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Friday, May 30, 2008

well more on this laterbut...

Rh can't re-retire soon enough no enforcement would truly be better than what we havw gotten where clearly a favored few were indeed speaking the truth in claiming they were given special license to ram it to rest of us.

i had not beleived but I have safely stored the convinving evdence I'll set for for publication when we have confirmed the date of RH departure

boy I am glad hams are not in charge of justice

well it happened for as near as I can tell daring to say I think it is better to tolerate real live kiddy porn than over turn the rule of law

and frankly if that be treason or a crime make the most of it

interestingly Mike has proven a lack a marutity to match Todd during one of tamtrums he ran the place he was responsible for the series of mistake as the man in charge the penalty he suffered at Todd have his name come up with animie.

if hams were more important generaly I would more worried about he future of the nation. but what we see is just more of the Old timers thinking they can order the "lessor" hams a about

tood taging Mike with some animie was a bit childish although it had a strange bit of justice to it at the time I thought is mistake tacicaly but I epxect tood will contiue either on his current if google realeases it or by starting other blogs

I have sugested that Mike reads this if he should happen upon these words...heck like be plain he will see these words someo likely from the Crow camp will see to it he does I suspect he read and the linked materail nothing remotely obsence and maybe he will realize it is dangerous out here on the superhighway and frankly he got lucky after such a bungled set of mistakes with just that as I point out he could say have had his name turning for aleged child abuse or any of the things we all vulernable to in this day and age

I will never regrett speacking the truth as I see even though the world may stand against my view of the mater K1ou showed in the exchanged he turly frighting disreagrd for the rule of law on the USA

bottom line is animie is legal wether you like it or (and honestly I only barely care. indeed likely to come up soon after what I saw on scene in Beowulf is that vreated photoreal even 3d virtual kiddy porn is likely to be legal. Notinterested in either realy be interested in seeing the techincal acheivement of photo real virtual porn kiddy or otherwise to see the acheivement

the effort to use a concern for kids as a weapons aginst free speech is rather frightening in My judement dangerous to the survival of the republic this saddens me

one the reason I ahve defended todd BTW is enlightened self interest with the back rom crap still going about about bays and bi's being all child molestor being unable to depict in cartoon of hopeless non reality (is that the point in aimie porn? this bloger would realy welcome coment on that point) is one step closer to using such arguements against my breathing preveldges

I am like my idol John Admas always been first in line to be hanged (althougth happy when it is avoided) always to serve as the target for the agnst of others

editorail not the post of the text foof various mails will not be open for coment

another one


I am the person who made the request of Mark, and I am appreciative of his

My objective is simple. Mike, AL2N's call has now been wrongly associated
with requesting postings of anime cartoons of adolescents depicted in acts
of a sexual nature. My personal opinion of such cartoons is irrelevant. In
my opinion, if it cannot be accepted that N9OGL was simply a callsign that
was included in a common database purge (all with 0 posts in the 30 day
period preceding the purge were de-activated), then by all means bash the
Island, it's owner, and myself included. But have the decency to do so in a
truthful manner. Associating Mike's call with the current crop of postings
as described above is misleading and deceitful.

The removal of posts made by N9OGL is a separate matter, and was the result
of another moderator's own actions. Todd's call was briefly put on the
banned list by this same moderator. It was Mike himself that removed N9OGL
from the banned list (as it remains now), and Mike who chided the deleting
of posts and banning as the wrong action to take.

I choose to take no sides in issues such as these, and my involvement is to
simply stop the wrongful prosecution of a fellow ham. In light of the
information I've provided, I don't believe my request is out of line. I
also believe both Mark and Karol will confirm that what I state is true, in
that I don't take sides in these issues, and that I'm a straight shooter. I
seem to frequently suffer for these bouts of honesty, and I hope that I'll
not regret this attempt.

I've never understood the need for confrontation among hams. What Todd
posts on his site is his business, although I may find it offensive, my
opinion isn't relevant, therefore the matter doesn't concern me. The same
applies to Karol, and his activities (alleged ... I've only heard Karol
once, as I seldom operate 20m ssb, and the QSO he was engaged in was quite
civil). They don't cause me any harm or any grief, so I say WTF? I guess
some hams lead pitifully sheltered lives and feel that they must impose
their will and values upon others. I am not such a person.

