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Saturday, January 31, 2009

a reposne to the lastest insanity of VE7KFM.COM

blackmail is in accord with the Ham code honestly? I don't think so. surrendering our free speech right to someone that refuses to even give their name realy why not just surrender to something like Hamas?

this Blog exist to recount the the antics not of but the now 11 year old efforts of certain hams to harrass me and others for that matter. K3vr is porported by many to be the author owner owner of, if this is true by what right does he presume to speak for say K4yz or w4nti should he still be alive or kz8o all of whom have engaged in attacks and QRM on air or online and in the case of K4YZ threats of murder toward myself. If the aurthorm of indeed has the power to speak for all the hams that has attacked me over the past few years, thenhe and they confess to the crime of consprisay to harrass myself and the rest of the targets of has chosen to libel with falshoods such the claim I have ever been comitted to a mental hospital or that I sent SOS messages under fase pretenses etc

I and others are asked to to surrender our rights to air a defense against the harrassmnet we have received in exhance for an unenforceable agreement form a party without even the decncy of Adolf Hitler at least that person signed his name to his promises which were equaly uneforcable

as to On Air behavoir gee I have not QRM'ed anyone at any time. I would welcome and end the the QRM I have experenced on the bands and an end to use of my my call and for that Matter MY wifes call on air and online as part of effort on blogs such as KD8CTL gav morgan the so called punce blog using my image the usenet moron blog the CCRAA blog that now hidden was used to harras the CCRAA to to the point they felt they had to remove me as president to try and stop the harrassment. Can speak W4nti and his blog which atacks me as pyschotic and accuses me openly of molesting my father?

OTOH tif VE7kfm wishes to promise that in exchange for nothing (since I have not QRMED anybody) I will cease to be QRMed by folks like K34VR and KZ8O, and thus allowed to QSO freely with whoever I choose including Ve7kfm if i wish for the first time in time as Ham I certainly welcome that

I will presume to to say a few words for VE7KFM himself after all why should he settle for surendering his free speech right when the materail can then be tranfered to to such blogs as ve7kfm ve7kfm-madera the ongoing gay smear ve7kfm-karol and also libeling me by stating I have been sexauly unfaithfull to my wife KD8CTL with Karol myself

indeed even if I were willing to accept such an offer it would be beyond my power to execute as thought years of attacks on me and my isp's and server I lack access to the accounts that would be needed to even try to withdraw the writting on the usenet that I am sure the author of would surely demand nor is like in postion to in sytop stop the harrassment of myself on usenet

can the author promise I will be reinstated to various splaces I held till his actions and harrassment and my effots to defend myself caused those folks to remove from access?

Adolf Hitler at least promised peace in our time to Cahmberlin we are prmised a the removal of website that is but a minor part of the online attack machine that has used I Know agnainst myself Todd and the real ve7kfm himself

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. In honor of the appointment of Laura Smith as FCC Special Counsel, and for the good of the Amateur Service, the Center for Media Studies would like to propose... ongoing, permanent, truce among varying factions who may have strayed (somewhat) from the tenets of the amateur's code.
In addition to the aforementioned, permanent truce, we would like to further propose an agreement among our radio brethren, creating and affirming the understanding that strife, defamation, and interference with the enjoyment of others, have no place in our beloved pastime.

We hereby declare that our proposal is made in good faith. We further hereby OFFER to remove this site, in its entirety, beginning on Friday, January 30, 2009, and extending until Friday, February 6, 2009.

This action hinges on our belief that reports of misdeeds, or perceived misdeeds, need not remain archived in perpetuity, and that contrary to common internet practice, such words are often better removed after a suitable interval of peace, rather than left as an ongoing testament to impropriety.

We further declare that if the websites, blogs, and other sundry writings, composed and/or posted by Karol Madera, Ed Oswald Jr., Mark Morgan, Whitney Tritch, Bill Shine, and Todd Daugherty, which may be construed as being contrary to the amateur's code, are likewise removed, in their entirety, then our offer to remove items on this site, pertaining to those individuals, will become permanent.

