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Monday, March 30, 2009

well it does seem is after LS in serious way

BTW you got it wrong guys I don't like Laura myself I honestly don't know her

I will agree her style in writing could be more professional in email I myself know are hers and in writing atributed to her (but unconfirmed)

she needs to make a serious move soon to establish real cred but it needs to be one that will hold up

agreed that takes time to prepare but she should move soonest

likely the noise (and QRM) will spike after that then hopefully if has the case (and the will and support of the FCC) go after it things will begin to settle down but after years of total neglect before RH and RH's trying to bluff his way through enforcement it will take years to bring that matter to a state anything like it should be

Friday, March 27, 2009


Scooter has sent you a link to a blog:

I see you been spamming k3fs's blog you dog.

Blog: K3FS Pittsburgh Area Scanning Blog
Post: Breeze Shooters groundwave contest

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

funny but sure proves my blog get read

this certainly drew the fire of my number one fan Crow

from email
the home of the kosher ham : watched obama tonight....‏
From: TheNiggers (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Wed 3/25/09 2:33 PM

TheNiggers has sent you a link to a blog:

You talkin bout our man honkie, so we coming to get ya up dere in da UP. Damn racist.

Blog: the home of the kosher ham
Post: watched obama tonight....

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Monday, March 23, 2009

as the frequency spins

the warnings go on the QRM goes on, and stil the FCC takes no effective action. agreed the pile deep and the work is hard but it has been piled there by the neglect of RH and the FCC in his years and the years before him.

hat needs to happens is a what has needed to happen the FCC has to takes some action against someone, idealy the right action, what that is of course a matter of debate. it has veiewed int he past one could drop the hammer on Karol or the QRMers. Well Karol is beyond the authority of the FCCbut let us assume he were , what happens if FCC?IC remove FM from his station (in chains perhaps) to satisfy the QRMers what happens? well for a few day the the QRMer's Crow ;) and then they get bored and go after someone else some other freq likely with even worse abusiveness/

Assuming that the FCC moves against the QRMer's and wins, the problem likely goes away at least till some new crew finds a new beef to exercise world wide but even then with the public enforcement history it likely is less agreesive and more restrained

Tus even taking aside the issue of who is breaking rules the only effective action that could be taken is agianst the QRMers

it seems that KZ8O it the most exposed , likely because he may be the least stable. logicaly a swift strike at that station would back away the others, would would hardly be a sucess since it would require LS and the FCC to continue to keep this problem in focus.

OTOH that is their job and they get paid something for it I certainly don't

form as the (ham) world turns
My blood is thinned out from Florida and I am going to have to light a fire in the living room to keep the xyl toasty....It's great to be back in New England. Today I am going to hook the ham gear and give a listen to 14275- the hotbed of poor operating activity. It appears the new sheriff in town is talking a big story- she is not going to put up with that shit on 20 meters. I believe Riley said the same thing and nothing happened. A good start would be to permanently close down the Michigan station that has been qrm'ing and playing tapes for years! 14275 used to be kind of entertaining in the days of W2OTK and company, now it is a true embarrassment. It's funny because a lot of the hams that visit the frequency are first class guys that got caught up in the bs....I bet they finally say screw it and find a new frequency and let the clusterfucks stay behind on 14275 and self destruct. I can safely say the FCC enforcement team is not going to fix it.

The reason Riley don't do anything, and I know it hard for some of you ham operators to understand this, but RILEY ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN!! it was a simple BULLSHIT job by Riley to push the idea that the problem was the Guy from Canada, and those that talk to him. But the truth is the problem are the ham operators in the United States that push the idea that they can push someone off a frequency because they don't like his speech. No sir, Like ALL JACKASS HAM RADIO OPERATOR you were feed a lie, and it's hard for people like YOU to understand that. If Riley WOULD of done something, he would of told those US hams like KZ8O, K3VR, N1GJT, N1FM, W7CPA and others STOP from QRMING that moron in Canada, but no they didn't, in fact YOUR buddy Brian Crow K3VR went to QRZ.COM and claimed it was perfectly legal to malicious interfere with him and other that talk to him. The difference between ASSHOLES like Riley and Smith, she had the fucking balls to say enough is enough...but hey asshole ham operators can't understand the fact the problem isn't Canada, but here in the US.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

bizzarre spaming of the kosher ham

given I have no children it looks the normal MO others have seen in the actions of Crow and CO fringe pedo stuff or I supose it could a child trying to jion the site without giving the emial of her real folks

Hi,We are writing to let you know that your child has joined GirlSense - a fun FREE Internet site designed especially for fashion-loving pre-teens and teens, featuring a wide variety of creative activities and cool tools. GirlSense encourages self-expression and creativity and allows members to create, express themselves freely and communicate safely online. Here is your child's account information: NET NAME:: 10 Your e-mail address was requested for the purpose of sending out this notification. GirlSense takes privacy very seriously and does NOT publish or share, trade or sell personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy in GirlSense: Read about our unique activities in our Note to Parents at If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at We hope that your family will enjoy fun, creative and safe online experiences with GirlSense! Sincerely,The GirlSense Teamhttp://www.GirlSense.comCREATE*INSPIRE*ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One thing they got right is that the real VE7KFM is beyond the bounds of the FCC wether his on air content is obsene or not

Another thing Crow got right is that K1MAN is likely to go to the grave (in the fullness of time ) with his money and FCC license intact

The FCC needs to act on the on-air issues MIA , as in Missing in Action, is still the case I like other hope LS is preparing to act. The time needed to prepare a case is something I understand.