Todd, please consider how unfair the current attack on al2n is, and act in a
manner you see fit. I wouldn't disagree with criticism on how your
membership on the Island was bungled, but I cannot see justification for the
current approach you have taken.

When Karol was banned there (in spite of disagreement from AL2I and myself),
and Karol posted his opinion of the matter on his website, not one word of
disagreement was uttered by myself. Each man is entitled to his own
opinion, where justified, irregardless of my being in agreement.

I respect each man's right to do as he wishes, as long as it causes no harm
to others. In this instance, I do not believe the above can be truthfully
applied. This is causing harm to a man who does not deserve such.

I appreciate you guys suffering through the lengthy email, and I wish you
all the best.

Luke - ad4mg

a pm an request for a favor

Would you request that Todd (N9OGL) remove the anime postings associated with al2n's callsign, and notify him that he isn't banned here?

It wouldn't hurt to make the request, and I would consider it a favor.

It is most unfair for Mike to be treated in this manner. His only "crime" is stating that the material on 'OGL's site offended him. He has made possible an opportunity for Todd to post here. A mistake by another moderator was the source of the problems last night, not any actions by Mike.

Please let me know if you would consider honoring this request.


some email from the dust up

Todd I agree you have reason to be pissed at the island. In ahonstey I belive however you are throwing your fire at the wrong guy

thought this mess the Island has been an aupgrade that had problems and drew a lot of attention from moding and the island mods are not used to having to mod

N1LAF someone known to you me Karol and the wolrd as a ally of Brain Crow your foes and Mine drew you in to fight on the isalnd that was improper iIMO and I called him on it then you treid and blocked and not baned and the same Ham N1laf ally of your foe and mine K3VR used the misunderstanding to get you to attack the island.

I don't know his goal but IMO poured the gasoline on me and lit the match

I have never lied to you you knwo I hope you are a bit foolish but within your rights to be tweaking RH's nose as you do and we n\both know why and I think you are right to be psised at the FCC and RH personaly) In this case I am asking you to CONSIDER not backing down neither of us would ever do that but turning your guns on whome I belive the real perp is N1LAF acting in concert with K3VR

Yes I was asked to do something like this by one of the guys I have cced (guess which one) I am asked no Mike ordered me ttel you I refused this guys asked and I am doing it I doubt this note will be entirely to his likeling either
CONSIDER turn the gun where they IMO belong Crow and Co acept the admin has been roi\ough week online you were breaifly baned either by accident or maybe on eof the mods decided to play I don't know i itwas amistake of Mike a2something the admin or the interfeence of rouge mod on the Island that he is taking the blame for

well a new lawsuit watch has bung after all

promises the existanence of multible pending lawsuits

well they would have to be filed since 20 or even 21 may since i am entitled to legal service within 10 days

Monday, May 26, 2008

the recent dust up on the Island

well it seems to be over or at least in the a pause to a regroup, so lets sum up during a baord upgrade that was botched and bungled ( to use the word of one of the mods) N1laf dragged Todd Name and call into the fray, in the confution I was asked to invite Todd to post and briefly banned.

while I was threatened harrassed and abused (all this confirm by the words various of the parties, what was also promised is that I was going to be banned did not happen.

over the affair Todd became pissed (as well he should IMO)and decided to retalate, he chose on one level the wrong party the owner Mike, instead of the perp N1LAF, I say on one level since as the owner of the place ultimately Mike is responsible for what goes on there, heck that responsiblity is why I said (that he had every right to keep Todd of the site if he choose that option)

all in all The islands rep was harmed in that post were clearly pulled by the mods for the first times and at least in the case of Todd's own a post was made that that Mike said should not have been, a certain member of the island stated flatly that would "abuse" "threaten" and "harass" those the claimed to deem mentally ill

interrestingly IMO is the calls involved many can be found here the site of One Karol Maderia and indeed those parties named there and involved in the dust up behaved toward people in close accord with what he described

What has mike suffered from Todd action against Mike, his call is now conected on google and other search engines with pic he finds offensive.

