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Thursday, July 31, 2008

kb1ohk banned why him and not say.....

post 292 makes the point

but why hima dn not dan who publicaly calls for the death of hams he disaproves of I can't say but at least it is s ign fred might finaly be trying to reign this crap in

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

an interesting post on 275 form the zed

post 252

I comend you this repsonse I would add to it if I could that the USA hams need to demonstrate by staying within that it is indeed karol breaking the rules at all

I have (I believ) heard VE7KFM make objectionable statement but the context has always been in response to the intense qrm and harrassment and thus I would be unwilling to even try to enforce against him (where I am the guy to enforce)

I have Heard with my own station heard, K3VR, qrm me and VE7KFM along with other stations. I know K3cr cam up on top of VE7KFM and crow K3VR hardly bothers to deny it claiming he is allowed by some secert ruling from the FCC

post 252
I am on this side of the border. The correct way to handle karol is to let IC handle Karol. Meanwhile, we have to follow all the rules. We can't break the rules because we feel that Karol is breaking the rules. Two wrongs do not make a right. And, if we disagree politically with Karol, we should engage him, but we should do so within the rules.

Brian seems to be saying that in the case of Karol, it is perfectly all right to break the rules. I disagree. I think we could get more action out of IC if we demonstrate to IC that American Amateur Radio operators play by the rules -- and that Karol does not. If we don't, they will regard it as a bunch of American Amateur radio operators picking on a Canadian Amateur radio operator. Why do you think they haven't done anything about him yet...

In other words, we have to demonstrate to IC that we really are better.


a nice quiet online

very little of the normal shit online I could used to used to it

I am not really expected to get used to it

Monday, July 28, 2008

what a freaken waste of psoibly decent ham gear

had a heads up from VE7KFM (after all when so many folks insist he is my l;over I should at least talk to the man ;) the freq was clear as HF ever gets then suddenly after someone (ve7kfm ) called CQ the most powerfully QRM Came up s9 plus 20 to sometimes even 40 db I was grimly impressed

Id love to have such signal power at some point, perhaps I will some day

Karol id's the jammer as N1fm give the clarity with which I have heard n1fm in the past, I tend to believe it

now I heard K3VR id for once that is strange I don't recall ever hearing him ID himself before

BTW QRZ the freq was in use before you K3VR

was interesting to hear n1fm qrm k3vr at times

gee eharing someone tell Karol leave and you will not get hurt is sad lang to hear on the air

we have a PARANOID on QRZ

post 98

Dan I have thought you a paranoid manaic before but this is out there even for you

mentioning the the state of ALabama in a ham radio context, is not a personal attck of W4NTI

neither BTW is simply mention the name Dan out of a ham context but that is another matter

fromt he zed

And Dan, I don't think I ever accused you of creating QRM on 14.275...
Why are you defending yourself? Have you been QRM'ing?

You specifically said ALABAMA. You know full well I am In that State.
And since I have been the ONLY Alabama station on 275 for quite some
time on a regular basis...yes you accused me.

Now prove it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

was lsitening to the zoo on .275 had a thought

wasn't the beef with (or a big part of it) K1MAN that he was promoting his groups (a very small one) website

over and over promoting the fake

pity RH never applied the same standard but good RH is gone

not sure if I was hearing N1FM or K3vr was entertaining

then to hear W4nti taking part in with another station is racist crap about Obamam well McCain will take their vote but realy Dan you should hang with better hams n1gjt is certainly more foul mouthed than I ever heard from Ve7kfm

BTW Dan truly you sounded like you were feeling ill you might check in with the VA for a check up

still all a sorry exhition of the Hams of the USA

PS haerd music I think so baddly modualted gee I thaink karol has called these clowns CB with licenses well I do some cb but I NEVER heard such awfull sounding signals I think you owe CBers an apology for comparing cro wo fn1fm to Cbers

Friday, July 25, 2008

dan has not prevented even Moded coments n his blog


well Dan you are lying at least about myself

you were reported to CPS not the cops becuase I belived you might be guilty if I were guilty of what you accuse me why is it that just yourself, Crow, N1FN, and one other that has not been mentioned on the wbe and has not threatened me over it, have been subjected to this treatment

I don't "shit on Code at all and certainly not for the fun of it

get a clue not everyone has to agree with you

but the onair matter of HF precced the success of people like myself succeeded in ending code testing

I operate in accord with the code Dan my on air action are without the slighest blemish

you have no evidence todd jacks to those images

I know Karol does not think Comuism work esp not in FSU

I would like to see YOU answer that question why did YOU get a license and better still why do you keep it

RE: To the supporters of KFM, etc. Why did you get a license.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, the code is laughed at these days. People like Todd, Karol and Mark shit on it for the fun of it. To push a political agenda or just because they're too stupid to know better.

