is more possible for them than me given my total inability with CW. it seems improbale at best (or is that worst)

a victory for libel

what glen ekdahle and george thunderthink they have gained with their support and partication in libel and stalking I don't know

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I truly wish the nimbusters were telling the truth

but they are not after all if dan w4nti and brain k3vr were coming to out club meeting it would certianly insure a more interesting time and a bit of justice as they got theire ases hauled off to jail for at least tresspassing

Thursday, July 31, 2008

kb1ohk banned why him and not say.....

post 292 makes the point

but why hima dn not dan who publicaly calls for the death of hams he disaproves of I can't say but at least it is s ign fred might finaly be trying to reign this crap in

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

an interesting post on 275 form the zed

post 252

I comend you this repsonse I would add to it if I could that the USA hams need to demonstrate by staying within that it is indeed karol breaking the rules at all

I have (I believ) heard VE7KFM make objectionable statement but the context has always been in response to the intense qrm and harrassment and thus I would be unwilling to even try to enforce against him (where I am the guy to enforce)

I have Heard with my own station heard, K3VR, qrm me and VE7KFM along with other stations. I know K3cr cam up on top of VE7KFM and crow K3VR hardly bothers to deny it claiming he is allowed by some secert ruling from the FCC

post 252
I am on this side of the border. The correct way to handle karol is to let IC handle Karol. Meanwhile, we have to follow all the rules. We can't break the rules because we feel that Karol is breaking the rules. Two wrongs do not make a right. And, if we disagree politically with Karol, we should engage him, but we should do so within the rules.

Brian seems to be saying that in the case of Karol, it is perfectly all right to break the rules. I disagree. I think we could get more action out of IC if we demonstrate to IC that American Amateur Radio operators play by the rules -- and that Karol does not. If we don't, they will regard it as a bunch of American Amateur radio operators picking on a Canadian Amateur radio operator. Why do you think they haven't done anything about him yet...

In other words, we have to demonstrate to IC that we really are better.


a nice quiet online

very little of the normal shit online I could used to used to it

I am not really expected to get used to it

Monday, July 28, 2008

what a freaken waste of psoibly decent ham gear

had a heads up from VE7KFM (after all when so many folks insist he is my l;over I should at least talk to the man ;) the freq was clear as HF ever gets then suddenly after someone (ve7kfm ) called CQ the most powerfully QRM Came up s9 plus 20 to sometimes even 40 db I was grimly impressed

Id love to have such signal power at some point, perhaps I will some day

Karol id's the jammer as N1fm give the clarity with which I have heard n1fm in the past, I tend to believe it

now I heard K3VR id for once that is strange I don't recall ever hearing him ID himself before

BTW QRZ the freq was in use before you K3VR

was interesting to hear n1fm qrm k3vr at times

gee eharing someone tell Karol leave and you will not get hurt is sad lang to hear on the air

we have a PARANOID on QRZ

post 98

Dan I have thought you a paranoid manaic before but this is out there even for you

mentioning the the state of ALabama in a ham radio context, is not a personal attck of W4NTI

neither BTW is simply mention the name Dan out of a ham context but that is another matter

fromt he zed

And Dan, I don't think I ever accused you of creating QRM on 14.275...
Why are you defending yourself? Have you been QRM'ing?

You specifically said ALABAMA. You know full well I am In that State.
And since I have been the ONLY Alabama station on 275 for quite some
time on a regular basis...yes you accused me.

Now prove it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

was lsitening to the zoo on .275 had a thought

wasn't the beef with (or a big part of it) K1MAN that he was promoting his groups (a very small one) website

over and over promoting the fake

pity RH never applied the same standard but good RH is gone

not sure if I was hearing N1FM or K3vr was entertaining

then to hear W4nti taking part in with another station is racist crap about Obamam well McCain will take their vote but realy Dan you should hang with better hams n1gjt is certainly more foul mouthed than I ever heard from Ve7kfm

BTW Dan truly you sounded like you were feeling ill you might check in with the VA for a check up

still all a sorry exhition of the Hams of the USA

PS haerd music I think so baddly modualted gee I thaink karol has called these clowns CB with licenses well I do some cb but I NEVER heard such awfull sounding signals I think you owe CBers an apology for comparing cro wo fn1fm to Cbers

Friday, July 25, 2008

dan has not prevented even Moded coments n his blog


well Dan you are lying at least about myself

you were reported to CPS not the cops becuase I belived you might be guilty if I were guilty of what you accuse me why is it that just yourself, Crow, N1FN, and one other that has not been mentioned on the wbe and has not threatened me over it, have been subjected to this treatment

I don't "shit on Code at all and certainly not for the fun of it

get a clue not everyone has to agree with you

but the onair matter of HF precced the success of people like myself succeeded in ending code testing

I operate in accord with the code Dan my on air action are without the slighest blemish

you have no evidence todd jacks to those images

I know Karol does not think Comuism work esp not in FSU

I would like to see YOU answer that question why did YOU get a license and better still why do you keep it

RE: To the supporters of KFM, etc. Why did you get a license.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, the code is laughed at these days. People like Todd, Karol and Mark shit on it for the fun of it. To push a political agenda or just because they're too stupid to know better.

Todd wants to jack it to pictures so bad he'll go to any length to post them. Karol between sucking down beer is so liberal Obama seems conservative, Teddy Kennedy even.

Karol actually thinks communism works, like Russia proved so well but hey brains aren't required to be liberal just no real understanding of history or logic.

Mark feels if you don't like someone just report them to the police for anything that comes to mind.

For every action, reaction, the code doesn't really deal with that much. It expects all radio operators to act accordingly, but with no enforcement some resort to how they were as children. Mommy and Daddy aren't around anymore and they miss them.