Myself when I have offended someone often by merely breathing and refusing to go to great lengths to hide the fact sex partners have included both men and women, I suffered the indiginity of being reported as a child rapist and elder abuser and rapist my father has been focirbly examined to to deter wether or not he he has been sexualy abused (for once I do thank god my dad is in fact heterosexual a matter otherwise none of my affair) send in the mail not merely the cartoon images Mike find so offensive, but live kiddy porn and not merely porn but detictions of children being tortured sexualy thankfully it came to my PoBox so when I saw the materail which strngely bore a WV postmark and AL return address (that BTW of another ham that did something to offend a ham presumably one living in WV) endured the creation of blogs in my own name wherin the author offer the sexaul services of my wife for money a crime right there pandering, perhaps Mike SHOULD look it as a lesson learned about the dangers of "the Defamation superhighway"

Tacticaly and statgicaly I belive Toddwas is msitaken in his actions toward Mike, although it is mike shop and therefore Mike is responble, our long term comon foes seem to be behind that

Monday, May 19, 2008

island of misfit hams down for a security violation

I do wonder if crow and Co posted something there and got the place ToSed

that is merely speculation but given that the effort of crow and Co to get me banned were unsuccessfull I guess the place got trashed

an interesting

This is the SMTP Server program at host mwinf2551. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster> If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. The SMTP Server program <>:

interesting effort to use the clubs email addy to spread a Virus

as the attahcment contained a virus my system detected it of course and blocked it

Sunday, May 18, 2008

a ps to the last post or a totla mental meltdown by N1LAF

a thread in one sub board at the island

and I mean it another thread on a different sub board at the Island

may apolgies these threads seem to have been deleted by the Island stay tuned for further developements

NiLaf is now spaming the boards over at the island

He is pissed rightly I suppose at this post on todd's blog

I am ammused esp after N1LAF was insisting in this thread on the island
that I should ignore anatacks aginst me well it seems the man can't take his own advice

I admit to it (it is not a a noble thing to to feel but I fess up) I am enjoying watching N1LAF's foot pinching on his own advice

cross coment fromt odd's blog

source todd's blog

well basicaly thanks Todd nice of you notice although you were being attacked too

indeed you point if you like what is at your blog then don't read it

but N1LAF has been following me like around K3VR and W4nti attacking me anytime I say anything in threads they disaprove of

then it is amusing to watch the RAPPer anymice squard trying to claim I am in some kind of trouble for calling a lair a liar

my only critzism is it would have been nice if Todd mentioned we hardly know each each

yes todd and I have met ywe used to live about 15 miles apart and both being hams it would be hard not to meet

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the reaction fot he RRAP mice shows something

they are focusing on every little dust up and claiming it somehow proves I am a nut

gee the nutty thing is thinking that people with strong opinions are NOT going to have dust up the problem at say QRZ is that the mods take sides and ban those that dare speak against their friends, and fred the owner of qrz allows this sort of thing

in the adult world people can fight and accept the idea that their are folks that don't like em. It is not a problem the mice on RRAP can't give theri real anmes since then someone one might not like em and their feeling would be hurt, yes I am describeing the action preeteens even preschooler but that describes a lot of folks these days

N1LAF insaity rides yet again

another post about laf

after acusing of crime for saying a lot of nuty things are said on the web he insist on lying about my statements conerning him

today accoridng to him anyone I corespond with is asxumed to me be my firends well that means K4yz is my friend as is am8mq and Riley Holingworth and Todd (n9ogl and ve7kfm and K3vr and W4nti as wel as CW bush General Powell Senator Mccian astronaut John Glen the people that we sold \a former residence to must be really close friends after all the letters i wrote them about not paying the contract on time indeed n1laf must be my firend by this rule


also he keep claiming I told who he could be freinds with that is an out and out lie. he is certainly alowed to be friendly with K3vr and w4nti, it means I well judge him by his tatstes in freinds jhowever

he wonders that I dislike him when he hiunded with pm at the island each trggering an email alert to me demdning I answer his questions about wether or not i authored somnething some where on the web

the man is a sad example for the sort the old coded culture produced aw3orld in which a profanity is awfull but death threats are ok, and heaven you beter not report a felow ham form sending a note offering a kid for sex for money unless of course you have decided he was "faggot" and therfore deserved it

