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Friday, November 30, 2007

you got to do better than this crap Dloyd

K Man has sent you a link to a blog:

It has been fun playing you for the fool as I post in several places as Dloyd. I knew all along that you belong in a US jail and so I set you up.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: the great chcicken round up

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first you need to try using a n email address that is Karol's in the fake after all we both know you could choose whatever address you liked

and karols own email is easy to get from his website

and No way I am going to jail indeed dloyd you eleimated even the slghtest chance of that and it was already vague at best realy as an adversary your skills are declining toward "woger" level

Insainty has been defined by some as repeating the same actions over and over again expecting a different result , your efort to frighten or bully keep faling yet you try the same thing over and over and again

Thursday, November 29, 2007

the great chcicken round up

last night we put the finishing touches on the chickens winter abode and it was dark and we thought why chase chicken in dark

this morning we got our answer 12 in ches of snow

thankfully we have fairly savy chickens that hide out under the ramp form the fraont door

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

please "dloyd" cut the crap

you claim you send me nothing

I get a several hundred emails a day from you only the the printables and a selection of those get posted anywhere else indeeed in some account I have run out of storgae for your spamed crap,

Thehn some my bog entried normaly the one that also show up as "dloyd sent a link to a blog email interesting enough get what look like bot prounduce mass coments of inaanae at best vile at wrost crap all with your Fictional name and you assureance that I will be driven from the net like you did Davies

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the despicatable acts continue

Dloyd Lavies has sent you a link to a blog:

you will withdraw your false allagtion at once or your father will suffer

he was a school teacher and will be denouced asan abuser of his students during his teaching days

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: still seking info on the possible case of Child abuse

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the despictable ature of such a threat is beyod words
they and spelllingg them compllletely fails me at this point

Monday, November 26, 2007

be carefull what you ask for.....

you just get it Dloyd has told me to get help I have gotten help ...from PA CPS and Fl CPS, about my susipision this Blog remains open to input and news Concering Dloyd /Deloreans true id this blog post is the curent place for such coment, I believe to be MR BL Crow K3VR be D'blank as I like to call him

If you also deear reader belive Dblank to be Crow then report, if you do not believe,m the please do not do so

In nvestaging Dblank/Crow I have come to belive him to be a neoNAZI and he is said to be a teacher of our school children . If you believe that Mr Crow is a neoNAZI and know him to be a teacher doctor or other licensed professional (something I am told he is then ) then I opine you should report your beliefe/suspision to the proper authorities

If you believe anyone to be molesting or abusing our children in this nation then still yourself to action and report, not be like the germans as the NAZI's came for every one arround hen and then for themselves

a sad thing to report

one of my corespsonded tried t pay me a complement by luading my skill at inculding authencation in my messages when I had to shift accounts because one was being attacked

I wuld raher not receve such prise it sadly y reminds that Peopl like "Dloyd" with their cyber games have taken away the ability to safeky take anyone at their word as to even their own ID if I bear Dloyd any true Malice for anything he has taken part in that I s one

note this option post is close d to coment

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WANTED stil inof on who a possible child sex offeder IS not

who people are saying he is not

I am aware the K3VR has a following of at least one inisting he is not dloyd.

sorry I I have heard that point of view absent iding Dloyd as someone else (and don't bother trying to name Robeson and Woger I KOW what they are up to) I must mantian the conviction I have the Dloyd is either corw or a close assoiteat of Crow (who may be betarying him or just using me to dispose of an asoicate who may or may not be guilty) the act I am informed oucred may or may not be abuse but I can't believ e that Dloyd could describ e bisxuality to anyone without doing so in terms that would abuse when dealing with a 7 yo

I hold no malice toward Mr Crow I wish to left alone i wish an end to the endless rounds of harreasment and libel foaud and forgery that Dloyd et al is ina legal sense up to his neck in.

on yesterday's craft show

the weathe was awfull had trouble driving the 2 wh drive pcikup with the tables and such for her show the hsow is the biggest she does every and this was no exception

the door were suposed to open to the public at 10 they open at 10 till 10 by 15 minutes after the the tables looked kiinda bare and aa lot of the reserve for restocking was sold too she and I and one my firend (one of the guests we had for tday btw) could hardly keep up with the rush after the first couple of hours thing finaly slowed

was great show made enough to pay for that amp we brough at peroia the ft 857 and pretty close to a new amp she wants to get for 7ocm a truly all mode amp for FS ATV which she real wants to get into having seen amateur presnetaion aon it (I have been unabe to demnstrae my gear since when we move north of the A line the ctrstals me unit uses are on freqs we can't use up here

have not yet figured the govenor take on the show yet but we realy do that in jan
DBlank has sent you a link to a blog:

As you can see, I now have access to k3vr's web site. The plan continues to go smoothly.