However LS has the job I hope she knew it was dangerous when she took it, and she has inherited the mess left by RH.

Currently the FCC lacks cred and will suffer this problem till LS finds a case that she can and chooses to act on. People clearly feel no concern about QRMIing and outright priting of call and the sending of fake SOS with such calls

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some notes on flamewars On air and the net

a few day agoI was being called insane for fightingthe defamation because some folks were ridculing me (like k3vr) funny thing is the same people are riculing me as weredoing so years when i was not fighting back, so what did Ilose by fighting?

likewise Karol VE7KFM could quit and let Crow win. what doesgain by ending thecombat from his end ? nothing I can see

Todd N9OGL could give up the ent and likely attacked and harrassed just as I was when i left thenet for most intents and purposes in 2000 till mid 2005. What didI gain nothing indeed I lost my home to fire and suffered great finacal losss

thus agin why should I quit and let the bastards win?

that would be a insane

Saturday, March 14, 2009 onm the real ve7kfm

again the source it may cahnge at any minute

yes Karol has been called names

and more names and yet more names

I note it it is march and as the distribe end at the end of feb what 12 days ago they were suposed to have some reponse again from jim larsen

Who is Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM?
Karol Florian Madera of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3, has been called a liar, and worse, by dozens of people. He's been called obscene, profane, antisemitic, indecent, misogynistic, homophobic, sado-masochistic, racist, and his hours-long rants have been aptly described as, "Nazi inspired."
Employees of the real "Radio Canada" have contacted us to let us know, "Our attorneys have been in contact with Industry Canada about his misuse of our name. Madera has no affiliation with us, further, he is not employed by us, nor is he entitled to use our name, or marks in any way, shape, or fashion."

Noted author, and real estate professional, Captain David G. Rathgeber, owner of the Realty Research Group, LLC, has also contacted us to let us know that Karol Madera has used his marks without authorization. "I don't know Madera, but he is not affilliated with my business, Realty Research Group, and I'll be following up on this with my attorney."

Karol Madera, the provisional leader of "Radio Retards, LLC" heads up the notorious "Tinfoil Hat Gang" -- a crew of halfwits, pedophiles and petty criminals -- who are devoted to using the Internet and amateur radio, in an effort to propagate Karol Madera's bizarre delusions. Despite the fact that the FCC Special Counsel publicly referred to him as a "fruitcake" who is "several french fries short of a happy meal" Madera insists upon ranting, insanely, for hours, on or about 14.275 mHz.

You can read about a few of Madera's ridiculous lawsuits on our legal page. His sad and crumbling homestead is a fitting testament to to his so-called intelligence, education, and business acumen. Here, you can check out the studios of his "radio canada".

Speaking to Madera's notorious reputation in own community, a member of the British Columbia Real Estate Board, where Madera was once employed, said this about him:

"He was a horrible man who wrote the most disgusting, sexually perverted letters to us. He threatened us. Our solicitor called the police and we had him locked out of the building. We actually had to file a protection order against him. He sued us. He said we were a secret society of the alternate persuasion. It was a harassment suit. He lost and he had to pay $1,000 to each of the defendants, plus court costs, and fees. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he wasn't admitted to the Law Society."

A fellow law student who was admitted to the British Columbia Law Society (unlike Madera) is now a member of a prestigious Victoria firm. He had this to say about Karol Madera:

"I personally wouldn't worry about what Karol Madera has said or written. In my opinion, no one takes him seriously. If anyone were to take him seriously, that person would also have to be off his rocker, as they say. So, this is why I wouldn't worry about it."

An amateur radio operator in British Columbia recently notified the RCMP after Madera obtained a picture of the man's wife and began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her. Madera was investigated for harassment and stalking. During the investigation, officials in Canada disclosed the fact that Madera is listed in the Canada-wide police database (CPIC) as someone with a signifcant history of mental health issues. In the database, there is also a notation about Madera's failure to pay the taxes on his home.

Instead of looking for meaningful work in order to pay his societal debts, Madera apparently prefers to sit at home, drinking, calling on al Qaida to maim and murder Americans, while spewing obscenities and racist remarks over short wave radio.

As a further indication of his deteriorating condition, a neighbor of Madera's said that for 3 weeks in the summer of 2007, Karol Madera had a cardboard, hand-made sign taped to his door. The hand written sign read: "Fucktards beware. You have been warned." We are not sure if he was referring to B'nai Brith, RCMP, or CSIS, all of whom Madera has threatened, at various times.

Madera has been recorded and reported for making threats against a US federal agent, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, and others. He has repeatedly incited others to murder or maim individuals in the United States. Madera spends hours on the air, attempting to incite the mentally ill to murder Americans. We speculate that Madera incites others, simply because he lacks the courage to carry out his own convictions.

For a period of several months in 2007 and 2008, Madera used a marine radio, and he had a habit of transmitting the internationally recognized maritime radiotelephone alarm signal. This signal consists of two sinusoidal audio tones of 2200 Hz and 1300 Hz transmitted alternatively. This signal is similar in sound to a two-tone siren used by some European emergency vehicles. The purpose of the radiotelephone alarm signal is to produce a distinct warbling sound to draw attention to a distress broadcast, or to activate automatic devices relaying the alarm. The radiotelephone alarm signal is to be used only in a dire emergency, including when a person has been lost overboard and the assistance of other vessels is required. Following successful complaints to the US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and Industry Canada, Madera ceased transmitting his auto alarm.

Madera has a longstanding habit of interfering with others, communicating with unlicensed stations (pirates), broadcasting obscenities, threatening murder and mayhem, and slandering others. Much of what Madera does with his radio station is defined as "harmful interference" in the United States.