Like children they seek attention and have narcissistic tendencies. Some discipline is what’s needed but like bad parents Industry Cana-DUH and the FCC don't know how to stop being bad parents, so on this will go, forever and ever.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hmm Jesswald skipping out on Bond?

Jeswald, Danny Anniston W M 5' 6" 225 BLK BRO 39
FTA-NWNI 10/2/07 $0
FTA is failure to appear most likely alyjouhj NWNI is mystery age 39 hmm looks like Dans son has a an unresloved brush with the law esp the way Dan adknowledges not being from anniston AL

the strange case of of the Jesswald grows stranger

hmm NWIN Narcoctic with intent (to distrubute?)
nothing so glamourous looks like he is just a check kiter

Monday, July 21, 2008

well mr jesswald is going all out it seems to me witht eh gaol of convining he was involed in the pandering note I reported him for


post 2

dan Jesswald w4nti is really losing it at this rate we will see another report of the unstable making death threats now

funny thing is i am doing nothing at all to him but he insists on making the focus of his blog

you keep attacking and I respond

I supected you along with crow and few others with autoring a pandering note I stil suspect that Dan, indeed you seems to be working over time to convince you are the author

As long as I suspect, I made no false report concerning you

if you have a charge to make make it

you can't I know that full well have been the target of accusation that came from one of your buddies

even if I ha dmade the false charge you can't proof it anymore than I could that your buddy k4yz made a false accusation alleging that I raped my dad I can prove he made the charge , I can't prove it dalse and malicious

likewise you can prove I made a charge , you can't prove it was flase and malicious you would have to prove that I did not suspect you, indeed if I am mental ill as you suggest in post 2 then your task becomes even harder, since if I am nuts who knows what I believe

now Dan Jesswald you can either grow up and face facts and stop your libel/slander and let the matter drop or you cvan try to bring a case

but I am not required to take your crap in silence

Still waiting Marky
Still waiting for your copy of that FCC NOTICE. BTW what is a "FCC NOTICE" ??????

I guess your just full of BS as usual, eh Marky?

I'm getting tired of your crap actually. So anytime...when you least expect to may be terminated.


post 2

The incredible shrinking brain, Mark Morgan
When I started this BLOG, I ssid I would allow you, the reader, to figure out who
is the BS artist.

There is a LOT more where this comes from.

Obviously Marky is a mental case.

I actually believe he is dangerous and the authorities NEED to pay him a visit,

They might want to check under the house for bodies, in the style of Jeffrey Dahmer.

This boy is sick.

I am not concerned about his false accusations. All of that was handled. He needs to be concerned however. It is illegal to do what he is doing. And I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL of making the charges.

I am giving him room to back up ten and punt. I suggest he do so.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

dan dan dan

dan if you truly do wish me to belive that you sent the child sex pandering note then keep posting the same sort of crap that was posted by Dloyd Lavies

indeed if you keep this ip Dan you are likely to convince me that Maybe I should have focused more on you as a suspect than K3vr (also a suspect)

dan if you truly do wish me to belive that you sent the child sex pandering note then keep posting the same sort of crap that was posted by Dloyd Lavies

Monday, July 14, 2008

dan abbling on but he get somesothing right


you do get tright the fact you don't know what you are talking about

as far as I can tell you never do

OTOH your action and esp the tone of your wrtings convince that you are very likely the author of that pandering note which of course means no false report occoured

now if you are dumb enough to keep brazening it out of course it your call and despictable action (threatening to murder someone for making a valid to LE is despictable dan) then so be it I have the legal right answer your libel and I will do so

if you try and stop me either nothing will happen , or I will never even notice the effort or if you manage to inconvence my exercise of my rights I will look into what price I can extract from you. sadly even if you do take your attacks to more of the offline world their is little I can do since our legal system is mostly broken

if it were not broken then you would be in prison by now (not for any to to do with but your own ON air antics of making terror threats

I know that this will cam as a shock to you Dan but people are allowed to disagree with you

at least in threory that does not gibve you any right to threaten to murder them

or stalk them

if the legal system worked youd be a in jail at least awaiting trail and sentce IMO and that of most observers

please try and act your age as opposed to acting like you about 4 yo
I have just read your babbling and find it incredible that a man of your alleged education level can't figure out when he is being
spoofed. You reference me on a USENET group, I have NO IDEA IN HECK WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. I don't go there, and have NOT GONE THERE in years. If you remember YOU are the reason I LEFT.

You seem to have a lot of problem telling truth from fiction, good from bad, and really make no sense at all most of the time. Example, I didn't have any idea your wife had a callsign. And until recently didn't have any idea you even had a wife. Nor do I care about either. I do not, and have not brought your family into anything.

You started this whole thing Marky, remember your false report to Child Welfare? Which I am still waiting for your published apology for.

So....Here is the deal, your obviously mentally handicapped in some manner and I certainly don't claim to be a Doctor. So all I can do is cut off your access. WHICH I WILL DO unless you straighten up and fly right. AND if you can't bring yourself to do such I will take legal action against and put you off the Internet for good, and/or put you in custody some where with no access at all. You have run rough shod on so many sites I have lost count.
Again, it is up to you.

One of the reasons I opened up this site was to allow everyone access to discuss matters of importance to hams. And of course the happenings on your Buddie's private frequency. Not as a personal access point to your demented thoughts. You have 24 hours to get your crap straight here. It's up to you and what you have to say.