Todd wants to jack it to pictures so bad he'll go to any length to post them. Karol between sucking down beer is so liberal Obama seems conservative, Teddy Kennedy even.

Karol actually thinks communism works, like Russia proved so well but hey brains aren't required to be liberal just no real understanding of history or logic.

Mark feels if you don't like someone just report them to the police for anything that comes to mind.

For every action, reaction, the code doesn't really deal with that much. It expects all radio operators to act accordingly, but with no enforcement some resort to how they were as children. Mommy and Daddy aren't around anymore and they miss them.

Like children they seek attention and have narcissistic tendencies. Some discipline is what’s needed but like bad parents Industry Cana-DUH and the FCC don't know how to stop being bad parents, so on this will go, forever and ever.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hmm Jesswald skipping out on Bond?

Jeswald, Danny Anniston W M 5' 6" 225 BLK BRO 39
FTA-NWNI 10/2/07 $0
FTA is failure to appear most likely alyjouhj NWNI is mystery age 39 hmm looks like Dans son has a an unresloved brush with the law esp the way Dan adknowledges not being from anniston AL

the strange case of of the Jesswald grows stranger

hmm NWIN Narcoctic with intent (to distrubute?)
nothing so glamourous looks like he is just a check kiter

Monday, July 21, 2008

well mr jesswald is going all out it seems to me witht eh gaol of convining he was involed in the pandering note I reported him for


post 2

dan Jesswald w4nti is really losing it at this rate we will see another report of the unstable making death threats now

funny thing is i am doing nothing at all to him but he insists on making the focus of his blog

you keep attacking and I respond

I supected you along with crow and few others with autoring a pandering note I stil suspect that Dan, indeed you seems to be working over time to convince you are the author

As long as I suspect, I made no false report concerning you

if you have a charge to make make it

you can't I know that full well have been the target of accusation that came from one of your buddies

even if I ha dmade the false charge you can't proof it anymore than I could that your buddy k4yz made a false accusation alleging that I raped my dad I can prove he made the charge , I can't prove it dalse and malicious

likewise you can prove I made a charge , you can't prove it was flase and malicious you would have to prove that I did not suspect you, indeed if I am mental ill as you suggest in post 2 then your task becomes even harder, since if I am nuts who knows what I believe

now Dan Jesswald you can either grow up and face facts and stop your libel/slander and let the matter drop or you cvan try to bring a case

but I am not required to take your crap in silence

Still waiting Marky
Still waiting for your copy of that FCC NOTICE. BTW what is a "FCC NOTICE" ??????

I guess your just full of BS as usual, eh Marky?

I'm getting tired of your crap actually. So anytime...when you least expect to may be terminated.


post 2

The incredible shrinking brain, Mark Morgan
When I started this BLOG, I ssid I would allow you, the reader, to figure out who
is the BS artist.

There is a LOT more where this comes from.

Obviously Marky is a mental case.

I actually believe he is dangerous and the authorities NEED to pay him a visit,

They might want to check under the house for bodies, in the style of Jeffrey Dahmer.

This boy is sick.

I am not concerned about his false accusations. All of that was handled. He needs to be concerned however. It is illegal to do what he is doing. And I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL of making the charges.

