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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the Weather well..........

BBBRRRRRRRRR 12 hours ago it was 40 degs here

now it is 8

fucking cold and chilling fast and bad

supposed to get windy has not done so at least not yet


Mc Cain wins

Rudy sounded like he was going to endorse someone through his speech
not a bad one from Romeny

nice one form McCain

weird weather

40's here at the house today and melting wate rall over to theplace supoed to be down to 4deg on weds and to dump several inch of snow

well they always said Feb in like a lion out like a lamb, we shall hope a true early spring would be nice

Sunday, January 27, 2008

the latest idle threat

Hardly idle. If and when I sally forth and send appropriate letters, the time spent will be well worth the effort.
You are simply hoping against hope that I am bluffing.
Want to place a bet, Mark?
Care to call my bluff?
from annymouse on

god it is insulting to attacked by such a cretin

annymouse has sent his letter time and time again he/they may have missed a few new hams in the area and maybe one or 2 of my neighboors but the damage is done why would I fear more of the same

esp from someone that can't understand I have been calling their damn bluff for days if not weeks

Saturday, January 26, 2008

obama wins

Obama take 55 ish percent of the vote as of this writing

clearly making him the front runner in the Democratic party an imteresting developement to be sure

the exit poll number also suggest that Bill may have created a anti black backlash, to have given thos evotes to edwards this does give him a basis to fight on if he chooses

on the other side the GOv of Flordia lining up behind McCain which be logical ( and supported by ME but still interesting timing and bad for say Rudy

well the next battleground for the dems

truely will there be a winner other than the GOP?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

pity this but

Todds recent post

and do to harrassment by kiddies unable to behave like grown up or even teen ager yet another portal is closed

personaly I sugested moderating coments as I do indeed jst making sign in using a ID that traces somewhere has cut the bs mostly to nothing here

but it is indeeds Todds blog and Todds choice

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

intersting that..

source attack blog is now listed as objectionable by Bloogger the only other stuff I have seen marked that was a blog on Rockwell way to go dloyd

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Debate Hillary V Obama winner John McCain and/or Mit Romeny

that headline about says it all

well today might be the day

we see who is going to get the GOP nomination for pres

it might not of course is Rody or Thompson win but a Mc Cain victory should reduce the matter the McCain V Romney

straight talk vs saying whatever they want to hear

oh well it seems I am week early

Sunday, January 20, 2008

well the chase goes on

Hilary wining the poplar voite and losing on delagte in NV

McCain wininng SC

I think Thompson is dead in this race but you never know

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

primary Night

well got back from shoping and voting today

3 votes for McCain we shall see what it matters

Monday, January 14, 2008

it's time...

RH you realy needs to start doing your jopb or re-retire

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Idlely wondering

RH has said that not follwoing band plans is "poor amateur practice" and thereby enforecable as an offense

has he ever droped that hammer?

amazing I am gone for a couple of dats...

still nothing whining about me
still forging still stlaking me and my wife

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Obam v Clinton the gop in a brawl

has been interesting tow atch the primaries

interesting to whatch the polls verus the rulats in NH

well means on Tues to come (at this writing I get something I have never had before in a my life, the chance to vote in a primary where my vote might count for something

try and guess who I am voting for ( if you like)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

well dloyd ahs run off still playing games at his lastest stolen blog

I will have to check out how that apears from say Cyberia next time I am there for a cup of hot cider and see if he is crippling his message or just proving his a terrified to enage me under anything like a fair battlefield

OTOH it is nice not to be under that relentless harassment i RRAP will take a bit of getting used to but I will manage

well accordingto RH someone is sending to RH forwards a ofmessages tabout him from me some are real some are fanatastic and total obsense , of course even had I posted the obesnse ones sugesting a govotment offical is having oral sex duty certainly has notbeen a crime since Bill Cliton,( was nice to see HER receive a se back in Iowa

Friday, January 4, 2008

dloyd leaves RRAP again?

god he is looking like dan right now

well in any case i hope he does but I doubt it

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

dloyd truely needs to lay what ever shit he is takinf

Mark> reporting suspect is not a crime dloyd-

Dloyd>yes it is dimwit..better put away you law book for dummies.

