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Saturday, April 25, 2009

latest federal crime Iknow of on the net

pretending to be a federal official is a criminal technically of course it seem unlikely that the slightest effort will be made to punish this lastest federal crime

the crime
LS said...
I find this blog to be disturbing, as are several others. Don't you have something better to do with your free time?

at this site first coment

less ambitious than this federal crime pity that the feds don't even protect their own from federal crimes

Thursday, April 23, 2009

an amusing thread on I thought Id share esp with those wanting to run illgea; power on CB

here it is

one of the very threads I would enjoy posting to but can't because I care more for my personal honor than for posting preveldges there

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2was reading my wifes blog

the entry is here
torture well according te ACLU then torture is what my foes have subjecting me too for many years pity the aclu only cares about the torture of folks that want to kill me and my fellow americans

Thursday, April 16, 2009

latest bizarre "attack"

an example

an number of posts like this are coming through lately. I think it is supposed to be an attack, but really while I'd prefer that poster not add the shemale crap to materail all long as the spell the urls right I hardly mind
those being
the latest site they could spam with is of course

I don't mind the advertising (id prefer it without the shemale crap as I said but who knows maybe they will troll in some drag queens for me I will happily take their money, gives e a great and legit chance to blog about the sites as I am doing do (and thus further my sales, and gives me ammo to use at the servers they use to post this crap and the rest of the crap they spend their days sending attacking me it may be beyond a 2 fer and be a 3 fer

if you feel calling my wife a shemale in an effort to harm my sales a bad thing consider buying something at the shop or just

some amount of your choice

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we interurpt this blog

for a tea party account return ing now to your regularly skeded blog

Monday, April 13, 2009

took a look at and noticed.....

that brain was posting a my real address and my real email for peope to ask me for coment

you know what no one ever has followed up on that

Monday, April 6, 2009

some thoughts an the most recent blackmail

First I am really disapointed in the quality of my foes.after alll I have been subjectedto effort at effort at blackmail and extortion and I NEVER yeild why would I yeild now?

the guys, likely Crow (K3vr) and his buddies, are theateningf to expose me ( as what it is unclear after all I live my ife pretty much in the open and have a thick enough skin not to be too copncerned what anymice or even real people think of me I ammore concerned about god and his thoughts) I am not concerned with the publishing ofaltered police reports (even les about real ones) alled to be about me. l, like Hart in "9 to 5", I would be inclined to aquire them and send them out as christmas cards. A part of the lastest threat is some threat to expose my deadmother drugproblem which I have written about myself.

Oh yes I havesome problem with a nieghboor that is an OCD control freak and a Luddite those about ended with the changes in law about what I had to t with on my own land , a that point I did have sove a shotgun in his face while demanding he leave me and my land alone, and then the sherrif had to explain the new law to him. That was disagreeable but part of life.

Never been a go aong t get along type esp on matters of principal indeed that is part of wat my dad is proud of me for over the years as he feels the same way. but I digress.....

What are these cretins going to do harrass my neighboors and the hams of the UP and the world with more spamed threats fakes sos messages signed with my call? that is old hat the result of the last effort I am aware of was I was cced on complaint to LS with sender knowing my call was being pirated.

they are not going show up here and deal with me they lack the guts. I hope they don't convince someone else totry and do their their dirty work again but I will deal with that if it happpens as I have many times before over the years. The whole thing would be funny if if they weren't so patheticaly serious about it

why is this done ?..because I am noncloseted Bisexual? ..because I just launched a new ecomerce site to sell my wifes wares? In theend it comes down my refusing to tell te lies they want me to. telling the truth is what is objected too.

The amoug other thing tha listening to Brain crow k3vr on airand readin the work I know is his on I know I would trust any kids to be safe around him.I would trust few adults as safe around him for his obessivehate , and at least being a cyber peeping tom ..yes a sexual prevert d\trying to look in peoples windows something that gets you arrested (so I hear in real life) but online seems to be ok with most folks

well enjoy this posts guys and enjoy the ecomerce site folks. look for morestuff soon at other sites I control

Saturday, April 4, 2009

lasest fr4om Nimbusters which back up

my home is going to be buldoozed by this cowardly annymouse

you got to laugh at this crap

nimbusters dead or merely on its next trip across the web looking for a server to put up with it

once is was then but for now that gypsy caravan of the demafamers and defiliers of the net is off the web, (not my doing) rather the "KB9RQZ" user fraud at (that was my handiwork) yea hosting at 3ix is cheap but the bills keep adding up witht eh sites (paid site sites that these clowns get thrown off of

I suppose their are plenty more host companies in the net

while I have yet to be thrown off any place I pay for and few places that I don't

they keep getting toso while i remain with teranews and at an address everyone that wants to know ,knows

get a clue please I only want to return to health please