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Friday, June 27, 2008

good a for laugh it also hapens to be a federal crime

source at nimbusters but it will not last

it is perhaps noteworthy that no such letter is referenced at

also noteworthy is that it is cced to the south central direcotr I live within sight of Canada

of course RH is so worthless that the freaks feel no reason not to forge a document from RH himself what a farce the FCC has become


This document was converted from Microsoft Word.

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Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat version.




Enforcement Bureau

Spectrum Enforcement Division

1270 Fairfield Road

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245


May 29, 2008

Mark C Morgan

Po Box 212

Chassell, Michigan.


Case #EB-2007-40003

Dear Mr. Morgan:

Pursuant to our recent telephone conversation concerning illegal
radio transmissions you made on the 20 meter band, where you ID’ed
as AB8AMQ “Woger Dickstein”, this is a warning notice that such
operation is a violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of
1934,as amended, 47 U.S.C. Section 301, and carries criminal
penalties including monetary forfeiture (fine) and imprisonment.
Monetary forfeitures normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.

This is the last warning you will receive regarding such operation.



W. Riley Hollingsworth

Special Counsel

cc: FCC South Central Regional Director

Sunday, June 22, 2008


the fake blog for the CCRAA has been taken invited readers only first time I can recall this for this blog

often in the past this has presaged the blog finaly being tossed as so many have been
although some blogs remain in this sort of status for months like this one

it is just the latest developement in the ongoing war

Saturday, June 14, 2008

feeling better I think at least

well I am

I thought I had a minor case of the the flu a minor hemoriod flare up, and tht My diabetes was out slightly out of adjustment. (and it was all true too) not bad a set of symptoms not a great to see the doc about either, but this overlooked a tiny thing in my bladder a minor infection not enough literaly to notice roughly 2 weeks ago, but it treating the illness and igoreing the diabetets t(n that we would attention to later) we (my doc and I) decided to feed the one thing the unoticed infection needed to attack me refined filtered sugar, delivered right to the infection after a a bout a week of getting better on the other fronts the bladder infection tried to kill to me.

honestly not sure how close it came although I think NOW there was a only a bout 30hours that came at all close. it was hellish. No doubt my foes and detractors will saw it was a judgment from god, maybe it is was , what they will not say is clearly If I was judged I also passed acceptably.

Lessons have been learned and I am feeling better now still not back to my normal self but getting there

that at I hope explains dear readers where the Kosher ham has been