Under 47CFR97.3(a)(23), Harmful Interference is defined in as follows: "Interference which endangers the functioning of a radionavigation service or of other safety services or seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly interrupts a radiocommunication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations. Under US law, Amateur operators in the United States are not required to yield a frequency to unlicensed stations, unidentified stations, or any station actively engaged in harmful interference.

The American Embassy in Canada, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are well aware of Karol Madera's frequent threats. Agents of the United States Diplomatic Security Service have indicated that Madera is subject to immediate arrest, if he ever attempts to enter the United States, due to his threat against the US Ambassador to Canada, in 2005.

Where Industry Canada is concerned, Jim Laursen, in Victoria, has stated:

"All of ham radio is is talk for the sake of talk. Although most would find comments attributed to Madera to be stupid, in poor taste and mean spirited...what is free speech? This or any of the frequencies do not belong to anyone, despite him thinking it is the Polish frequency... I have talked to other agencies and their feeling is that it is a case of name calling / CB antics and immaturity and not worthy of their time / further investigation."

We'll have more of Jim Laursen's commentary at the end of February, 2009. The agency in charge of Canadian freedom of information requests has demanded that Laursen's office respond to requests for information. If Jim omits any of the complaints submitted, or his response to them, we'll let you know.

You can review a few of the incendiary recordings related to Karol Madera, in our extensive audio files.

Karol Madera can be reached for comment at: Karol Florian Madera, 3040 Tillicum Rd. Saanich, BC, V9A, 2B3. Phone: (250) 383-4242. or via email.

Friday, March 13, 2009 on me

the original but it changes

Aagain brain jesswald were reported not falsely but because they choose to hide their own posting confused them and made me suspect them of sending a that pandering note I reported my suspisions this indeed what K3vr has called for on air wrt ve7kfm himself report any suspions I took k3vr's own advice report em all and let the cops sort it out it is their job to do so not mine

YES I am kinky bisexaul, so what that should be my affair but people like k3vr want to go around rantiung nd raving about it It is not something I hide

I was imppeached because enough mmebrs were threatened by some one calling themselves k3vr on the phone and in letters and email threatened various members of the club ( and various nonmembers of the club too) with all kind of thing from the threat of making reports that they were abusing kids to threats of violence

yes by manilating googles automatic servers with enough crap you can get a google account banned or a Blg declared spam or in ToS violation . again so what?

the statement I was ever confined to a mental hospital let alone in 2004 when I was realy busy moving into this place from illinois is just libel of course

I have never admitted to manage any defamitory blogs at all I did help karol set up a few to repost the mateail posted about a few guys like crow himself and I yes I do contribute new materail (like reposting LS recent letter to them)

yes I have flood a few usenetwith nonsense to reduce tht esignal to noise ratio I posted nonsense crow and his freinds posted defamitory rtemark like false allegation of pedophilia edler rape welfare fraud and abusrd slander and against my family . I treated crow better than he treated me

the draft remark is a 12 yo distortion by crow and co I used the term drafted to refer to having been to accept a contract I did not wantat price I did not want to accept under the threat to reactvate a reservist (and you can't just resign from IRR without premission either and make me do the sasme task at even lower pay and under the derect displine of the Active army the rest of the nonsens eis insiting on the out cotext quoting of that remark

I am a colenel have ben sinc I was 5 yo when it pleased the Gov of KY to make me one in reutrn for some politcal favor done by one of my relitives Yes I have when threatened with MURDER by k4yz strung that together in a way I knew it would be misunderstood and it was indeed with the results I wished

again back to libel I was not kicked out of the active army for my nerves I was kicked out for being over weight by 2 pounds

Yes I reported the deeds of Maj Robeson to CAP which claims to show military respect to the real armed forces I note now that robeson no longer claims to be a member of CAP enough said

yes after 10 years of harrassment by Robeson I let him feel the sting in turn by using a daughters name and the materail he posted about her on the net (looking for sympathy it seems) in a snearing fashion not a noble deed I agree but a person can't be expected to sit still form being called a pedo literaly several hunderd time a day

indeed I was investagated for allegedly abusing my father ( and my mother and MY wife and the local cub scout troop for that matter) well it was anoying and it is why I don't stand for being pushed around by the likes of k3vr today. again so waht it is easy to make a false and malicous complaint and little the target can do about it

anyone with evidence of a crimnal act by is encouraged to contact Law enforcement or the FCC

I can indeed be reached at or this blog the funny thing is nobody ever has tried to contact me

the authors at don't respond to email sent them, I do

Who is Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ?
Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan describes himself as a "kinky bisexual, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism." As indicated in the CCRAA club newsletter, Morgan was impeached by members of the CCRAA radio club, in the summer of 2008. His impeachment was partly a result of the fact that he falsely accused seven men of child pandering and partly due to the fact that his actions brought disrepute onto the club.

Mark Morgan is under investigation for identity theft related to the unauthorized use of another man's name and email address. Information related to the incident was posted on the website on February 13 at 1:15 AM. Morgan has continuously posted false and defamatory information about various individuals for a number of years.

On February 13, it was also reported that nine (9) accounts used by Morgan to flood multiple newsgroups with annoyance messages had been removed for terms of service (TOS) violations.

Amazingly, after falsely reporting an individual for child sex pandering last year, Mark Morgan has now stolen the email address of the same FCC licensee, and, as of 10 AM eastern time on 2/13/09, Morgan had already posted 308 fraudulent messages. Here is a link to the fraudulent profile created by Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ. The FBI and Law enforcement agencies in Michigan have been notified about this latest act of fraud perpetrated by Mark Morgan.

