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Monday, December 31, 2007

idling wondering

dloyd latest whine

why is dloyd afriad to tget an swer to his questions ( he deleted his answer)

why does he keep posting to RRAP if I have truly made it unreadable?

something I would also liek (I aint going to get it

dloyd latest cry of painwhen i quote your blog Dloyd I give a link I adknowled where I got your words

you don't I wish you had basic respsectfor the law

I also wish the FBI realy did do it job and protect th e property rights of people like form theifs like yourself

I ain't going to get itbut Id like it

OTOH I would like to know why Dlloyd Lavies thinks he is entitled to use RRAP as a platfrom for harasing ME without my repling

Dloyd ofd cry of pain
my reponse to his question

it amazes and saddens me the Dloyd \avies contantly whine about his in abilty touse RRAP as aplatfrom for him and his socks/allies to harras me with endless streamsof thrash

indeed he claims often his killfilles solve his problem but they are unavailing to him

he has his attack blog using my call to promote them as well it apears my mywife and an number of otheer blog besides

he also press demand threats whining that I have not let him take and use RRAP as a weapon to perusue his personal vendetta against me

RRAP is a publice fprumm dloydUsenet and as the linked text shows and I repeat "Usenet users can post messages to newsgroups that can be read (and responded to) by anyone who has access to the system through a newsreader" and that anyone includes myself you and you allies have over the years and right to the present day sought to deny me access to this right by means forging my posting ids to your outragous lies and libel so my remark go along with your in kilfile acouple of years I decided this was not happening without a fight, I promised that I would see to it we were all made equal. you and your buddies including Dave Heil and Md the ham of a thousand callsign chose to make that all equaly unreadable. sadly that was your choice i would have rathered you choose something else

RRRAP can be repaired by simply choosing to tlak about radio and stop forgering other hams and stop posting mostly fabrication about their sex lives

and here again we see that I am indeed alwoed to post to the moded NG

well here itis

ppost number 200 hunderd

an interesting milestone

RRAp readers if there ar e truly anyleft can see quite graphicaly what I am expected to endure

I found I could post to many of the forgred post so I limted the range to roughly 3 week from mid nov to the first week of dec basicaly

the result was 356 post forged in my name call or my wifes name and call this does not count any that I missed buried in the garbage dump

was does this action make RRAP look like

well some 200 thread some with multiple forgeries noted

this count BTW does not a number forges I think ) of OTHER hams than myself and my wife

it does not count Dloyd abusive and harassing post or those of the other assorted sock puppets
I may do gain from time to time if I feel it serves a usefull prupose

roughly 200 forgeir of my self and my wife a week and there are those that dare to claim I am not the target of harrasment


having crraried out for about 12 hours yesterday my posting with what ever title I would be curecctly useing really means cease and desist your harrasment I hav rerurnsed to my my normal posting routine

sone I am planing to que up a repsonse spmething stop the forgeries and send that inresponse to EVERY forgered post in My newss reader chache that should make an interesting time as that scrolls out across various screen of RRAP reader but it will run likely to a thousand or so post and all since th the big cyber attack that Delorean (who is now leading a charge to have me removed from Hughes net again)is making

hav a nice day

Sunday, December 30, 2007

reminder this blog is seeking news from those that can poxssitively id dloyd for his roles is pimping out kids for sex

as aways this blog remains open to aid le in the quest for justice (and trying o keep em from eating too many doughnuts for their health of course

back to posting death threats bacxk to cries of harrament

source link
From: John Smith
Subject: Re: that olny help them forish JS
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 20:38:18 -0800
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
Lines: 15
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Trace: U2FsdGVkX1+7wJ9Rs1nc9jyCZ5A6O7ZzWHwwxRu4sjc8BBJs0bru7KwUogpFTK92672irlR4+3Q5cMJbQRoWX1oLzdwLxl1DeIjvdF4RHmX4rOFbcIs0LgUnkOT/z8md6VLaCdCAhwKj6765nSsMTg==
X-Complaints-To: Please send complaints to with full headers
NNTP-Posting-Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 04:38:20 +0000 (UTC)
X-Auth-Sender: U2FsdGVkX18PgV4E74RUtMebOSMOvxh2RfresaSO2xxz98nVB+9Umw==
Cancel-Lock: sha1:ghI5+AihCBH9tj+fH7fboqP2rC8=
User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20071031)

an_old_friend wrote:
> On Dec 29, 11:22 pm, John Smith wrote:
>> 1) Download Thunderbird and install it.
> \
> resitance to the posting is what is needed

You know, if I knew you, you would meet up with a "fatal accident", make
sure this never happens , and be warned, I
have MUCH patience ...