Bad wx coming in. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Posted by Dan/W4NTI at 5:59 PM

kb9rqz said...

you are the one that can't face facts

and you keep brazening it out

I made no flase report to CPS

indeed you don't what a fasle report is it seems
since I did and do and in fact I am more convinced than ever that you are likely the offer of the note claimignt o be willing to rent me the sexual service of that 9 yo

but in any event I started nothing with you YOU started thing remeber you insisted I hated Ham radio because I said its response to Katrina could be imporved

you also provoked mater by insisting your had the right to control who responded to your posts in RRAP

another factyou have no basis to take ANY legal action against me

Dan when you atack me you invite response the only question is wether you have the gut to allow the reponse

and be honst it not that you want karol off that freq you want him off the air period

personaly I am glad he chooses to keep the fight YOU and your freinds started their rather than let it flow accros the entire 20 M

I know you call disagreeing with you "running rough shodbut that you alleged basis of legal action is just your fanatsy

but I invite you to try

Friday, July 11, 2008

just saw Jessward latest spas out

source as of fri

poor dan really needs to get a life or a clue

poor rambo does get right that he has no pataeince

no sense of reality

indeed sad to say very little upstairs

first if I have ever had sex with my brother that would be news to me

two, is that even a crime anymore not sure what all got struck down in that TX sodomy case you know

but for a fictional act the full extent of the law is no punishment at all since of course nothing happened I have spoken to me borther recently but I have not seen in what 8 or nice years and I had to see him to somdoize him

poor dan and it was looking like he was taking his meds for a change

Dan what effort to to change what subject

and It is interesting the way he react to the post about the attack on my station

makes him look like he is feeling guilty about convicning a kid a to do his dirty work, wether that is the case I don't know but it sure LOOKS like it

and payback for what? I have done you no wrong ever dan where as you lie and harrass me accross the net

Karol in no way picked someone likely yourself in part tried to pit me against Karol by forging atacking by me on him and by him on me we simply compared notes

Monday, July 7, 2008
My Mama Done Told Me
My Mama was right after all. If you wait around long enough your antagonists (see enemies) will eventually do them selves in. Patience is NOT one of my virtues as you all know. But this time I decided to just wait it out.


I'm not going to go into the gory details here, go read all about it on nimbusters if you must.

This pathetic piece of human excrement needs to be punished to the max that the law will allow, and then some.

This SOB accused ME of providing him a child for sexual purposes and then reported it to Child Welfare. He has no idea how close he came to NOT HAVING TO WORRY about the Police dropping by.

Speaking of which, go to his blog. No I'm not putting it out here. It's too disgusting. Just GOOGLE up khkb9rqz at for his latest attempt at changing the subject. Sorry Marky you started it. Now get ready for the payback.

Interesting how Karol Madera picks these clowns ain't it? What a friggin Looser.

How's it go? "Stay Tuned"

Posted by Dan/W4NTI at 6:30 PM
n8gav said...
Dan, This sick basturd also claims he shot a 16 yo kid in the back trying to pull down his antenna with a ATV! Number 1. Only a chicken shit would shot someone in the back. Number 2. No hospitals in his area has reported anyone being theated for gunshots at any ER. He is pure trash,time to take him out....

July 9, 2008 7:42 PM
Anonymous said...
gee you are lloking realy desperate Dan

of course since Kb9rqz has broken no law I know of the full extent of the law is nothign at all

grow up dan you are 62 yo and making up wild tales of homosexaul sex that likely never happened

but what charges would be pending, what crime are you alegely was cometed and where

do mark and his borther even live in the same state ?

what state are these charges "pending"

July 11, 2008 7:37 AM
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something less weird from

Hospitals in Mark Morgan's area treated no gunshot wounds on or near the date of Morgan's report. Apparently this is just another lie in a series of lies perpetrated by Mark C. Morgan, KB9RQZ, who (at Karol Madera's urging) last year, made false reports of child abuse to child protection authorities in at least 3 states. Curiously, Morgan's latest false report follows closely on the heels of a rumor of another attempt at antenna sabotage suffered by Morgan's friend, ally, and close companion, Karol Madera, VE7KFM. When we have more details on either incident, you'll be the first to know!

indeed hosiptals in the area have no record of the treament of such a wound this however is a source of concern to LE

but Karol never urged me to report anything to CPS nor of course was any false report made

when did Karol become my friend? I realy don't know him well enough for that at this point although such a developement is possible I grant

indeed if the total of the content of is a cucarate folks should looks elsewhere for news

more weirdness over at

Mark Christopher Morgan, KB9RQZ, reports he has shot and wounded a 16 year old boy who was attempting to pull his antenna structure over with an all terrain vehicle. Morgan reports he got off several rounds with a shotgun as the boy was leaving the scene. Morgan reports that police found a blood trail leading away from his residence. Calls to Chassell, Houghton, and Michigan State police revealed there no reports of a shooting, no blood trail, and no reports of vandalism at Morgan's address: 17366 River Rd. Chassell, MI 49916.

how did someone call the chassel police? there are no such folks

why would you call the houghton Police as I don't live in houghton the city cops got no powers out

the right people to call is the houghton Couty Sheriff dept who it seesm were not called according to but a none existant police dept was called and respoded

I have said it before and I will say it again the guys over at don't seem to be conected to the same interenet or now phone libes as the rest of us

RH retore post 1

first is series of post about my dealing with RH

in !998 I encoutered K4YZ in RRAP one of the early incident involved

k4yz was baosting that he had reused based on his abilities as an LPN which he claimed allowed to reject a valid signed by a doctor code waiver

I forwarded this teh RH and I forwarded it and and again not even an answer from RH

Monday, July 7, 2008

well the violence resumes

at about 6:35 this morning I was awakened not by the expected return of my wife form the renfaire but the sound of motors.

the motors belong to an ATV that had managed to get a rope onto my tower (30 foot wooden structure and was puling the tower down

O got sever round with the shotgun did not score a good hit but but the cops found blood on the treea dn the trails lead back to n rover river road after a bit where it stop and free tire marks (looks like one of the pickups that carry atv's around here)

the rope parted and no real damage to the anttenas was done although my masting needs work to make it stable again

have had loads of fun with the cops over the matter

I wonder what poor kid ( I could see he was not more than say 16 ish) the nutjobs conned into making the attack and with what lie

sad realy

Friday, June 27, 2008

good a for laugh it also hapens to be a federal crime

source at nimbusters but it will not last

it is perhaps noteworthy that no such letter is referenced at

also noteworthy is that it is cced to the south central direcotr I live within sight of Canada

of course RH is so worthless that the freaks feel no reason not to forge a document from RH himself what a farce the FCC has become


This document was converted from Microsoft Word.