During the period prior to Morgan being impeached by the CCRAA radio club, the turbulence resulting from Morgan's fraud, malicious acts, and false accusations were acknowledged by club members to have cast a bad light on the organization. According to the club leadership: When Morgan began posting statements about the club on his private blog, leading to the possibility of the club being involved in a nasty civil suit, club members realized their mistake in electing him. After a short tenure as a club officer, Morgan was impeached by a margin of 11:1. Morgan's own vote was the only vote in his favor.

Like his friend Karol Madera, Morgan has a long history of involvement with the police, and the mental health industry. Law enforcement officials in Michigan have stated that Morgan was transported for psychiatric examination in 2004, to a hospital in Marquette, Michigan, under supervision of Sheriff's Deputies.

Morgan calls himself an ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

In collusion with Madera, Morgan made malicious and false reports of child pandering to child protective service agencies, against 7 different men, in 7 different states.

Morgan was banned from and for posting defamation about various individuals. Morgan has admitted he uses Google services (blogspot) to manage at least 3 defamatory blogs, using material fabricated by Karol Madera.

Morgan creates multiple identities, enabling him to flood the usenet service with thousands of nonsensical messages, in retaliation against those who have revealed his many lies and fabrications over the past 10 years. At last count, Morgan had posted well over 200,000 meaningless posts, using just a few of these multiple identities. Morgan admits he has rendered the service useless, citing "self defense." The removal of one of the many identities used by KB9RQZ on usenet is a victory in the effort to reduce the incessant flood of posts made by Morgan in an effort to deny others the ability to enjoy the usenet service.

Quotable Quotes ~ by Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ

On reporting 7 men for child sex crimes:

"likewise you can prove I made a charge , you can't prove it was flase and malicious you would have to prove that I did not suspect you, indeed if I am mental ill as you suggest in post 2 then your task becomes even harder, since if I am nuts who knows what I believe"

"if you try and stop me either nothing will happen , or I will never even notice the effort or if you manage to inconvence my exercise of my rights I will look into what price I can extract from you."

"you also provoked mater by insisting your had the right to control who responded to your posts in RRAP"

"I made no flase report to CPS (child protective services) indeed you don't what a fasle report is it seems since I did and do and in fact I am more convinced than ever that you are likely the offer of the note claimignt o be willing to rent me the sexual service of that 9 yo but in any event I started nothing with you YOU started thing remeber you insisted I hated Ham radio because I said its response to Katrina could be imporved"

"when you atack me you invite response the only question is wether you have the gut to allow the reponse"

KB9RQZ, on shooting a teenaged boy (according to Houghton County Sheriff's Department, it never happened)

"at about 6:35 this morning I was awakened not by the expected return of my wife form the renfaire but the sound of motors. the motors belong to an ATV that had managed to get a rope onto my tower (30 foot wooden structure and was puling the tower down. O got sever round with the shotgun did not score a good hit but but the cops found blood on the treea dn the trails lead back to n rover river road after a bit where it stop and free tire marks (looks like one of the pickups that carry atv's around here).

the rope parted and no real damage to the anttenas was done although my masting needs work to make it stable again. have had loads of fun with the cops over the matter. I wonder what poor kid ( I could see he was not more than say 16 ish) the nutjobs conned into making the attack and with what lie. sad realy."

February 2009 ~ Yet Another KB9RQZ Identity Banned from Google Groups

Another of the email adresses ( used by Mark Morgan of Chassell, MI to flood usenet with thousands of nonsensical, useless messages, has been banned by Google groups for numerous violations of Google's terms of use, which include efforts to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others; posting inappropriate, defamatory, infringing, obscene, or unlawful Content, and; restricting and inhibiting other users from using and enjoying the Service, through repeated flooding, spamming, and changing of thread titles.

The following is a repost about Morgan, made on Daniel Jeswald's blog, attributed to Steven Robeson:

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is a very disturbed, admittedly deviant, and dishonest person who has been harrassing Amateur Radio operators and disrupting radio, and other forums, since at least 1997.

As part of his on-going fusillade, he has, at various times, insisted that he's a "colonel" in the US Army "chemical corps," further insisting that he's been "drafted," and further insisting that he was not allowed to "resign."

Never mind that he was only 8 years old when the draft was stopped in the 70's! He's since recanted the "Colonel" claim, saying he was only a Lieutenant, then claiming he was only a Sergeant at discharge -- under another name that the CIA knows about -- and approved.

Oh, and he was kicked out of the service due to his "nerves" according to Mr. Morgan. However, the HCSD and MSP both have him on record as being transported to Marquette General Hospital in 2004, due to "involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation."

Mr. Morgan has perpetuated a smear campaign against other members of various forums, going as far as post-editing comments, forging posts, and even trying to make "complaints" to the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General Corps and the FCC, etc., about perceived slights that have nothing to do with CAP or anything with any bearing on reality.

Recently, Morgan reported 7 different men to Child Protective Services in 7 different states. All this, because he has allied himself with yet another lunatic in Canada, known as Karol Madera, VE7KFM, who is as bad, or worse, than Mark Morgan.

This behavior is nothing more than an attempt by Morgan to "silence" those who would expose his foolishness and who refuse to tolerate his dishonesty in public forums.

Mr. Morgan has admitted to various acts of perversion and deceit, going as far as bragging about his use of lying, and his belief that deceit should be proactively taught to children as part of their upbringing. He describes himself as a kinky, bisexual, rabbi, who is into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. He's been banned from almost every polite radio forum on the internet, but he still spams usenet groups, nearly every day, with nonsensical messages and libel.