I am giving him room to back up ten and punt. I suggest he do so.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

dan dan dan

dan if you truly do wish me to belive that you sent the child sex pandering note then keep posting the same sort of crap that was posted by Dloyd Lavies

indeed if you keep this ip Dan you are likely to convince me that Maybe I should have focused more on you as a suspect than K3vr (also a suspect)

dan if you truly do wish me to belive that you sent the child sex pandering note then keep posting the same sort of crap that was posted by Dloyd Lavies

Monday, July 14, 2008

dan abbling on but he get somesothing right


you do get tright the fact you don't know what you are talking about

as far as I can tell you never do

OTOH your action and esp the tone of your wrtings convince that you are very likely the author of that pandering note which of course means no false report occoured

now if you are dumb enough to keep brazening it out of course it your call and despictable action (threatening to murder someone for making a valid to LE is despictable dan) then so be it I have the legal right answer your libel and I will do so

if you try and stop me either nothing will happen , or I will never even notice the effort or if you manage to inconvence my exercise of my rights I will look into what price I can extract from you. sadly even if you do take your attacks to more of the offline world their is little I can do since our legal system is mostly broken

if it were not broken then you would be in prison by now (not for any to to do with but your own ON air antics of making terror threats

I know that this will cam as a shock to you Dan but people are allowed to disagree with you

at least in threory that does not gibve you any right to threaten to murder them

or stalk them

if the legal system worked youd be a in jail at least awaiting trail and sentce IMO and that of most observers

please try and act your age as opposed to acting like you about 4 yo
I have just read your babbling and find it incredible that a man of your alleged education level can't figure out when he is being
spoofed. You reference me on a USENET group, I have NO IDEA IN HECK WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. I don't go there, and have NOT GONE THERE in years. If you remember YOU are the reason I LEFT.

You seem to have a lot of problem telling truth from fiction, good from bad, and really make no sense at all most of the time. Example, I didn't have any idea your wife had a callsign. And until recently didn't have any idea you even had a wife. Nor do I care about either. I do not, and have not brought your family into anything.

You started this whole thing Marky, remember your false report to Child Welfare? Which I am still waiting for your published apology for.

So....Here is the deal, your obviously mentally handicapped in some manner and I certainly don't claim to be a Doctor. So all I can do is cut off your access. WHICH I WILL DO unless you straighten up and fly right. AND if you can't bring yourself to do such I will take legal action against and put you off the Internet for good, and/or put you in custody some where with no access at all. You have run rough shod on so many sites I have lost count.
Again, it is up to you.

One of the reasons I opened up this site was to allow everyone access to discuss matters of importance to hams. And of course the happenings on your Buddie's private frequency. Not as a personal access point to your demented thoughts. You have 24 hours to get your crap straight here. It's up to you and what you have to say.

Bad wx coming in. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Posted by Dan/W4NTI at 5:59 PM

kb9rqz said...

you are the one that can't face facts

and you keep brazening it out

I made no flase report to CPS

indeed you don't what a fasle report is it seems
since I did and do and in fact I am more convinced than ever that you are likely the offer of the note claimignt o be willing to rent me the sexual service of that 9 yo

but in any event I started nothing with you YOU started thing remeber you insisted I hated Ham radio because I said its response to Katrina could be imporved

you also provoked mater by insisting your had the right to control who responded to your posts in RRAP

another factyou have no basis to take ANY legal action against me

Dan when you atack me you invite response the only question is wether you have the gut to allow the reponse

and be honst it not that you want karol off that freq you want him off the air period

personaly I am glad he chooses to keep the fight YOU and your freinds started their rather than let it flow accros the entire 20 M

I know you call disagreeing with you "running rough shodbut that you alleged basis of legal action is just your fanatsy

but I invite you to try

Friday, July 11, 2008

just saw Jessward latest spas out

source as of fri

poor dan really needs to get a life or a clue

poor rambo does get right that he has no pataeince

no sense of reality

indeed sad to say very little upstairs

first if I have ever had sex with my brother that would be news to me

two, is that even a crime anymore not sure what all got struck down in that TX sodomy case you know

but for a fictional act the full extent of the law is no punishment at all since of course nothing happened I have spoken to me borther recently but I have not seen in what 8 or nice years and I had to see him to somdoize him

poor dan and it was looking like he was taking his meds for a change

Dan what effort to to change what subject

and It is interesting the way he react to the post about the attack on my station

makes him look like he is feeling guilty about convicning a kid a to do his dirty work, wether that is the case I don't know but it sure LOOKS like it

and payback for what? I have done you no wrong ever dan where as you lie and harrass me accross the net

Karol in no way picked someone likely yourself in part tried to pit me against Karol by forging atacking by me on him and by him on me we simply compared notes

Monday, July 7, 2008
My Mama Done Told Me
My Mama was right after all. If you wait around long enough your antagonists (see enemies) will eventually do them selves in. Patience is NOT one of my virtues as you all know. But this time I decided to just wait it out.