the days of these dinosaurs is passing but alas not fast enough

i do hopew the ARS outlives these dinosaurs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

another of the WTF

Manager has sent you a link to a blog: We love it! You are talking to yourself on a fake ham board and Toad is talking to himself on his blog. Now we're working on getting you booted from Google Groups, ex boy. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: May Day Arrives Link: --Powered by Blogger

more from the cretins of the web

Todd is not tslking to himself but to you who ever you are nor amI talking to myself anywhere

but if you were truly amused youd sit back and laugh but yes I knw you despatrately want me looking for you.

the fact you are desperate for me to change tactics and give the attention you want instead for what you are getting now

this is aas close as you get


Sunday, May 11, 2008

wow total spaz out on RRAP

Is this a result of "Rambo watch"

still just how is wndering if Dan w4nti is dead defaming him in any way?

when did the FCC or FBI respond to defamation complaints (and where do I get such protection?)

a report was made claiming dan was dead some reason was given to believe it and a gruop of people that have suffered years of abuse at rmabos hands discussed it

looks like rambo is alive (he has been reported on air) sad that since such a tormented soul realy can only find peace in the grave I fear

I must conclude that the Rambo watch did stroke a nerve or 10 it will interesting to see watch has been shaken loose from this tree

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 14:47:04 -0700 (PDT)From: "Manager" ve7kfm@ve7kfm.comTo: toddaug555@yahoo.comSubject: The Voice of Amateur Radio : HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Manager has sent you a link to a blog:1. You can't put that blog back. 2. We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. always wins in the end. Always.Blog: The Voice of Amateur RadioPost: HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Link: by Blogger supported by I'M FUCKING SCARED....WHY DON'T YOU SAY THAT ON HERE....OH WAIT YOU CAN'TBWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the efforts at crude black mail are geting silly


Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 14:47:04 -0700 (PDT)From: "Manager" ve7kfm@ve7kfm.comTo: toddaug555@yahoo.comSubject: The Voice of Amateur Radio : HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Manager has sent you a link to a blog:1. You can't put that blog back. 2. We have your photo on our web site. Keep calling us dumb, and we will post a picture of you nude that we have. always wins in the end. Always.Blog: The Voice of Amateur RadioPost: HOW STUPID IS STUPID!!Link: by Blogger supported by I'M FUCKING SCARED....WHY DON'T YOU SAY THAT ON HERE....OH WAIT YOU CAN'TBWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the efforts at crude black mail are geting silly

boy the guys are getting desperate
I certainly have a qsl card (no real achievement in just that) I am in no way jealous of dan w4nti
I am certain not jealous of history with the FCC (a series of Rileygrams)
I am not jealous anyone I belive may well be dead or at least redu8ced to a vegitative state

more nuttiery from that fake site

Karol Madera, David Tolassi, and Mark Morgan have reportedly been perpetuating a disgusting rumor that Dan Jesswald had passed away from a heart attack.

how is reporting a possible event disgusting

Madera said he hoped Jesswald was not dead, only that he was a "mature, blathering, drooling, vegetable." Tolassi posted an article on a website, perpetuating the malicious rumor. Tolassi is a friend of Madera's who was previously removed from 20 meters for a period of 3 years in an FCC enforcement action related to engaging in on-air defamation and unsubstantiated rumors.
Mark Morgan also perpetuated the rumor on his webpage. Morgan is Karol Madera's ally and a notorious liar who lodged false reports of child abuse against complainants in the Madera case. Morgan is currently aiding Madera in distributing still more defamation on servers in the United States. This is something the FCC, FBI, RCMP, and Canadian authorities are bound to be very interested in...

gee what are you babbling about?

I am certainly convinced that someone attacking me has deied or suffered a servious haert attack or stroke

how is reporting on facts defamation?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

wow such idle threats

Dloyd Lavies has sent you a link to a blog: Mark's fake w4nti death announcement was the final straw. You're going to go down like Todd is going, Markie, except you'll need a good health insurance policy. Dan wants to hurt you bad. Blog: w4nti Link: --Powered by Blogger

Saturday, May 3, 2008