NO threat ... just fact.

source link

death thtreats btw pull all the stops

some Ham radio vids for your edifacation and/or amusment

a you tube vidoe Radio Hams
cronkite and western fires

maybe I will share some like these at some point

Saturday, December 29, 2007

yet another attack blog

yet another attack blog

the provision cited by these guys refers to un invited posting

gee folks more more of an invatation do I need to post beyond being constanly libel and the and forgpeople posting as if they were me

I might conceiveably being invoiolation of defferent provision "excessive volume" as that is up to Hughes net but hughes seesm to be concered wit volume in bytes rather than number of posts and with the ofensive binariars posted about I most day don't don't even rise to half the volume posted to RRAP, and ughes seems to see this term of volume on the order of spaming the bnary gruops with pics

in either event we have yet another effort to haras me an man they have admited is inocent of anything beyond offending them by my sexaul orietation

it is mazing the ffort that folks seem to throw into these efforts

of course the most amusing thing is they have trouble even finding the stuff from hughes net and geneal include shit that isn't even mine

last time they claimed 59 people amounted to an outraged legion now what 5 or 6 and nothing to show that more than one human is involeved

and if this win this round what did they achieve? in convencing me for perhaps 2 weeks BFHD guy grow up and get a life

the whole "problem" would go away if you just stopped harrasing me and forgering posts in my name

amazing cheek

Dleorean brags he is causing problems for Terranews and then bitches when it results in teranews burping out them when ever it gets past his efforts to jam the server

amazing the things the nutjobs post

amazig to claim I don't have the same right as they do to posts or even to breath as they do and they expect to be seen as anything but munatics

Friday, December 28, 2007

another victory for the Kosherham

another attack blog taken privatedloyd sex blog taken private which of course keep anybody from seeing it unless basicaly they already know what is there and ask to see it

and if they have to already know it harms me not at all

you would think dloyd would have learned from his efforts to do the with another of his callsign based based that this does not work

it will certainly change soon enough as a private attack blog is useless to them

as predicted the blog is back with a new diatribe of lies oh hum was nice while it lasted

but dloyd doe now admti to being behnd the blog a minor victory still and all

Thursday, December 27, 2007

some musing on the cyber attackers

they cliam i please them and serve as a beloved source of entertainment....
.....yet they attack the servers I use affecting hundereds perhaps thousands of people trying to get me off the net

they claim I am harrasing hunderds of hams on RRAP .....
..........yet they attack several hunderd thousand people themselves

they I claim I am ruinig the experence of people on RRAP...
...yet they attack and affect hunderds of users of terranews just to get to me

they offer the adivce that i should all the shit said about me and..
...yet they respond with demands and threats to any mention of hemselves
just some idle musings

like father like son

had to deal with my father having dental problem today

a strnge since some years back the tooth in question had a root canal done but alas is giving the old man problems.

thankfully he is doing better althought the dentist is looking at the exrays realy funny, since to have the problem either the first root canal was botched badly or dad regenerated th e materail to become re infected some 10 years later

well she is contacting his former denetist to see what notes survive and is trying to figure out what is the best permentat solution to the matter

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

on editorail policy

anid that does not trace anywhere is not acceptable for the blog it may get you coment sent somewhere else like one of my other blogs

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hmm interesting that this is considered by N1LAF a "False accsation"

Any nutcase can place information on the internet. In fact, they do it every day.