Dloyd that is how LE works you report crimes and waht you suspect about the perps and LE hopefully puts together enough to bust the perps who may or may not turn out to be the original suspect(s)

it is not a requirement to absolutely know the name of the perp in order to report a crime

it seems insane that anyoe would dare sugest that

dloyd the coward

I do wish he would explain why it is he the a fraid to enage in discsuion rather than just throw bombs at those he does not like

he offered me a kid claiming it was his 9yo Grandson for sex if I paid him that is not only but a crime, it is sick.

if I knew precesiely who dloyd was I could deal with it directly, instead he hides behinds others and sadly I will end up damaging other in the effort to get to him

I regret this that is why I contiue to assk those ham interested in justice to aid me in geting Dloyd beidentified and behind bars so we can get on with life

amazing the protection Dloyd Lavies wants to extend to child abusers

amsuing hat folks are claiming that being a good citizen and reporting susepected child abusers is doing something wrong
from RRAP

See Mark's blog entry at the URL

There you'll see that Mark has now added W4NTI to the list of people
he's falsely reported to Child Protection Services for child sexual

This Morgan sicko has to go. Complain to Hughesnet or to law
enforcement today.

there you have Dloyd demands revenge for doing as LE asks reporting child abusers to the proper authorities for investagation

forunatey Hughes net is not able to legaly to punish anyone as he wishes as LE is also barred from doing so

agree since experencing the years of outright lies abot child abuse derected at ME by Dloyd have made more wiling to report him in turn but it has taken yeas of reading his remarks and the raving of his tortuted mind in to decide who I think he he is the suspect list includes W4NTI, K3VR, and few more names are climbing onto theat ist as I read there diatribes and attacks

Indeed anything that manages to make me belive they are Dloyd is likely to gett reported to CPS since I am convinced Dloyd ofered me a kid for sex for money, and therefore wether the kid exists or not should be in jail for child prostitution. it is just that simple a crime has been comited I do wish like evey good american to see justice done.

Justice sadly those hat have taken part of the relentess and unwarreted vendateta against me along with "dloyd" may have to pay the price of associting with a child pimp. they could perhaps trun Dloyd in themslves to Law Enforement and easre some the backmarks their other deeds have done

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

dloyd is depressing but..

but not for the reason he thinks

it is depressing to face someone so little of a man as Dloyd/delorean/etc the fem boys in panties are more manly than he is, hell I have met Bulldkes that were more manly than this jerk.

h e iss totla hypocrtie

has not manners or morals and cares only about his hate fill vendetta

I do look forwardto his death the wolrd needs to be rid of such sick preverts as he who tries over kids for sex for money and do erveything that he claims he is worng indeed it is why I have gone back adn forth betwen thinking him crow K3vr and Dan w4nti and why i reported them botht to their respective states by the fact we hear about the investagation fo crow I assume CPS in hsi sate had something they added to my report and questioned him, why dan seems to have kept his nose far enough out chid sex crap to nly get a filed reference that will trun up the next time someone makes a report

why is dloyd so desperate?

he is rewriting old sex ads in this case one I posted many years ago and posting them to RRAP and denying he did to and whing that I should not post such materail curnt reference complaing that I steal "his"
text when the fact he is stealing my text my name my callsign my wifes and he claims such personal ads should not be posted to RRAP except it seems by Him

then h tries th e realy lame crap of plaing some kind of spyware (he claims it was keystroke logger) on my system yes he made my anti virus stuff ping but that crap is lame

New years grill out and sushi party

well I have seen my guest n their wayafter doing some grilling and sushi for new years same crowd as thackgiving

I like the way the ramp includes a nice concrete collum where I can set the habachi and cook