Mr. Morgan has even gone as far as to create multiple screen names with which to spam usenet and other forums, including one screen name that invokes the name of my deceased daughter in order to perpetuate his demented "point of view".

Be aware. Be informed. Mark C. Morgan is NOT a person of reputable character, nor does he have an honest nature. In fact, not only was he transported to Marquette General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and treatment in 2004, but he has a long history of similar treatment and harassment of others by various devious and underhanded means.

Mark Morgan has been investigated for the abuse of his elderly father, and for making false sos calls, as recently as December, 2008. There have even been rumors that Mark Morgan stole money from his elderly father, in order to move to Michigan, to avoid prosecution there, for crimes that have not been published, yet.

This summer (2008) Mr. Morgan was voted out of the CCRAA amateur radio club by a vote of 11:1. He was ejected from that club and banned from the websites and ham Reports of dishonesty, slander, libel, and theft, follow Mark Morgan around the internet, like the stench from the local dump.

Here is a link to one of the screen names used to flood forums with unwanted posts and garbage of the type I previously mentioned. And here is another from IP addresses at Hughes satellite services, the latest IP addresses being and

In summary, beware of Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan. Do not hesitate to contact Houghton County Sheriff's Department if he begins stalking you, or your family. Unfortunately, I have first hand experience with his stalking and harassment.

Mark Morgan can be reached for comment at

such fun a eqsl of pirating of my call

when will LS acualy take a scalp so these buffons might think that priacy has has some price tag attached to it a faked qso in psk 31 a mode that pretty well reads or not but no vioce to id

these clowns are determined to destory the ars and yet LS has taken no action

Thursday, March 12, 2009

about ve7kfm by me

I look at what is going on and still what do we have a group of folks K3vr and co that want to insist that people may not tranismit on freqs as they choose vs someone that wants to operate in the best section of the band supported by his antenna, Indeed so would I choose likewise

what happens if karol were to move or go qrt well wed hear k3vr crow a few days and look for another target

where is the gain for the ars in that?

if karol moved he would be followed and the Choas would spread through a large segment of the band

how would this help the ars

what needs to happen is that LS need move against if not crow and co someone against whom she can make a good case

some thoughts on K3vr and co's passion for attack


at the bottom of this post is his word entire look at the tripe

going on and on about a local council race in PA. Can anyone doubt that OCD stalking is going on

another to remember/see how much they hate their words being archived. but to agree with him it is rotten to see unkind and hatefull things in net forever like you guys claiming Todd is a pedo and signing you name crow do as I as I say not as I do sort of thing l;et alone what you guys have said about me

Ed Oswald Jr. was recently fired by BetaNews. Last we heard, Junior Oswald, as he's known in some circles, was a single blogger, sometime newbie snowboarder, living with his grandmother, collecting unemployment compensation, in Sinking Spring, PA.
After his dismissal from BetaNews, having difficulty finding full time work in the field of journalism, Junior Oswald apparently decided to take up a career in politics. Oswald was fired from his job as a "journalist" for good reasons. We expect Oswald will be equally successful in his political bid.

Here's Why:
In a campaign piece, Ed Oswald Jr. writes "We’ve just seen our sewer rates be increased by 114 percent (no thats not a typo), which I plan to campaign hard against, especially in light of the fact the federal stimulus money could be applied here which would negate the need for such a horrific increase.

Right now, borough residents pay $28 every 4 months for sewer service, or $112 per year. With the new increase, it will now be $20 per month, or $240 annually. Doesn’t seem like a lot — but heck in this economy any kind of increase in bills is a bad thing."

We are not sure why Federal stimulus monies should be applied to sewer fees in Sinking Spring, PA, however, one of our regular readers had this to say about Ed Oswald Jr's. campaign promise...

"Maybe if certain residents would pay their taxes/fees (instead of avoid/waiver out), like the trash fees, they wouldn't have to increase the sewer tax..."
We're not sure if our reader is referring to Ed Oswald Jr., who obtained a waiver for the trash fees and per capita tax in 1997, 1998, and 1999, or to his father, Ed Oswald Sr., who, according to Borough records, was also delinquent.

Others wrote in to question whether Junior Oswald, as a non home owner, living with his grandmother, collecting unemployment, has ever been responsible for a sewer bill. Responsibility, or lack thereof, seems to be a recurring theme where the young Mr. Oswald is concerned.

Celebrated Tech Writer, Ed Bott intimated Ed Oswald Jr. lacks credibility because he is sloppy, and unethical in his presentation. Ed Bott also felt compelled to slam Junior Oswald for publishing false statements.

We have the same problem with Oswald. So do many others. In fact, Oswald is notorious for his lack of credibility, and his apparent inability to use logic and reason to come to reasonable and sane conclusions.

Ed Bott concluded his review of Ed Oswald Jr.'s work with the following statement:

Remind me not to take BetaNews too seriously from now on, if this is the quality of their “reporters.”
Tom Reestman, a skilled technologist who was recently published in Salon, who is also a resident Apple expert at The Apple Blog, referred to Oswald's conclusions as false, disingenuous, and silly. Why did Reestman sum up Oswald's conclusions in this fashion?

Oswald blamed Apple for deleting his data, after Oswald closed his Apple 'MobileMe' account. Instead of backing up his data locally before killing the account, Oswald chose to blame Apple because they didn't save his data for him.