Tom N1FM subliminally talking about himself & buddy Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR in “3930 Trash” on 27 Nov ‘07

indeed it is an obviously true statement wether made by N1LAF or not it is interesting that N1LAF objects to this remark
ps this what someone N1laf perhaps thought wqas apporate to post in reponse

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christams to all

may the Messaiah come soon wether for the first, the second or the 12 th time may he come and spread peace over the lands of the erth and clam the wars and violence of Mankind

May he come in gory glory and might such that nation shal thik to raise a sword against its neighboors anymore, and soldier may finaly cease to be needed in the worl

may he grant that we "per Adua ad astra" and step beyond the earth bound demns to the star wherein his glory is to be truely revealed

anothe r atack blog tosed?

nocode dummy apears to have bitten the dust

Saturday, December 22, 2007

the point

.. of my bloging that is.

well it is rather pointless, this my online dairy and chjoose to share it with you all. if you are interested of course, if not that is ok too.

I blog because I am enjoying ymself doing it and it preseves outside my pc something I want preseved

there are i realy wonder if ..

..if realy screwing something up on HF then read and i know plent of other plainly not happy either

a nice quiet situatiion on RRAP

a fairly queit day even the premetive rack ( it thorw one every few days regardless but terranews is slow being under atckk)

final Heard the BULLshit on 14.275

turned my stomach

you I supported the war and GW Bush , I have laid on life on the line for the nation frankly what I heard in few mintue makes me wish for a few second the Brits HAD prevailed in the revolution I don't care if VE7KFM were in a supporter of Al-Quadeda as aleged in is interesting I never heard a clear iding of the signals claiming they were being qrm'ed indeed I heard what Karol would no doubt claim was Crow use ve7kfm as his id

I also seemto recall that it is forbidden to sing on ARS freq, isn the case I heard it is not only inpoper but total enseemly

Thursday, December 20, 2007

dloyd is now faking (or reciving faked) death threat to post to is new sex blog

dloyd sex blog

the effor t show the terrible grip of biphobia that the man suffers from I truly wish he would seek help for his affliction

one of the few advantages I have in this asymetric envoimen is that I can establish a way of authencating or deny the forgeries dloyd can't bu t he somhow thinks I have some duty to do the impossible

the facts of the matter that I do not all Doyd lavies is suceding n doing is covincing me he Crow or a very close comrade of crow again dloyd shows himself up as afraud when he claims no one represents them seves as me

Indo isstill to put this sick person who make offer of ittle boys for sex behind bars where he belongs

tempory change in editorail policy

due the matters being discuss annymous coment will not be allowed for the near future

this BTW is an anoucement not an invatation to debate

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

god do I want one of these

home nuke

I would love one of these although it would be a challenge to use all of that power

OTOH what a challenge to have

OTOH if they could step down another factor of 10 Id have no real trouble although it might bing a from of local warming to hook a series of heating coils to melt off my driveway

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

what is Riley Holingworth doing while on OUR payroll

from an email forwardeed to me

I pissed somebody off bad! I just got a note from Mr.Hollingsworth asking what is the point of my posting. I got to somebody and I feel good!!!!! I will be out for the next 2 hours.

name withheld

this from a emebeded reply comenting about a posting at an obscure sites forum on Pittsburgh

I would like to believe that the existance of a comication from RH depending some one explain the reason for their choosing to exercise thiere free speeech rights here on the web is a fabrication, indeed i would love to accuse my informat of being a fruitcake and liar but somehow I just don't believe it


very bizzare

many feel RHG did some deent work at the start the start of his time at FCC enforrcement but I do think he ought to RE-REtire.

the job he RH astaken is tough becuase out law has not caught up with onair or online behavoir behavoir but perhaps fresh blood is needed in the post

Monday, December 17, 2007

oh well

dlody dis just showing to rave on

a nice quiet day on RRAP

I am amazed pleased but amazed

Sunday, December 16, 2007

is the moon full? I realy should check

3 new posts of the nutso crap mailed to me today by Dloyd and in RRAP Dloyd will whine he did not send it but their is no way to tell from here

togther with the contiued raving of dloyd in his latest attackblogs

the man needs a life


the enity calling himself Dloyd Lavies realy needs to get a life bad

On Dec 16, 2:58 am, "konstans" wrote:
> stop the harrasment

There is no harassment, responding to your buffonery is not

Why don't you...

