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Thursday, July 29, 2010

roumor control the lastest libel

looks like another cut and paste of some real indictment I am very weary of this crap

BTW since 2001 to 2009 I have always had a dog read to see why that matters

Illiopolis, IL

Indictment, count one:

Felony rape and sodomy of a child

Indictment, count two:

Unlawful confinement of a child

Indictment, count three:

Felony threatening of a child under 18

Indictment, count three:

Committing an unnatural act on the person of a child

Affidavit of arresting officer:

On 3 April I was personally notified by the parent of (redacted) a child of 9, who told his parent, a Mrs. Sherry (redacted) of (redacted) that he had been invited to the home of a Mr. Mark C. Morgan, IL DL # (redacted) to partake in a birthday celebration and to pet the dog of Mr. Morgan.

As relayed to this affiant, when Morgan and the victim arrived at the Morgan residence, there was no dog, but cake was served along with a red juice drink which Mrs. (redacted) now suspects was drugged with some type of hypnotic sedative.

The victim then reported to this affiant that he became ill with an upset stomach, where upon the victim vomited on his shirt and pants where upon Mr. Morgan suggested the victim change into a bathrobe until such time as Mr. Morgan could launder the victims soiled clothes.

The victim stated Mr. Morgan did launder the clothes, and in the meantime, the victim told this affiant that Mr. Morgan began to fondle the victim under the bathrobe he was wearing and did perform an act of sodomy and an act of penetration of the anus of the victim with his finger.

When the victim protested and asked to leave the residence, Mr. Morgan said the victim could leave after they watched cartoons together and then offered the victim money and a set of action figures if the victim would remain silent about the encounter.

The victim's mother Mrs. (redacted) said she became suspicious about the incident when the victim returned home with freshly laundered clothing.

At this time the facts of the case have been turned over to IL children's protective services who made a mandated report to the Sheriff's Dept in Sangamon county. Because the child is a resident of Illiopolis, but was taken from the park, S. of route 36 in Lanesville TWP, which is beyond the jurisdictional limits of this department, the case was referred to the county for prosecution.

Deputy Sheriff CL Drake reports to this affiant that the Sheriff's office has charged Mr. Morgan as in the copy of the charge sheet attached and as above. Mr. Morgan was held in Sangamon county lockup with $100,000 bail pending preliminary hearing on 25 May.

Testified under oath by affiant, Officer James P. McNeil, badge #327, IPD.