Reestman perfectly captured Oswald's helpless mindset. "Translation: I noticed there was a problem, but did nothing to analyze it or connect the dots." Referring to Oswald's apparent helplessness, Reestman concluded, "We’re not talking about a lot of work here, folks. More importantly, it’s the prudent thing to do because, well, I own this data; who else should I expect to do it?"

One commentor in the thread observed, "So basically Ed Oswald has a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) issue. Case closed."

We are in accord with tech author, Tom Reestman's opinion(s), as well as noted technologist, prolific book author, and former PC World Editor, Ed Bott's opinion(s) about Oswald.

Here are portions of yet another opinion, written by a noted expert in the field of consulting psychology.

Brian Crow has maintained a private practice in Counseling and Consulting Psychology for some 20 years. He has worked throughout the world, lecturing at schools, hospitals, and private clinics, and teaching at the University level. Crow has also served the public as Board Member of an inner city foundation benefitting African American youth, and as a Project Manager for the Department of Justice, and a Program Manager for the Department of Health and Human Services. Here is Brian Crow's advice to Ed Oswald Jr., written in February, 2009.


Let me share a few thoughts with you. I personally know approximately 20 people who've objected to several of the behaviors you've engaged in as a matter of routine over the past couple of years.

Tom Whatley, Gerry Saelens, Bob Harrison, Ryan Jairam, Hank Segle, and Joe Lain, are just a few of them. Lee McVey, Joe Norris, and Charles Brabham also had comments in this thread, relative to what I'm going to discuss. I can't speak for any of them, and I would never presume to, but I can speak for myself.

I'll list these behaviors for you, which I've personally observed, for your consideration. This list isn't meant to demean you in any way, or to make you feel bad. It's simply meant as feedback that could be useful in your future interactions, in situations involving others, like amateur radio, journalism, and politics.

Again, these are just my observations; take them or leave them; this is not an attack, and; this is meant to be helpful, not hurtful.

You entered this thread in attack mode. You have a history of this behavior. When people rebut your (often) hostile, inaccurate, and/or distorted observations, you (often) get defensive, and you start whining.

Many of your unkind words here have been re-printed on at least one web page, one of which is infamous for delusional libel. "Delusional" in this case, is expressed in classical terms, meaning, divorced from reality. "Libel" is defined as harmful writing, of fraudulent provenance, having no basis in fact.

Most people naturally resent unkind, libelous, inaccurate words which appear to be archived on the net 'forever.'

When challenged, and asked to remove your comments, you've referred to their challenges as "threats" and have even made comments about "getting the police involved," which is not only naive, it's kind of silly, isn't it?

You've called other people liars, frauds, snitches, lunatics, hypocrites, and band cops, and you've publicly accused them of breaking federal law. These comments are all archived on the internet, yet, you portray yourself as a victim.

You associated yourself with a well known Canadian by engaging him on the air, and by joining his Yahoo group, the purpose of which, was solely to defame others. The group violated Yahoo terms of service, it was hateful, mean-spirited, and it was taken down by Yahoo. Yet, to this day, I've never seen you take responsibility for your actions. I've never seen any indication from you that your actions may have been ill-advised.

You've characterized people who've merely commented on information you've discussed publicly as having 'attacked' you somehow. Comments about things you have introduced into public debate, like spending too much time in your grandmother's basement, are not attacks, they're simply observations based in fact.

You appeared out of the blue, as a very inexperienced amateur, who had difficulty even constructing a simple, pre-packaged, vertical antenna, but you acted as though you had "all the answers." You still act as though you have all the answers. Unfortunately, your conclusions are often inaccurate, your accusations wrong, and many of your words, hurtful. As a rule, people react negatively to these behaviors. Can you honestly blame them?

You were banned briefly from this forum, and you took a break, but you came back, apparently, with the same attitudes and behaviors. You even admitted you broke the law by tuning up on top of another amateur, simply because he is outspoken in his dislike of your anti-American friend Karol.

You lied about a fellow amateur in a report to the FCC and you admitted you "sympathize" with a Canadian who wishes American's roadside bombs, at the hands of al Qaeda, who said the Virginia Tech Massacre was "a good start."

This is not the only site where people have gently tried to point out some of these problematic behaviors. Both Paul and Ryan, and others, have tried to help you, gently, but firmly, much as I'm attempting to do now.

Many of the comments posted by you, reside on a web page, right next to other harmful comments, which were invented by a person, or persons, who entered forums under false pretenses, using false names, making false claims.

On investigation, these harmful comments were removed by responsible moderators. Yet, they still exist on a page hosted by an associate of yours, right next to your comments, as some sort of phony testament for the woefully naive. The page where your comments are archived is inherently and demonstrably deceptive, libelous, and harmful.

I know the comments are yours, because you posted them here first, then they were removed. Next, they were copied, and posted on a distant server, where they still exist, today.

I think a person genuinely interested in 'peace' would contact the owner(s) of those blogs and pages and have those comments removed.

The mere association of your name, and your inaccurate, harmful comments, alongside comments posted under fraudulent pretenses, doesn't look good for your credibility, honesty and probity, all of which are a litmus test for public office (where honest politicians are concerned).

Take Todd Daugherty's webpage for instance. Do you realize Daugherty was thrown out of his public library for trafficking in animated images depicting children being tortured and raped by adults, or that Daugherty is under investigation, because he solicited murder-for-hire, yet Daugherty is endorsing your page, apparently because you have consistently defended Karol Madera? Are these folks the kind of people you'll be proud to present to the citizens of Sinking Spring, should you be elected to Council?

The fact is, Ed, your association with this person or persons creates an appearance of impropriety. I believe a wise man, one with a desire to enter a career in politics, would attend to this immediately.