stop your lies

stop blogging about me

stop mentioning my nym

stop sending me threatening email

stop forging email in my nym to yourself

stop flooding usenet

stop posting about me on nim

stop with your nonsense altogether

The ball is in your is up to you whether you want me to

BTW, I never said I had knowledge of he UP, I said based upon several
life long residents of the UP...I know folks who don't live too far
from you and they do have knowledge of the UP....PUTZ

the latest demnd for Dloyd

since he is fictional why does he care what I say the nym was made up according him in at least one verio n solely to attack and harrass DLloyd Davies of the web which he seems to have done answer at full from RRAP will appear in the comments

hold onto your chest I am going to say something nice about the ARRL

the arrl has made with the author aprooval I trust 200 m and down avalbale on as a pdf

Saturday, December 15, 2007

BTW this blog is always open to eveidence concerning the id of the pimper of fake kids? one Dloyd Lavies

enough said


aI menin hre that th flooding works and will contiue and the asshole up heir putput desperately trying something but instaed proofing who in fact wrties the tune

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beowlf 3d

the wife and I went to see it last night

first the 3d accuarauly worked for change which was nice

no the system could have used a few more cpu cycles at realy close range, and they lett them selves get caught up in the 3d system to carry the story here and there but not bad

Finaly Beowlf was Beowolf even if they did feel the need the place object in certain certain sences to conceal part of his nudity

finaly an on screen rendition that shows why the tale is one that has lasted for some 1500 years

Monday, December 10, 2007

freinds online?

it sems that a lot peope seem to be assuming my goals online around making friends or being liked. Indeed if that were my goal there would be justice in calling me nuts.

I am online to gather data I need , to keep an eye those attacking me.

I took part in the Code war when it was raging. I remain basicaly becuase I certainly are inssting that I lsack the same rights as everyone else becuase I am different

til that problem goes away i am cerianly in RRAP et al at least something in my life forces me to change

ifbeing liked requires tolerating in silence that crap hurled at me and others, then I will frankly oop out of that

Friday, December 7, 2007

new attack blog oh hum
bu t he has yet to even provide even mimimal content

this is what Dloyd is calling smut

I am curious as to he is so afraid of any mention of sex and yet offers to pimp a grandson he calms now doesn'texist in a sting scheme of the wannabe cop that guy does frankly worry Id hate to have any kid around around him I doubt the man can talk to a kid without i t being abuse

this guy realy needs to lighten up

Dblank has sent you a link to a blog:

My plan is proceeding nicely. You are now listed as a Madera "useful idiot", and even more is about to happen. As I said before, you are doing exactly what I want you to do. The postal letters are doing their work too. Look for visitors.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: instareresting theat a site that claim to opose slander/libel

now he is claiming I am being used by Dloyd to atack crow , a person of no interest, to dloyd .

You know it is truly impossible to describethese guys action in sane manner they are too far over the edge

Thursday, December 6, 2007

instareresting theat a site that claim to opose slander/libel Mark self admited mental health issus?

that is certianly a lie and slander I have never admited to any mental health issues

interesting the libel of me by Crow bimself where Crow posts forth the work of someone forging my own name as s source for lucid comentary once should also not e he chooses to post a distorted jpg rather than a link to real materail

Mr Crow certainl y proves himself a coward and a fraud with this crap

Morgan and Karol

last month a effort parties not kwon but suspected to be B Crow K3VR, atte,pted by means of forging email to Mr Karol to provok e an conflict betwen myself and Mr Karol a person to that point I had no real opinion of pone way or the other.

apeartly various parties are now trying to claim Koral is behind that whole affair, wel this is posible of cours but to be behid the entire affair Karol would have had to be laying the ground work for this affiar starting back in 2002, and sorry fellas I realy don't think Mr Karoll takes that long a view.

