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Monday, April 30, 2007

amazing how defenive dloyd is

lastest from hs stolen blog is a repsonse to me a person of no import (and yet he spends has online life harrassing these days
he must respond to everything but I must submt to being stalked and harrassed

robeson claims to have returned I doubt it

k4yz has sent you a link to a blog: Fool. I have written before to say that I own your blogs. I finally gave your info to Dloyd and the old blog is gone. I just gave Dloyd the info for this blog too. I'm mailing you from your own blog. - Steve Blog: acoounts of the Kosher Ham Post: well so it contiues Link: --Powered by Blogger

iot is amazing the trouble folks like "dloyd" will go to

to attack and harrass someone they is is of no import

nothing is out o f bounds theif cyber hacking vile torreents of libel nothing at all

likely i will not mange to get back my old Blogger . blogger encouraging such crap after all as they did in refusing to take action against the various attack blogs created to target over the last few years but llook at the ffort watching my every move for looking for chance to pounce

"Dloyd" get a life of your own and stop acting like a frustrated teenager, even is litered with the blog you have lost in your attacks
which assigned control of to me but fucked yourself when you set it autoharrass me
another of your creations
and another

all in your pathetic effort to harrass hwho did nothing to you

Sunday, April 29, 2007

dloyd the coward

poor Dloyd complains that other do not allow free coments and is afraid to face any himself

dloyd raves on

Dloyd is such a cowrd can't even adknowledge me as a Man or do anything but hide behind my name and call

he was "outraged" that I dared to delete trash coment on my blog but he asserts he do so

well so it contiues a bit have theif the old blog died it seemed (perhaps I helped but they are so obessed with my name and call I made a back up of most of it