The page where your comments are posted, is shared between a Canadian amateur and an amateur in Michigan (banned here and elsewhere) who falsely reported seven men to child protective services for "child pandering" when there were no facts present to back up his heinous allegations. Your comments, residing alognside the other (fraudulent) comments I mentioned, doesn't engender respect for you. Quite the contrary.

The Michigan man spends much of his time flooding usenet groups with thousands of delusional comments, preventing others from using the usenet service. He is a proven identity thief, who stole a man's name and email address, using it to post hundreds of harassing messages.

Like it or not, your documented association, cooperation, and participation in groups with people like this, affects how others perceive you.

Four of your associates (ve7kfm, n9ph, kj4dvd, n3zv) from the Yahoo group are banned from several sites. One used another person's callsign illegally, for years, another broke into a protected computer system, illegally, under false pretenses, stealing an elderly mans identity to post defamation. Another is an obscene and violent racist who calls on al Qaeda to kill Americans.

Crow finished his address to Oswald, calling on Oswald to make peace with those he had offended and libeled, asking Oswald to remove his harmful commentary from the Internet, and urging Oswald to reconsider his associations with nefarious elements of society.

Coming Soon: Please follow our continuing coverage of the exciting Borough Election in Sinking Spring, PA.

When not blogging, snowboarding, or playing with his ham radio in his grandmother's basement, Ed Oswald Jr., presumptive candidate for Sinking Spring, PA Council, can be reached for comment at:

Ed Oswald Jr. c/o 108 Thomas Place, Sinking Spring, PA, 19608 or via his Sinking Spring campaign blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purrim and Ham radio and no the cat has not got a license

First Purrim the Jewish holiday is this wednesday (the day this post will be released to the web)

Second Purrim is the name of one of our cats (and he takes an interest in the radio that woorries me, one of the previous cats did have a thrid party QSO some years ago but that is another story)

The event that Purrim chronicles is the subject of the Ester ) a person a jew btw not a chenical compnd) in the story we we have Haman the PM of the Persian King, Isshasomething-or-the-other (he is dead as is his kingdom so who cares, Haman we remember but I am getting ahead of myself) weell back to our story Isshasomething had a queen named Vasti who ticked off her Isshasomething (read the book of Ester)so got replaced by Ester, Mordecai's cousin who refused to bow down to Haman. Haman was unable to move against him so he decided to target the Jews as whole. este learned if the plot (being in the palaceand sort fa cryptojew) Ester stopped the whole thing with Isshasomething. the upshot was that Haman was hanged high on the very gallows he had built to hang his foe Mordecai, hence the old phrase "hanging higher than Haman"

Then we have the current goings on in Ham Radop where we have a new queen it seems (guess who may be filling that role) Crow (along with his cohorts like mike kz8o and n1fm) seems typecast for the role having hailed the new queen and then turning on her when he is part of that awkard gruop that Crow is willing to attack to get at his target, the rest of Ham radio held hostage to their reign of terror. (Karol , and me and others, getting the role of Mordecai) after a long reign as of terror he is, it seems about to be brought down because he/they could notface that some people rightly or wrongly are beyond thier power (all power is limited) The FCC is cast as Isshasomething

Wether the story of Ester is truly history or like the book of Job a morality tale cobled together out various true story does not matter. the Same thing do happen again and again.

That is real purpose of Purrim is IMO to help our people (the Jews) remember what has happened and thus prepare us for what will happen again, wether anyone realy wants it or not that icludes "Ester" and "King Isshasomething"

Thus while Purrim is for Us Jews is a party time like April Fools day it hovers near on the Jewish calender

remember therfore these the lessons oif Haman, Ester, Mordecai, and King Isshasomthing

All power has serioius limits

Those that abuse there powers may fall by that abuse

The results of trying to use power can not always be predicted

I bid all of you that are reading Shalom (peace) but above that Binah(wisdom)

The Torah is a tree of life to those that cling to it, and all of it paths are peace

Saturday, March 7, 2009

hmm takes on LS: and LS takes on kz8o?

I am still waiting on LS to confirm the letter I still suspect some of the versions we have seen are slightly altered from her orignal

if the bulks of that note is her note an she is serious maybe we can hope for improvement in On air behavoir in the ARS, wether this will simply move the bad stuff will move to the net.

Internet rumours carry an alleged forward of LS is preparing to move against kz8o true or flase that is the rumour of course KZ8O is entitle to due process although frankly it looks bad if he is now in the crosshairs of the FCC

If her remarks about Karols lang is indeed hers I honestly disagree with her thinking that KFM could be cited here in the us although as a minor matter really

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the new lastest from LS and the FCC

the letter may or may not be a fake apeartnnt the the letter was realesed to the net while LS herself is away from the office and her computer

I have from LS accepting then dening and now a not so fast I will get back to you on Sat

so there it stands

speculation says that she sent a letter to someone with some parts of what has been published but the version I have mayor not be her entire , it may not be hers at all although from the context of her lastest to me she implies that she is frankly unsure.

Hopefully I will have something firmer on Sat or Sunday. when I have you will have shortly there after

another matter does the forger if any KNOW LS is out of the office ? and if so how is this known

just heard from LS

the alleged letter is another forgery of LS who and is interesting (edit LS has backpedaled on this see futher reports)

although frankly the effect that of ticking LS off at least somewhat serves my own purposes of course. who and why the forgeries keep coming into into existence is a mystery at this point.