Content from the original version of the document such as
headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, graphics, and page numbers
will not show up in this text version.

All text attributes such as bold, italic, underlining, etc. from the
original document will not show up in this text version.

Features of the original document layout such as
columns, tables, line and letter spacing, pagination, and margins
will not be preserved in the text version.

If you need the complete document, download the
Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat version.




Enforcement Bureau

Spectrum Enforcement Division

1270 Fairfield Road

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245


May 29, 2008

Mark C Morgan

Po Box 212

Chassell, Michigan.


Case #EB-2007-40003

Dear Mr. Morgan:

Pursuant to our recent telephone conversation concerning illegal
radio transmissions you made on the 20 meter band, where you ID’ed
as AB8AMQ “Woger Dickstein”, this is a warning notice that such
operation is a violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of
1934,as amended, 47 U.S.C. Section 301, and carries criminal
penalties including monetary forfeiture (fine) and imprisonment.
Monetary forfeitures normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.

This is the last warning you will receive regarding such operation.



W. Riley Hollingsworth

Special Counsel

cc: FCC South Central Regional Director

Sunday, June 22, 2008


the fake blog for the CCRAA has been taken invited readers only first time I can recall this for this blog

often in the past this has presaged the blog finaly being tossed as so many have been
although some blogs remain in this sort of status for months like this one

it is just the latest developement in the ongoing war

Saturday, June 14, 2008

feeling better I think at least

well I am

I thought I had a minor case of the the flu a minor hemoriod flare up, and tht My diabetes was out slightly out of adjustment. (and it was all true too) not bad a set of symptoms not a great to see the doc about either, but this overlooked a tiny thing in my bladder a minor infection not enough literaly to notice roughly 2 weeks ago, but it treating the illness and igoreing the diabetets t(n that we would attention to later) we (my doc and I) decided to feed the one thing the unoticed infection needed to attack me refined filtered sugar, delivered right to the infection after a a bout a week of getting better on the other fronts the bladder infection tried to kill to me.

honestly not sure how close it came although I think NOW there was a only a bout 30hours that came at all close. it was hellish. No doubt my foes and detractors will saw it was a judgment from god, maybe it is was , what they will not say is clearly If I was judged I also passed acceptably.

Lessons have been learned and I am feeling better now still not back to my normal self but getting there

that at I hope explains dear readers where the Kosher ham has been

Friday, May 30, 2008

well more on this laterbut...

Rh can't re-retire soon enough no enforcement would truly be better than what we havw gotten where clearly a favored few were indeed speaking the truth in claiming they were given special license to ram it to rest of us.

i had not beleived but I have safely stored the convinving evdence I'll set for for publication when we have confirmed the date of RH departure

boy I am glad hams are not in charge of justice

well it happened for as near as I can tell daring to say I think it is better to tolerate real live kiddy porn than over turn the rule of law

and frankly if that be treason or a crime make the most of it

interestingly Mike has proven a lack a marutity to match Todd during one of tamtrums he ran the place he was responsible for the series of mistake as the man in charge the penalty he suffered at Todd have his name come up with animie.

if hams were more important generaly I would more worried about he future of the nation. but what we see is just more of the Old timers thinking they can order the "lessor" hams a about

tood taging Mike with some animie was a bit childish although it had a strange bit of justice to it at the time I thought is mistake tacicaly but I epxect tood will contiue either on his current if google realeases it or by starting other blogs

I have sugested that Mike reads this if he should happen upon these words...heck like be plain he will see these words someo likely from the Crow camp will see to it he does I suspect he read and the linked materail nothing remotely obsence and maybe he will realize it is dangerous out here on the superhighway and frankly he got lucky after such a bungled set of mistakes with just that as I point out he could say have had his name turning for aleged child abuse or any of the things we all vulernable to in this day and age

I will never regrett speacking the truth as I see even though the world may stand against my view of the mater K1ou showed in the exchanged he turly frighting disreagrd for the rule of law on the USA

bottom line is animie is legal wether you like it or (and honestly I only barely care. indeed likely to come up soon after what I saw on scene in Beowulf is that vreated photoreal even 3d virtual kiddy porn is likely to be legal. Notinterested in either realy be interested in seeing the techincal acheivement of photo real virtual porn kiddy or otherwise to see the acheivement

the effort to use a concern for kids as a weapons aginst free speech is rather frightening in My judement dangerous to the survival of the republic this saddens me

one the reason I ahve defended todd BTW is enlightened self interest with the back rom crap still going about about bays and bi's being all child molestor being unable to depict in cartoon of hopeless non reality (is that the point in aimie porn? this bloger would realy welcome coment on that point) is one step closer to using such arguements against my breathing preveldges

I am like my idol John Admas always been first in line to be hanged (althougth happy when it is avoided) always to serve as the target for the agnst of others

editorail not the post of the text foof various mails will not be open for coment

another one


I am the person who made the request of Mark, and I am appreciative of his

My objective is simple. Mike, AL2N's call has now been wrongly associated
with requesting postings of anime cartoons of adolescents depicted in acts
of a sexual nature. My personal opinion of such cartoons is irrelevant. In
my opinion, if it cannot be accepted that N9OGL was simply a callsign that
was included in a common database purge (all with 0 posts in the 30 day
period preceding the purge were de-activated), then by all means bash the
Island, it's owner, and myself included. But have the decency to do so in a
truthful manner. Associating Mike's call with the current crop of postings
as described above is misleading and deceitful.

