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Friday, August 29, 2008

semiserious question her for Dan

copy in case he changes deltes it

the q " how does the human race survive if evryone you dislike turns out to be Gay ?

next Q you want to add someone name polly to my list of lovers or todd aleged list of lovers?

in either eveent you isnsit that neithe rI nor todd have any money or job etc so how to do we afford to flit around so much so as to have sex with out list of alleged lovers I mean I have to me making thousands of miles a week to keep up with Karol and Todd like the other I stand "acussed" of having sex with , and some I falleegdly find time according to some peoplel (you dan perhaps?) to rape 10 cub scouts per day.

as I have admited esle I was never virle enough to have active sex 10 times a day et alone sustain it, and to paraphrase slightly John Adams in 1776 I am 44 and still have my verity but their is more to life than sexaul combostibility

again dan you post the crap you post on your blog you make the on air statements I have heard you make and you wonder why I believed and still believe you suspect in being Dloyd Lavies the sauthor of the pandering note?

you realy need to look at what you are doing and stop to think

sadly I am becoming convinced you lack any real abilty for rational thought

Thursday, August 28, 2008

why is Dan Jesswald and trying to assist AlQueada?

copy of dan's message

It seems that the number Dan and are puting is to used by the public to report possible tterrorist and/or smugging into (or out of ) the USA

this brings to mind the question: why is dan and trying to QRM in effect the USCG and the offices in charged with the defense of this great nation against terrorists?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the desperate length dan et al are going to


copy to keep dan honest

rumur control here are the fact I was never reported to houghton county sheriff for making a false distress call

it was reported by WA8MEA that he heard a sos with my call attached to it as Dan knows full and it is he that is reapeting this message I can't send such a message I lack the skill to do so. further more Dna should know now that signal RDFs well away from my home area according ly since the sherrif to whom the sos was reported found at home within minutes of allegedly sending a signa;l that had to be sent from ana rea well away from my hoime I am obviously not guilty of sending it

as this person claim that the USCG has absolute jurisction I honetsly don't think so as the distress was apearntly not recieved by them at all

as to the matter of threatening a flase disress call as far as I knwo that is know crime at at tall only doing so

BTW as always anyone with evidence on this matter please call the USCG I am informed the phone number is please remmebr that Lying to the feds is a crime in and of itself so only call if you have evidence to give

Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Clifford Golm AC4GH said...
As a USCG vet I want to mention Mark Morgan's recent SOS Hoax attempt. He was reported the the Houghton Cty Sheriff, but he should have also been reported to the USCG tipline. The USCG is a Maritime law enforcement agency with arrest power domestically and internationally. We're also a division of Homeland Security will full investigatory and arrest powers concerning false distress signals. Our authority supercedes the FCC and we investigate distress calls on ALL frequencies.

Karol Madera sends a false distress signal sequence every time he's on 20 meters.

Todd Daugherty also threatened to send false distress signals.

Monday, August 25, 2008

why is Dan Jesswald such a totaly reprehenable "person"


dan why do you attack other vets like myself it is a siumple question althoutgh i realy don't expect an answer from you?
you have proably spent several years attacking me an other americans and fellow of the armed forces of other nation with vilest materail and i have heard you on air dan you are a vile found muth disgrace to the ham world heck youd be a disgrace even to CB radio. your efforts to use your P
tsd as means to threaten fellow americans law abiding ones as far as i can tell meaning the are incocent

you have wondered why i suspected you in the pandering incident is quite simple i have heard myself showing a total regard for FCC rules us law and common humanity

you apear tom be a bitter old man upset that people are free to disagree with him

I don't agree with karol VE7KFM on a lot of policy I certainly disagree with his stance that it would serve any usefull purpose for the usa to lose the war in Iraq but he has the right to such views indeed i under Reagan was tranied right next to the town you live in at Ft McClellan and put my life on the line prepared to defend this nation and the western allaince of which both Karol you and I are part yet you insist on falsely claiming it is impossible that i have served this nation, and that I continue to do so a a loyal citizen

I have seen online your attacks on someone that dares like some thing you consider obsence and that I personaly don't see as such and the SCOTUS has ruled again and agin is legal, and yet in difaince and disrespect for the constitution your claim you once swore to defend

sadly mr jesswald you are so out of touch with reality i am sure this message will totaly fail to reach you even if you read it

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dan w4nti


you are certainly a worm Dan and franjly you dishonor all veterans and everyone with PTSD you threaten to lose it on Todd and blame it on your alleged pysd. thhat act is a the act of a laying dishonarable sacok shit that being Dan Jesswald w4nti

Dan/W4NTI said...
Emperor Palpatine said...

Let your hate flow, Dan. Feel the hate within you, and let it control your destiny! Soon you will give in to the dark side, and your transformation will be complete.

Mua Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

August 22, 2008 6:53 PM

I'm trying to leave you alone Toad, but what the hey, right?

Let me try and explain some things to you. This fasination you have with Star Wars is idiotic. IT's A MOVIE, this here is life.