it is also alleged that my choosing to ID Dloyd as crow is a result of contacts with Karol. This is and is not true, I had aseemabled and have been winnowing down a list of suspects for the id of Dloyd/Delorean for several years, Crow and others have been on that list for more than a year. yes It is true that interaction with karol finaly resiolved that ino high enough confidence to prompt action form me but Crow and some of his "friends have been on that list for some time, based on their USENET post s On air conversations I have over heard over the years discussion with other ham including yes Todd N9OGL, but his input was minor. One ways in Kraol infulenceed this process wasfeeedng a bt or 2 of odata thattried iout in my own Byzantine way and got a result consistant with Crow as a well as a few other no t on either of our lists

OTOH it was Dloyd himself by his own posting that confirmed in my mind that Dloyd was Crow, mostly by making slip up as I procceded down an unexpected path. and by sending one of his untracable email offering me his now 9 yo Grand son heforced my hand to act snce I was not to see the mater played out in a few yars on CNN/Foxnews and know I might have been able to stop it. I am certain that Dloyd is mos likely Crow himself failing that a close aly of Crow. Yes the poosibility remains that Dloyd is in fact Karol VE7KFM bt I realy can't buy that he is a skilled enough not to have even shown up as s supect in my 2 years efforts to determine who "Dloyd" is nor that he has the skils to do what I know "dloyd" has done. absolut e certainly is something someone trained as asietists rarely achiives esp in this onlie morass of forgeries and fraud but the oddds are several hunderd to one against him being Dloyd while esp inlight of new data from nimbusters bbs I place the odds on crow bing at better than 90 percent as Crow not Karol lives in south fla

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the christasm/hanakah party at CCARS

that was tonigh t in the jewish caleneder last year the arival of the first night of hanakah mark the notice about the R&O ending code testing thus this in jewish terms this was the one year anniverery Hurrrah

We had a quick meeting then the party, was asled about the torrent of unsigned annymouse leters, someone suggested they were by the same hand and mailed on a bussnesstrip from various airports. the matter was dicsussed and it was concluded I obviousy had forged the coments so as to get out of being an officer next year. I was informed that this nefarious plot was not going to work. I was aksed why and gave em the best answer I had, that iwas different, I did not hide it, and I realy don't care who kows about it based on th leters some assked if i was hbisexual I said I was I did nothde but I don't force it down anyone throat although anyone looking for something to be offended could find it easliy enough, and that a few people can't handle it. a few jokes were made at the suggest that my wife was Male and the rest of that crap, I explained I thought they were just trolled to the blogs and I thought they were gueine coments but in any case such forgery was as easy as typing "AB8MQ" and suddenly you are Wiseman etc and there was nothig any us could do about it. i also informed them in the course of chating about iit that IF I felt there was a cuase where health or safety might be affected postivitly by such forgery I'd do in heartbeat, and that I have used, perhaps with some success, similar devices in the past. after that the officers said to tell you "hi" online forger, george (w8fwg) was not in attenedence so he obviously said nothing

Monday, December 3, 2007

why do I slug it out on on USENET this is why

Thanks Konstans,
Your input is most appreciated.I will consider carefully all you had to say and hopefully learn from it.
Thanks again
the chance of of using the NGs as they were inteded

Dloyd has been intent on driving mefrom the NG's allegedly because I deranged simply for being what God made me

he has the time to spind out his endless tales of rape chcild molsting and the rest

he can't be bothered to repay his debt to those in Ham radio that came before us

I can and do

at the risk of blowing my own horn I can and DO

Dloyd talks out of one sideof his collective keyboard the Kosher acts with his

Sunday, December 2, 2007

U get love note from Dloyd daily

ri ay I decided to share it over in the "sex"
along with dloyd confession that he/they are a case offelony stalking well RRAP is still a place worth missing

sad but some hams insist on following the ruklles of apllied to USENET

Saturday, December 1, 2007

some foks are realy slow...

a complaint in my inbox said amoug other things) that my efforts in RRAP were boring...

gee that is the point boring so the idoits give it up

I guess we see why I have been having trouble I am trying to to bore those without brains

get some mental help Dloyd?crow