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Thursday, November 27, 2008

well congrats nimnbuster

for thanking giving the nrmal of of puke was pradrded out sos and is a pedo sos and is a pig contiueing right along as thought this were just another day? yea for once it unsettled my stomach (or did I just over eat )

that your life guys posting stuff that you are truly afraid to say with your own name tagged to it or even a FAKE name attached to it, yea I Nomme deNet is conwardly but anymouse on and on is even worse

truly I pity you guys, i pray for and I adknowledge you gave a me a bit of haert burn till I vented it about you

blogger pepto for the soul some days

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

malice or se,lf defense

Mark Morgan Continues Malicious Spam Campaign

Despite being banned and/or ejected from every organization and forum we can think of, Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) of River Road, Chassell, Michigan, continues to post malicious spam on radio forums, despite being asked to cease and desist. Karol Madera calls Morgan a good friend, while Morgan refers to Madera as his "ally." Approximately one year ago, Morgan made malicious and false reports to children's protective services against numerous individuals, at the urging of Karol Madera. Morgan was overwhelmingly voted out and ejected from the CCRAA radio club in Michigan by a margin of 11:1, earlier this year.

when did defending oneself become an act of Malice?

if one wants to stop my posting in self dense you need to stop attacking me and family

indeed if you want to mostly silence Karol the real VE7KFM stop harrassing constantly and he will mostly go away

likewise N9OGL

and W3DUB

and the list goes on

the lastest

well the lastest formt he nimbuster "ham Board is accusaing my wife (flasely coin the name of CCRAA) accuusing my wife of stealing something unnamed from the club

Sunday, November 2, 2008

some days you just got to wonder

I read w4nti on his blog rant and rave about Karol who he insists is an antention seeking fruitcake (or rather fouler words to that effect) if I were to belive him for moment then it begs the question why does Dan (et al) give the "attention seeking fruitcake" what he desires and then complians of the action he is rewarding. Dan iff you happen to read this please don't tka emy word for this go watch aepisode or three of the "dog wishper" cesar Milan he will tell you. back to my thought if Dan is feeding the frauit cake what the fruit cake want then either dan (et al) are even more whcked out than they think ve7kfm is or they want things exactly as they are meaning that there ojective is to disrupt the ARS and they are suing VE7KFM to achieve that end, meaning they should have their license(s) pulled. If they are that insane they likely lack the charater to hold licenses and their license should be pulled.

If Karol is just the victum of a long term stalking on air and online then they should have their tickets pulled. If Karol realy threatened the american amabassdor and they had the proof then Karol (ve7kfm) would have at least been arrested right now the world is a bit less tolerant of anything looking like terroism. nothing happens of the sort

these same fellow also claim to have proof I am molesting children, yet nothing happens to me forom LE. LE is quick indeed IMO too quick sometimes to act on such allegations but despite having Video tape of me doing this awfull thing I am not arrested or even questioned by the cops in what 4 years

I agree the FCC realy does not have the budget to do what they should online but this a beyond insane, we are seeing the sos signal sent with other people callsigns attached and the FCC can hardly be bothered to investgate (they just sorta leave my local ineffectives to struggle wityh and have some success I might add)

sad really