Before I even attempt to educuate you on how PTSD works I'll give you the oppurtunity to search the Internet, find out for yourself abut the "dark side". But let me assure you of this; IT REALLY EXISTS.

One of the last things you want to do is screw with someone that has it. Take my word for that.

You see it all depends on how much control the Veteran has. You might catch them on a bad day. You wouldn't want that.

Now go do your research.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

why is dan baosting of a mental disorder

copy in case he changes it

it is interesting to watch Dan Jesswald claiming and braging about a mental disorder?

it is a strange thing not something id be bragging about if it were true about me, but in dan's case it appears he is trying to hide behind a claim of mental illness in his attacks aginst other hams such as myself

perhaps this would explain his action if he the nman that sent the pandering note

I have my metals from My service but I certainly object to any vet hiding behind PTSD to threaten people with murder as jesswald has done on a numbe rof ocasions

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

why is dan whining?


the gist is dan is whining about alleegdly Karol VE7KFM is causing his va disability to be reviewed

one if he is not cheating what has he got to worry about

two, according to you nobody listens to the "fruitcake" so again what is the issue

three why are you whining if you were attacking everyone in sight you dislike then maybe these things would not happen to you, indeed that is one of the things you tell me so often

well in any event it does sound like you are saying that i have nothing to worry about you from your many threats to murder me over the facts I suspect you of a the crime of pandering a a boy to me for sex for money

Thursday, August 14, 2008

interesting as they would say

the site belonging to K3vr it seems
interesting the way my every alleged failing is recounted there and yet nothing ab0out me allegedly sending a false SOS

futher nothing about it a false SOS from someone alegedly acrdoing to(Dan Jesswalds website) a Ve7KFM supporter (me perhaps) of sending it by computer and still NOTHING on this event see,s to miss at this point at

very interesting

Dan wonders why I suspect him of being behond the panders? and other harrassment?

if I am the insane monster Dan keep insisting then indeed his problems from me are his own fault for a contiuous stram of point and insane man and he needs to look in the mirror

if as I belive is the case I am not insane then well he is posting insulting crap and pretneding to be a the victum

Dan all I am can say is this sort of crap is not convincing me or much of anyone that you are a human being

I will be slightly childish a share something I read posted about Dan "dan wear lots of hats all of them lined in tinfoil" i must admit it does seem to bear to out

Wow, if this is indeed them I can certainly see a "family resemblence".
And perhaps accounts why they have similar tastes and values, eh?

Well not being a shrink I can only go by what I see going on.

Comments anyone?

One more thing folks. It has been reported that Toad, N9OGL is on or
will soon be on the air again. Going on with a broadcast on Karol's
frequency of 14.275.

If anyone has a schedule I'll gladly post it here, what say Toad?
Got the gonads to try again?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

further updates of the recent events

just got back from the sheriff's office where I handed over aditoonal info that has come into my hands and recieve an update for the the sheriff himself as it happened ( one of the really nice things about living in a small county you get to to talk to the man at time never happens in the big cities

the call made to made to Houghton County came from William Lauterbach who sem to be wa8mea of Hanover I thank him and praise him for his efforts sadly however they were of course for naught since i was in no danger and sent no SOS or any other signal, given his location it would seem odd that he would hear me at all OTOH clearly he decided since it was possible he decided to make the call. since someone had priated my call for this transmission sadly he is now being investagated to insure he did not make a false police report . it is truly sad and no good deed goes unpunished, assuming as seems likely he is cleared I hope this sad affair does not disauade form trying to come to the aid of others that may be in need in the future

this being said i hope we can rouse the FCC from it topor and try to find and stop this sort of outrage from occouring again and punished to fullest extent of the law

he should knwo I thank him for his efforts and hope he can help and the authorites will investagte the matter

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an interestering occouance

I'm listening to a pile-up on 14.277 tonight. I barely hear an SOS being transmitted in CW, followed by a callsign.

Took me fifteen minutes to dig the callsign out of the mud; it was KB9RQZ. So I look it up on QRZ. I see he's in Houghton County, MI. Lots of water up there, so it could be legit. (BTW, I know nothing about this Mark guy until tonight when someone fills me in...)

So like a good little ham operator, I call the Houghton County, Michigan Sheriff Department and report the SOS.

This would be a REAL black eye for ham radio if this was a hoax.

and we had a visit from the sheriffs office this message and the whois on was given them

Clearly the incident is meant to provoke to accuse Glen wa8qnf and/or w8fwg george and while such an action is certainly possible indeed it is more possible for them than me given my total inability with CW. it seems improbale at best (or is that worst)

a victory for libel

what glen ekdahle and george thunderthink they have gained with their support and partication in libel and stalking I don't know

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I truly wish the nimbusters were telling the truth

but they are not after all if dan w4nti and brain k3vr were coming to out club meeting it would certianly insure a more interesting time and a bit of justice as they got theire ases hauled off to jail for at least tresspassing