If our gesture of good will is refused by one party, but accepted by another, we will, in demonstration of our good faith, remove those items pertaining to the party demonstrating cooperation with our proposal.

With regard to on-air behavior which has become the focus of contention, we also propose that heated words, slander, and obscenity, are best left to private communications (if uttered at all) and that such words are never appropriate for airing over the amateur short wave bands. As always, we pray for the cessation of hostilities among warring factions everywhere. This offer of reconciliation and removal will expire on Friday, February 6, 2009.

Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

an fedderal that is good for a laugh

founf this wonderfull missive on it was post in this jpg format It is scanned rather tight even cuting off letter

acording to Laura Smith it is a forgery rather like the alleged note from Riley I have asked for permsion to publish her notes when I feel the need to to serve as rumour control by presenting the fact of the matter but I did not eceive a respone to that issue she was/is more concered about trying to trace this forgery and serious federal crime ( a felony as I understand the matter)

Monday, January 26, 2009

the nimbusters numnuts

well as I could have predicted the nimbusters crowd has taken a simple facts and tried to make something of it

on the other blog I mentioned that breifly my car was nwas literaly not firing on cyclders then the guy go on about how I alegedly have claimed I am not sad realy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

truly dan fate in death must be karma

being proped up and used as target after he dead how sick can crow and copany be

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trul dan I pity you now

truly never thought id say but i feel soorier for poor jesswald than before

it is not enough that jesswald wasted hislife on hate and harrassment of everyone that dared think in the ARS but becuase of his antics he deined even a simple and clear sk anoucement in the ham world where he felt such things were so important

so here we are dan most likely dead as a doornail and no one is sure if he is dead since he has played such games before. It ay not be noble to admit but I do find it funny dead is likely dead and dectectives may need to hired inorder to learn it for a fact

some of his freind are trying to convince at nimbusters and at email that dan is alive and headed my way (during the worst strom of the year great timing) I don't belive OTOH I have nothing to worry about if shows winter favors the local round here even more than normal and I'd not mind settling things with dan were he still alive, and given it take the sherrif about an hour to get here when called the matter would long be over if he were both alive and coming up here to the UP

hi d

hinestlt that is almost enough of a message for him but for rest of myguests I will explain.. Poor Dloyd/dleorean what sock puppet name he isnusing this instense is going around claiming again I lack access tom my blog

truth is with the worst strom of the year bearing down on us here I have just not had much to say really so I was taking a rest form bloging

of course this doing what D wants causes him to whine, posting will cause him to whine I felt like a short post so I did what I pleasewd

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the sickness continues

dan is sk there few things i will take crows word for, this is one of them but crow and are NOW hijackign his call after death to try and continue dan reign of hate that is truly sad

the sickness continues

dan is sk there few things i will take crows word for, this is one of them but crow and are NOW hijackign his call after death to try and continue dan reign of hate that is truly sad

Thursday, January 1, 2009

wel Dan jesswald w4nti is dead

what do I feel ? relief that I don't have to worry about him anymore

am I glad? No I am sad at the way he has wasted engery in his seemingly endless spews of hate

It is sad that such a forcefull and dynamic person chose along with his confederates to spend his days engaged in hatefull and destructive actions. some have spoken of Mr Jesswald as in pain in physical pain as result of his war service, perhaps then before I ever ran into him he did more redeeming deeds. I should he hate to think is is totaly lacking in redeeming deeds to his credits I can say that He has any I truly Hope I my sample is merely too small. I certainly hope so. sadly first my first on air run in with the man in 1988 to his last bloged word, he never spoke or wrote to me in even the barest politeness toward. I encoutred nothing but direstion at best libel/slander as SOP. I truly hope the man had some redeemeing quailities

This all said I am glad that is is in a rather final manner of the ranks of those that spend their days and nights harrassing me and others for what being a bit different than they are. Indeed I do not an never have understand the zenophobic insanity displayed by many hams after all if you did not want to run into people who were defferent than yourself why did you become a ham in the first place?