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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

well Jesswalkd is at it again

jessawld always seem to want to control what is said about anything he has written on his blog he does the opther thing is he realy good at as well is sounding like a little baby and showing ihe does not know how the web (in this case Blogger works) in past I would have offered to help even that jack ass but most of problem if just restruiction the comentor to those with google accouints the coward like his freind K3vr as a an example are afraid to sign anything like their own to much of anything on the web

as it happened I only rarely happened to post on his blog nmost of it it just the ravings of an admitted "nutjob" to put it crudely and bluntly ready to belive anything he reads ( amusingly demands other check anything they might write ) OTOH he is not called pyhco rambo in some quaters for nothing

Friday, October 3, 2008

the K3vr mob jams DX some more

was listens a few mintues ago and they were at again qrming lu7mal could hear him 20 over 9 and heard Ve7kfm himself qso a bit with him in spanih I thought

also every one and his borther qrming for all their rig could be worth
with this

and heard K3vr repoate his call over and over