The removal of posts made by N9OGL is a separate matter, and was the result
of another moderator's own actions. Todd's call was briefly put on the
banned list by this same moderator. It was Mike himself that removed N9OGL
from the banned list (as it remains now), and Mike who chided the deleting
of posts and banning as the wrong action to take.

I choose to take no sides in issues such as these, and my involvement is to
simply stop the wrongful prosecution of a fellow ham. In light of the
information I've provided, I don't believe my request is out of line. I
also believe both Mark and Karol will confirm that what I state is true, in
that I don't take sides in these issues, and that I'm a straight shooter. I
seem to frequently suffer for these bouts of honesty, and I hope that I'll
not regret this attempt.

I've never understood the need for confrontation among hams. What Todd
posts on his site is his business, although I may find it offensive, my
opinion isn't relevant, therefore the matter doesn't concern me. The same
applies to Karol, and his activities (alleged ... I've only heard Karol
once, as I seldom operate 20m ssb, and the QSO he was engaged in was quite
civil). They don't cause me any harm or any grief, so I say WTF? I guess
some hams lead pitifully sheltered lives and feel that they must impose
their will and values upon others. I am not such a person.

Todd, please consider how unfair the current attack on al2n is, and act in a
manner you see fit. I wouldn't disagree with criticism on how your
membership on the Island was bungled, but I cannot see justification for the
current approach you have taken.

When Karol was banned there (in spite of disagreement from AL2I and myself),
and Karol posted his opinion of the matter on his website, not one word of
disagreement was uttered by myself. Each man is entitled to his own
opinion, where justified, irregardless of my being in agreement.

I respect each man's right to do as he wishes, as long as it causes no harm
to others. In this instance, I do not believe the above can be truthfully
applied. This is causing harm to a man who does not deserve such.

I appreciate you guys suffering through the lengthy email, and I wish you
all the best.

Luke - ad4mg

a pm an request for a favor

Would you request that Todd (N9OGL) remove the anime postings associated with al2n's callsign, and notify him that he isn't banned here?

It wouldn't hurt to make the request, and I would consider it a favor.

It is most unfair for Mike to be treated in this manner. His only "crime" is stating that the material on 'OGL's site offended him. He has made possible an opportunity for Todd to post here. A mistake by another moderator was the source of the problems last night, not any actions by Mike.

Please let me know if you would consider honoring this request.


some email from the dust up

Todd I agree you have reason to be pissed at the island. In ahonstey I belive however you are throwing your fire at the wrong guy

thought this mess the Island has been an aupgrade that had problems and drew a lot of attention from moding and the island mods are not used to having to mod

N1LAF someone known to you me Karol and the wolrd as a ally of Brain Crow your foes and Mine drew you in to fight on the isalnd that was improper iIMO and I called him on it then you treid and blocked and not baned and the same Ham N1laf ally of your foe and mine K3VR used the misunderstanding to get you to attack the island.

I don't know his goal but IMO poured the gasoline on me and lit the match

I have never lied to you you knwo I hope you are a bit foolish but within your rights to be tweaking RH's nose as you do and we n\both know why and I think you are right to be psised at the FCC and RH personaly) In this case I am asking you to CONSIDER not backing down neither of us would ever do that but turning your guns on whome I belive the real perp is N1LAF acting in concert with K3VR

Yes I was asked to do something like this by one of the guys I have cced (guess which one) I am asked no Mike ordered me ttel you I refused this guys asked and I am doing it I doubt this note will be entirely to his likeling either
CONSIDER turn the gun where they IMO belong Crow and Co acept the admin has been roi\ough week online you were breaifly baned either by accident or maybe on eof the mods decided to play I don't know i itwas amistake of Mike a2something the admin or the interfeence of rouge mod on the Island that he is taking the blame for

well a new lawsuit watch has bung after all

promises the existanence of multible pending lawsuits

well they would have to be filed since 20 or even 21 may since i am entitled to legal service within 10 days

Monday, May 26, 2008

the recent dust up on the Island

well it seems to be over or at least in the a pause to a regroup, so lets sum up during a baord upgrade that was botched and bungled ( to use the word of one of the mods) N1laf dragged Todd Name and call into the fray, in the confution I was asked to invite Todd to post and briefly banned.

while I was threatened harrassed and abused (all this confirm by the words various of the parties, what was also promised is that I was going to be banned did not happen.

over the affair Todd became pissed (as well he should IMO)and decided to retalate, he chose on one level the wrong party the owner Mike, instead of the perp N1LAF, I say on one level since as the owner of the place ultimately Mike is responsible for what goes on there, heck that responsiblity is why I said (that he had every right to keep Todd of the site if he choose that option)

all in all The islands rep was harmed in that post were clearly pulled by the mods for the first times and at least in the case of Todd's own a post was made that that Mike said should not have been, a certain member of the island stated flatly that would "abuse" "threaten" and "harass" those the claimed to deem mentally ill

interrestingly IMO is the calls involved many can be found here the site of One Karol Maderia and indeed those parties named there and involved in the dust up behaved toward people in close accord with what he described

What has mike suffered from Todd action against Mike, his call is now conected on google and other search engines with pic he finds offensive.