I'm not going to go into the gory details here, go read all about it on nimbusters if you must.

This pathetic piece of human excrement needs to be punished to the max that the law will allow, and then some.

This SOB accused ME of providing him a child for sexual purposes and then reported it to Child Welfare. He has no idea how close he came to NOT HAVING TO WORRY about the Police dropping by.

Speaking of which, go to his blog. No I'm not putting it out here. It's too disgusting. Just GOOGLE up khkb9rqz at for his latest attempt at changing the subject. Sorry Marky you started it. Now get ready for the payback.

Interesting how Karol Madera picks these clowns ain't it? What a friggin Looser.

How's it go? "Stay Tuned"

Posted by Dan/W4NTI at 6:30 PM
n8gav said...
Dan, This sick basturd also claims he shot a 16 yo kid in the back trying to pull down his antenna with a ATV! Number 1. Only a chicken shit would shot someone in the back. Number 2. No hospitals in his area has reported anyone being theated for gunshots at any ER. He is pure trash,time to take him out....

July 9, 2008 7:42 PM
Anonymous said...
gee you are lloking realy desperate Dan

of course since Kb9rqz has broken no law I know of the full extent of the law is nothign at all

grow up dan you are 62 yo and making up wild tales of homosexaul sex that likely never happened

but what charges would be pending, what crime are you alegely was cometed and where

do mark and his borther even live in the same state ?

what state are these charges "pending"

July 11, 2008 7:37 AM
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something less weird from

Hospitals in Mark Morgan's area treated no gunshot wounds on or near the date of Morgan's report. Apparently this is just another lie in a series of lies perpetrated by Mark C. Morgan, KB9RQZ, who (at Karol Madera's urging) last year, made false reports of child abuse to child protection authorities in at least 3 states. Curiously, Morgan's latest false report follows closely on the heels of a rumor of another attempt at antenna sabotage suffered by Morgan's friend, ally, and close companion, Karol Madera, VE7KFM. When we have more details on either incident, you'll be the first to know!

indeed hosiptals in the area have no record of the treament of such a wound this however is a source of concern to LE

but Karol never urged me to report anything to CPS nor of course was any false report made

when did Karol become my friend? I realy don't know him well enough for that at this point although such a developement is possible I grant

indeed if the total of the content of is a cucarate folks should looks elsewhere for news

more weirdness over at

Mark Christopher Morgan, KB9RQZ, reports he has shot and wounded a 16 year old boy who was attempting to pull his antenna structure over with an all terrain vehicle. Morgan reports he got off several rounds with a shotgun as the boy was leaving the scene. Morgan reports that police found a blood trail leading away from his residence. Calls to Chassell, Houghton, and Michigan State police revealed there no reports of a shooting, no blood trail, and no reports of vandalism at Morgan's address: 17366 River Rd. Chassell, MI 49916.

how did someone call the chassel police? there are no such folks

why would you call the houghton Police as I don't live in houghton the city cops got no powers out

the right people to call is the houghton Couty Sheriff dept who it seesm were not called according to but a none existant police dept was called and respoded

I have said it before and I will say it again the guys over at don't seem to be conected to the same interenet or now phone libes as the rest of us

RH retore post 1

first is series of post about my dealing with RH

in !998 I encoutered K4YZ in RRAP one of the early incident involved

k4yz was baosting that he had reused based on his abilities as an LPN which he claimed allowed to reject a valid signed by a doctor code waiver

I forwarded this teh RH and I forwarded it and and again not even an answer from RH

Monday, July 7, 2008

well the violence resumes

at about 6:35 this morning I was awakened not by the expected return of my wife form the renfaire but the sound of motors.

the motors belong to an ATV that had managed to get a rope onto my tower (30 foot wooden structure and was puling the tower down

O got sever round with the shotgun did not score a good hit but but the cops found blood on the treea dn the trails lead back to n rover river road after a bit where it stop and free tire marks (looks like one of the pickups that carry atv's around here)

the rope parted and no real damage to the anttenas was done although my masting needs work to make it stable again

have had loads of fun with the cops over the matter

I wonder what poor kid ( I could see he was not more than say 16 ish) the nutjobs conned into making the attack and with what lie

sad realy