I supose the prupose is to tick LS off at Karol the guy who has the best motive in maniplating LS could be the motive but one thing the letter got wether LS wrote it or not is the LS has no authority over Karol at all period end of statement

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I hope the hell this is real but it aint

good I hope this is real next blog post tells us that per a letter from LS this not it is a forgery. and therefore a serious federal crime in theory, in practice I doubt the law can be enforced in this case, even should LS and the FCC(/DoJ) wish to do so

I am not on a side I have been forced into alliance with Todd and with Karol that is mostly the choice of the otherside from Karol's foe

I disagree with Lauras assesmnet that Karol enjoy this and i the master manipluator but he does most likely seek to drive them the last foot to an an effort to get some one like LS to act

OTOH if he is anthe master pupeteer and that is his hobby so be it just makes him more interesting for me to converse with and more intolerabel that other sek to drive him off the LS has clearly realized that is being tried

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Someone Posted this in a Comment section
This is the actually letter from my understanding, there is rumoured that I wrote the letter, the truth is I had been at work all day, and secondly If either side of this little war thinks that this is "fake" then continue what your doing and see what happens, me I could really careless about 14.275 MHz.



Normally I would not get involved in what on the surface appears to be a "he said/she said" type of dispute. I am not going to comment as to who was on air first on Sunday -- but both sides are advised that I have tapes of the entire afternoon -- and these tapes did not come from either side (at this point I wouldn't trust a single thing given to me by either side -- as both sides have proven to be so intent upon proving that they are "right" and the other side is "wrong" that they will do and say just about anything to further their cause -- however warped that cause may be). I do feel, however, that some guidance is necessary (that and the fact that I have just about reached the end of my rope with all the players in this little drama!).

Randy -- I don't particularly like what Karol says on the air -- but that does not mean that you (or anyone else) has the right to try to drive him off. I have spent hours listening to tapes (hours that I will never get back, mind you!) and to tell you the truth, even if I did have jurisdiction over Karol (which I DO NOT) nothing that I have heard thus far rises to the level of an actionable complaint. For future reference, in determining what is or is not legal over the air, it depends on what he is saying. The FCC regulates obscenity . . . but general cursing and references to body parts (while certainly obnoxious) does not necessarily rise to the level of obscene speech. Likewise, calling the President names and making general anti-American comments (including comments regarding wishing the terrorists would attack us again and the like), while a sure sign of a lack of sensitivity (not to mention maturity), does not rise to the level of obscene or hate speech either.

Indeed, were Karol an American, his speech would fall squarely under the 1st Amendment -- you know that thing many of our forefathers fought and died for (not to mention our troops overseas right now). When you call yourself patriotic, built within that statement is the acceptance of the Constitution and all it entails -- free speech is one of the cornerstones of that fine document. It doesn't mean only the speech YOU agree with; or only the speech that the majority of folks agree with; or even only speech that isn't offensive to most mature, rational adults. It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often want to spout). (Ok, before you decide to shoot back at me -- yes, there are some types of speech that are restricted. No shouting fire in a crowded theatre or hate speech -- but those are clearly defined by the courts and nothing Karol has said thus far falls into those categories.)

I have requested that Karol tone down his "act" -- (and if you don't get that it is an "act" -- you missed the whole point of his exercise with you and your buddies at 14.275. He is TRYING to incite you -- and succeeding admirably as you all have fallen into the trap.) However, I can promise you that he will/has not responded favorably to my request. He is going to continue the "act" -- and you guys thus far have demonstrated that you are going to continue falling into his trap. What does that say about the cognitive abilities of the Americans as they are all being led around by a master manipulator.

I sure wish we could regulate stupidity -- but it just isn't within the current confines of the rules. If it were, every single one of the actors here would be slapped with a fine just for being stupid/gullible and wasting my time (not to mention the years that Riley wasted trying to bring you guys back in line). What is within the confines of the rules, however is that fact that I can (AND WILL) enforce the rules against any Americans who cause harmful interference to Karol (and any of the folks who elect to engage him in QSOs). Let me repeat that so everyone understands it -- RETALIATORY JAMMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND IS IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES!

I hope you all got my message here -- I have just about had it with the juvenile antics on the part of the American licensees. By the way, playing bulletins and tapes of a deceased licensee repeatedly in an effort to tie up the frequency so that Karol (and others) cannot use it actually does rise to the level of malicious interference -- and is subject to a possible enforcement action. Likewise, I won't even go into the ridiculous sound effects, endless playing of music, and general pre-pubescent behavior that quite a number of folks engage in on a daily basis at 14.275 -- again, all in an attempt to prevent Karol from engaging in QSOs. It needs to stop and needs to stop right now!

Can you tell I'm pissed? If you haven't yet figured it out let me clue you in here -- this behavior either stops now or everyone involved will find themselves on the receiving end of enforcement letters. This is an absolute disgrace -- I know kindergartners that have shown a higher degree of maturity than the whole bunch of you!!


Laura L. Smith, Esq. | 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325 | 717-338-2577 (phone) | 717-338-2574 (fax)

Monday, March 2, 2009

in honor of w4ntis recent qso from hell

I was inspired to creaat an autorespond3er at I wasinspired to create an autoresponder for some of the unwanted sapm k3vr and freinds have derected toward my domain now sending emal to get you a very specail response and other unwanted addies at my domain

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ps the lastets "swating is another failure

already talked to the 911 center about your fake SOS no real resources to be wasted on this one

lastest sos call

another fake SOS

Sunday, March 1, 2009 4:24 PM
"Richard Vitello"
View contact details
I heard you sending SOS while the Swan users group net was on 20 meter band ...

Do you actually have an emergency?