Myself when I have offended someone often by merely breathing and refusing to go to great lengths to hide the fact sex partners have included both men and women, I suffered the indiginity of being reported as a child rapist and elder abuser and rapist my father has been focirbly examined to to deter wether or not he he has been sexualy abused (for once I do thank god my dad is in fact heterosexual a matter otherwise none of my affair) send in the mail not merely the cartoon images Mike find so offensive, but live kiddy porn and not merely porn but detictions of children being tortured sexualy thankfully it came to my PoBox so when I saw the materail which strngely bore a WV postmark and AL return address (that BTW of another ham that did something to offend a ham presumably one living in WV) endured the creation of blogs in my own name wherin the author offer the sexaul services of my wife for money a crime right there pandering, perhaps Mike SHOULD look it as a lesson learned about the dangers of "the Defamation superhighway"

Tacticaly and statgicaly I belive Toddwas is msitaken in his actions toward Mike, although it is mike shop and therefore Mike is responble, our long term comon foes seem to be behind that

Monday, May 19, 2008

island of misfit hams down for a security violation

I do wonder if crow and Co posted something there and got the place ToSed

that is merely speculation but given that the effort of crow and Co to get me banned were unsuccessfull I guess the place got trashed

an interesting

This is the SMTP Server program at host mwinf2551. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster> If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. The SMTP Server program <>:

interesting effort to use the clubs email addy to spread a Virus

as the attahcment contained a virus my system detected it of course and blocked it

Sunday, May 18, 2008

a ps to the last post or a totla mental meltdown by N1LAF

a thread in one sub board at the island

and I mean it another thread on a different sub board at the Island

may apolgies these threads seem to have been deleted by the Island stay tuned for further developements

NiLaf is now spaming the boards over at the island

He is pissed rightly I suppose at this post on todd's blog

I am ammused esp after N1LAF was insisting in this thread on the island
that I should ignore anatacks aginst me well it seems the man can't take his own advice

I admit to it (it is not a a noble thing to to feel but I fess up) I am enjoying watching N1LAF's foot pinching on his own advice

cross coment fromt odd's blog

source todd's blog

well basicaly thanks Todd nice of you notice although you were being attacked too

indeed you point if you like what is at your blog then don't read it

but N1LAF has been following me like around K3VR and W4nti attacking me anytime I say anything in threads they disaprove of

then it is amusing to watch the RAPPer anymice squard trying to claim I am in some kind of trouble for calling a lair a liar

my only critzism is it would have been nice if Todd mentioned we hardly know each each

yes todd and I have met ywe used to live about 15 miles apart and both being hams it would be hard not to meet

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the reaction fot he RRAP mice shows something

they are focusing on every little dust up and claiming it somehow proves I am a nut

gee the nutty thing is thinking that people with strong opinions are NOT going to have dust up the problem at say QRZ is that the mods take sides and ban those that dare speak against their friends, and fred the owner of qrz allows this sort of thing

in the adult world people can fight and accept the idea that their are folks that don't like em. It is not a problem the mice on RRAP can't give theri real anmes since then someone one might not like em and their feeling would be hurt, yes I am describeing the action preeteens even preschooler but that describes a lot of folks these days

N1LAF insaity rides yet again

another post about laf

after acusing of crime for saying a lot of nuty things are said on the web he insist on lying about my statements conerning him

today accoridng to him anyone I corespond with is asxumed to me be my firends well that means K4yz is my friend as is am8mq and Riley Holingworth and Todd (n9ogl and ve7kfm and K3vr and W4nti as wel as CW bush General Powell Senator Mccian astronaut John Glen the people that we sold \a former residence to must be really close friends after all the letters i wrote them about not paying the contract on time indeed n1laf must be my firend by this rule


also he keep claiming I told who he could be freinds with that is an out and out lie. he is certainly alowed to be friendly with K3vr and w4nti, it means I well judge him by his tatstes in freinds jhowever

he wonders that I dislike him when he hiunded with pm at the island each trggering an email alert to me demdning I answer his questions about wether or not i authored somnething some where on the web

the man is a sad example for the sort the old coded culture produced aw3orld in which a profanity is awfull but death threats are ok, and heaven you beter not report a felow ham form sending a note offering a kid for sex for money unless of course you have decided he was "faggot" and therfore deserved it

the days of these dinosaurs is passing but alas not fast enough

i do hopew the ARS outlives these dinosaurs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

another of the WTF

Manager has sent you a link to a blog: We love it! You are talking to yourself on a fake ham board and Toad is talking to himself on his blog. Now we're working on getting you booted from Google Groups, ex boy. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: May Day Arrives Link: --Powered by Blogger

more from the cretins of the web

Todd is not tslking to himself but to you who ever you are nor amI talking to myself anywhere

but if you were truly amused youd sit back and laugh but yes I knw you despatrately want me looking for you.

the fact you are desperate for me to change tactics and give the attention you want instead for what you are getting now

this is aas close as you get


Sunday, May 11, 2008

wow total spaz out on RRAP

Is this a result of "Rambo watch"

still just how is wndering if Dan w4nti is dead defaming him in any way?

when did the FCC or FBI respond to defamation complaints (and where do I get such protection?)

a report was made claiming dan was dead some reason was given to believe it and a gruop of people that have suffered years of abuse at rmabos hands discussed it

looks like rambo is alive (he has been reported on air) sad that since such a tormented soul realy can only find peace in the grave I fear

I must conclude that the Rambo watch did stroke a nerve or 10 it will interesting to see watch has been shaken loose from this tree

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 14:47:04 -0700 (PDT)From: "Manager" ve7kfm@ve7kfm.comTo: toddaug555@yahoo.comSubject: The Voice of Amateur Radio : HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Manager has sent you a link to a blog:1. You can't put that blog back. 2. We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. always wins in the end. Always.Blog: The Voice of Amateur RadioPost: HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Link: by Blogger supported by I'M FUCKING SCARED....WHY DON'T YOU SAY THAT ON HERE....OH WAIT YOU CAN'TBWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the efforts at crude black mail are geting silly


Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 14:47:04 -0700 (PDT)From: "Manager" ve7kfm@ve7kfm.comTo: toddaug555@yahoo.comSubject: The Voice of Amateur Radio : HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Manager has sent you a link to a blog:1. You can't put that blog back. 2. We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. always wins in the end. Always.Blog: The Voice of Amateur RadioPost: HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Link: by Blogger supported by I'M FUCKING SCARED....WHY DON'T YOU SAY THAT ON HERE....OH WAIT YOU CAN'TBWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the efforts at crude black mail are geting silly

boy the guys are getting desperate
I certainly have a qsl card (no real achievement in just that) I am in no way jealous of dan w4nti
I am certain not jealous of history with the FCC (a series of Rileygrams)
I am not jealous anyone I belive may well be dead or at least redu8ced to a vegitative state

more nuttiery from that fake site

Karol Madera, David Tolassi, and Mark Morgan have reportedly been perpetuating a disgusting rumor that Dan Jesswald had passed away from a heart attack.

how is reporting a possible event disgusting

Madera said he hoped Jesswald was not dead, only that he was a "mature, blathering, drooling, vegetable." Tolassi posted an article on a website, perpetuating the malicious rumor. Tolassi is a friend of Madera's who was previously removed from 20 meters for a period of 3 years in an FCC enforcement action related to engaging in on-air defamation and unsubstantiated rumors.
Mark Morgan also perpetuated the rumor on his webpage. Morgan is Karol Madera's ally and a notorious liar who lodged false reports of child abuse against complainants in the Madera case. Morgan is currently aiding Madera in distributing still more defamation on servers in the United States. This is something the FCC, FBI, RCMP, and Canadian authorities are bound to be very interested in...

gee what are you babbling about?

I am certainly convinced that someone attacking me has deied or suffered a servious haert attack or stroke

how is reporting on facts defamation?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

wow such idle threats

Dloyd Lavies has sent you a link to a blog: Mark's fake w4nti death announcement was the final straw. You're going to go down like Todd is going, Markie, except you'll need a good health insurance policy. Dan wants to hurt you bad. Blog: w4nti Link: --Powered by Blogger

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

a curious find

a post seemly from Brain Crow in 2001 to a medevil list Myy own interest in medevil reneacting being a recurrent theme in his mocking of me and my wife.
yjr picture from Karol having been cirulated by me around my non ham freinds in the SCA keeps returning a persistant rumour of him looking like some expeeled form the SCA for an unnamed reason (rumored to be something truly scadalous but..)he also look rather familier to me as if he and I have met prehaps at crossed sword at the Pensic wars or other SCA venue, or perhaps even exchanged amorous contact at one point he does look quite familier indeed
listen carefull to some tapes I have from pensic I hear a voice much like the voice that apears on several recordings on Karol's site ided as Crow i
it is a cruous set of devlopements sugesting that Crow feud with MY family (he may have been expelled by the action of my cousin from the kingdom of the east) it certainly would provide an explanation of Crows unrelenting hatred of me and my family, and his insistance on mocking that other hobby my wife and share
nothing conclusive but the cobweb does hang togther none the less

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the final proof that I ahave been mostly against the same guy as karol for years

That's why you're being hounded, that's why your club is going to lose it's affiliation with ARRL, and that's why we think you're a complete fucking asshole. form knights Coment

you know this is final piece of proof the hudning of me and my family have not realy changed (if anything it has dropped off) has not changed since becing more or less draged into the radio around Karol, if I was truely taking a new set of foes then I would have noticed an incresse in the hounding

this level nature more less proves that all of most of, if not all of my current foes are the same folks that are the folks of Karol. about the only other explaination is so out landish it must be discounted that being that Karol himself was ataacking me himself for most of the past 10 years to allow him to then "use" me at apoint of his choosing against his foes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

gee the stupidity of my foes has amazed me today

Tom has sent you a link to a blog: There was no reason to post that shit on your blog before you knew the facts. Now we've locked you out permanently. You're like kb9rqz. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: KB2HZE LINKING SYSTEM Link: --Powered by Blogger

they can'r even the differemce between meand todd

Friday, April 11, 2008


Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: Hey Mark: We managed to get the wiki page locked down, but not before I introduced spelling multiple errors. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger
Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: The guy who was deleting my stuff was too busy to notice the errors I inserted in the rest of his material, and now he can't fix them. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger
Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: I especially like the link I broke which now doesn't go anywhere. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger

just spaming me I guess I am supposed to to realiuze that they have decided to fight it out on wiki , and I guess I am suposed to rush over there and try and figure what they might have done

Thursday, April 10, 2008

more "threats"

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: Nice of this dude to leave his mailer open, but not nice of you to keep on editing the wiki. The next time you go to the wiki, enjoy the malicious scripts we've installed on it. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: Counting Down to May Link: --Powered by Blogger

dude you are a malious scripts

I suppose this is the attention you s desperatly seek but since it it suits my interests enjoy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

yawn another threat

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: You vile human being, no matter how many times you edit the wiki, our bot will automatically restore it. Sooner or later we'll see you in court shithead. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: Counting Down to May Link: --Powered by Blogger

as I have said I am entilely at your legal service

an interesting site

almost quilifes for for Karol could not have said it better myself pages

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more demeted threats

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: Now we have you. The wiki edit logs show that changed the text to claim it is a hate site after deleting important, informative text. The edit logs have been preserved by us for use in court. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: And The President Is ... Link: --Powered by Blogger

yes indeed you have me again totaly on the record the is a hate site

I remain as always entiely at your legal serive
PS pleas guys one or 10 of these messages at a time is enough

Monday, April 7, 2008

my version of about

==Description==Excerpted from the website:: '' ''' Who is Karol Florian Madera? ''' '': : '' This page will discuss the discriminatory hate speech distributed by Karol F. Madera. Madera routinely discriminates against Homosexuals, Muslims, the Disabled, African Americans, and Hispanics. Madera discriminates using the Internet and Radio (both regulated in Canada). the amusing thing is that I KB9rqz happen to be Bisexaul,and mildly fidabled and yet the real Karol F Madera, has become my ally in the scurious action of various of the scurilous lies spouted bu the website which is not run by him

another effort at blackmail

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: You'd better stop editing and listing those good folks web site as a hate site. We are subpoenaing the ISP to find out who owned the IP address which posted the defamation as part of a defamation law suit. We are going after you next. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: And The President Is ... Link: --Powered by Blogger

I will as always post the truth as I see it the endless barrage of Blackmail is unaccablee in the civil disocurse

OTOH I do not edit that website if I had the poser o edir that website it basicaly would not exist as it is pruely a hatesite and is I believe a matter for the police as it stands I suspect theat the investagation into that site is proceeding, as such I will be reporting this communication as an effort at witness intimadation

as I have said many times I am entriely at your legal service indeed I welcome the chance to deal with this matter openly in court of law rather than in the back alleys of the net

Saturday, April 5, 2008

lastest from the tinfoil hat crowd there ham is proposing that RH is planing a serious of bust of hams with the goal of showing the GW Bush admin is doing something good and that media will report these busts and thus the election of McCain will be assured

nbow I am no fan of RH and I think RH is trying to roll over woger ab8mq exploiting his foolishness to enhance his abilities to use the "character rule" to include ojnline only "infractions and then I am going down next for deciding to defend myself successfully against the posting of a hunderd or so day fasle accuastion of child molesting and relder abuse and the rest

well I don't think rh is dumb enough to to try that either, but you never knwo I am prepared to fight and I remind everyone MY action in RRAP began after someone was threatened with arson and crusiftion based on having my name mark Morgan but no other conection to me, that he will target the subject on online death threats with his when he and his office ignored the complaint of that target for 10 years

Thursday, April 3, 2008

an urgent Alert to my readers about the FCC and AB8MQ;JSESSIONID_APPSEARCH=y1TmH1QJN6w1c17LVWlTGRYnJLMqxwQTlhWV8NcYHrnsXNmnFmyb!651828249!-945573415?applID=4170507

is a link from the FCC about this mans license. he is claiming that after 6 month he has not been contacted by Riley and/or the FCC. If this is the case then a serious injustice is being done to this man (interesting the injustice would be done to someone that deal out deals out serious injustice to others) in any event the FCC needs to move on this matter one way or the other, I don't know ether RH is going back and forth with AB8MQ.

not sure what to do about this becuase IF for once Wismen is not lying he is cowering in his closet hoping RH will go away and if RH is not serving him some sort of notice then RH is IMO violating his rights. while this blogger is NO fan of RH I doubt this the case I do however suspect that RH maybe taking advantage of a weak target to bully into alowing his office to set a precident that can be used by the FCC as a weapon against any of the rest of us they choose

Thursday, March 27, 2008

more bizre crap from
Sometime in November, 2007, Morgan accused several individuals of offering him a boy for the purposes of sexual gratification. Morgan reported these individuals to various agencies without the slightest bit of evidence regarding their involvement, then he published the names of the individuals in multiple venues. He continues to do so today. We rush to clarify that ALL of Morgan's allegations against innocent parties are completely unfounded.

of course any charge against an incoent is unfounded the porblem is of course I made no unfounded charges

again even RH has adknowledged I had evidence to support my claims

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the bizarre behavoir at keeps right on coming

Mark Morgan (self-described "ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM") reports that a man named Brad (presumably the President of the K3CR amateur radio club at Penn State University) has contacted him regarding the lies he posted about K3CR on his blog. See the transcript Morgan has reported here:

"Mr. Morgan; It seems that someone is taking an interest in this, at least at our end, and has taken the opportunity to simultaneously email all of our officers and the Dean's office in relation to these allegations. Thank you for the information that you have provided. If this doesn't go away soon, I'm sure we will be in contact again."

Morgan has utterly failed to apologize for publicizing false allegations about K3CR, and numerous others. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, Morgan continues to publicly malign multiple others for what he calls involvement in a child sex crime.

We will bring you further reports regarding these bizarre and completely untrue allegations, made public by Mark C. Morgan, President Elect of the ARRL affiliated Copper Country Radio Amateur Association, Inc. P.O. Box 217, Dollar Bay, MI 49922-0217. Morgan, who is a resident of 17366 North River Rd, Chassell, MI 49916, apparently has much to answer for.

Yes I fail to apoligize for the demneted action fo the authrs over

OTOH I do think you should accurately report the fact O am president of the the failure to even get such basic facts correct on a consistant seems to be proof that the autor of that site is dangerously Unblanced

as alaways I remian enterily at anyone lega service the fact such acuasation of misconduct have been laid against for the last 10 years with a single legal action being brought is all but proof of my incocence, That contiue to host such libel is proof iIMO that it owner wa9fox is himself ionvolved in the sex crimes being comited against me on a daily Basis

Indeed I desrie to publiscize far and wide the un warrnted and unlawfull attack derected against Pennstate's ham club with the call k3cr . It to be hopes that hams everywhere will demends that WA9FOX cease and desist his partiapation is harrasment and libel

To make matters worse, Morgan has also apparently now accused K2VR, HISATAKA ISHIKAWA, of 5202 Vanderhill Rd, Torrance CA of being involved in child prostitution as well. No one has been able to tell us why Morgan makes these false allegations, but here at the Center for Media Studies, we find his behavior unconscionable and we seriously question whether Morgan has the requisite character to remain an FCC licensee.

as to this matter it against is the sort of made up nonsense that the websitie is justly famous for

PS encouraging people send somethingto the club is particualrly quoitc as it it would be received and dealt by the secratary who happens to be my wife kd8ctl