Blog: K3VR
Post: Hello!

right sir you have no access based on thiss tunt this stunt eploits a flaw in blogger

Friday, November 23, 2007

happend upon amateurlogicTV interesting stuff
although I wish they could shorten the credits a bit

on a ighter note have a jelly baby and click onn over
the Doctor was premered on this day in 1963

the twisted world of dloyd/crow ranting and on

he make one claim withdraws it the next minute, all the while raving if I don't things exactly I am going to prison or not

I truly wish Dloyd lavies would stop using a 7yo boy (whiho he ocassionaly insista does not even exist) as a pawn in gay fatal atraction for me

thank god it is not my job to sort this out I am imply forwarding it to those whose job it is to figure it out.

if they don't then they share in the blame if he is doing what he claims

no matter how you slice MY hands are clean of any wrong doing and I can live the life of goodcitizen that has done and will keep right on doing his duty to the people of the USA and to god

again fromthe guy that wants me to belive he is using me to attack Mr Crow

DBlank has sent you a link to a blog:

You have been doing everything the way I planned it. The more you try to think your way out of it, the more you do exactly what I want. Wonderful. Only when it's too late will you finally understand the truth.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: still seking info on the possible case of Child abuse

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again I suppose it is possible

but you would have to be Karol and I don't think so

still seking info on the possible case of Child abuse

the update is the someone is trying to fllood my know accounts to fill my inboxes

I have become abolsutelyconvinced that the Dloyd is Mr Bob Crow or is closely contected to him, or just maybe has done the nest job possibleof faking me out.

if it s the last it is a truly masterfull job, and should it come to that I will salute you

Iam convinced based on the nature of "Dloyd" coments that he has infact had a conversation with a 7 yo in which he mostlikely spouted his depraved fansaties about my sex life

I therefore suspect him of child abuse .

I believe with slighly less certainty that Dloyd is Bob Crow K3VR or ery closely conected with him that

That I had some doubts was included in my report, today if I were to speak them I would express even more convindence in that ID

in short I am uttteed convnce that Dloyd has deleiverd a proographic talk that he dares to try and call sex with stamenets "gay and bi are all childmolsters" or word that effect included

Thursday, November 22, 2007

now about trukey day

got up around 11 am and started the preps

this year we had a wildturke baged by me in theseason ad clean and froazen then

cooked a turkey dressing poetatoes and gravy, green bean casserole noiormal stuff started eating around 3 and had a nice

to her dad could not join us but maybe next year

more of the convining being done

DBlank has sent you a link to a blog:

I discovered Dloyd Lavies' real name six months ago, which is why he left the net briefly. When he discovered I wouldn't reveal his name, he returned. Thanks to him, you are now in serious trouble. The plan is working.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: WANTED Info on possible child sex offender

received this today as well combined with spasm opf posting to RRAP and nimbusters massive email barage of my various accounts

as to the plan well the more i read of MR Crow by Mr Crow if this were truelya set up then realy all that was needed with asking

however reporting my suspisions can't land me in "trouble" serious or otherwise. at waorst I am a dupe of dloyd prusuing a vendatta but since my reoport was sincere I am not at all conecrned about the outcome

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WANTED Info on possible child sex offender

Calls himself Delorean and Dloyd Lavies and no doubt many otheris beleived to be Ham radio operator K3VR by many accounts, this can not be confirm ed at this those with knowledge of the true id of "Dloyd Lavies" please contact this blogger to aid in report this possible sex ffender who boasts of have exclict sexaul disscusion with 7 a yo not his own child

if K3VR is not "dloyd" idlealy he will now be investagted and cleared of the charge made in his name by "Dloyd Lavies"

Dloyd Lavies for some reason does seems bent on convinig me that he is in fact Crow which such stray claims as he (dloyd) is going to own my home as result of my report when the report was made about Bob Crow If it happens that I am mistaken Bob Might be able to make a case the only way "Dloyd " could and beat out any claim from Bob is to be bob

yes i agree I could be mistaken I hope in such a case person knowing the true name of Dloyd lavies will come forward

face fact dloyd ths is not reasonig with me....

Dloyd Lavies has sent you a link to a blog:

You have been abusing George's friendship for a long time. I have sent copies of your letters to me to his address, complete with full headers. I think your wife should know about it too.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: latest "threat"

this harrassing me and now george inndeed it does soudn like you are making a frantic effort to convince me you are Steve Robeson rather than Bob Crow

my wife gets read most the crap you write it is good for luaghes since laughing is the only rational response to your constant raving Bob

now still you keepinginsistingGeorge is my friend? I have never claimed that but then you inistcontary to all reason Todd n9ogl is my friend George w8fwg is nither my friend nor my foe (that I know of course) I hardly know him wellenough for either condiction to apply. therfore no longer I am now being accused of doing I can't abuse something that does not exist

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...they don't reason with me they never have

to be reaading bettween the floods of RRAP and NImbusters you would think my foes think they are "reasoning" with me, well ladies and gents it is the strangest form of reasoning I have ever seen.

you don't call mental ill to try and get them to see "reason"

indeed my most recent flood of imbusers so call ham baord bear out what I don't call reasoning it concludes this not

these form of not reasoning are poor ideas (without considering wether it is reasoning) if ones goals are to convince to do as you say you wish.

I am afraid it is just that simple
Why can't Dloyd face the effort to harrass and initdate are not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:25AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...that his response proove I am getting my message trhough dimly by flooding and by nothi - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:25AM
by nothing else - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:25AM

Why can't Dloyd face the might tconsoder trying to reason with me for a change - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:24AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...calling someone mental ill is not likely to get them to see thing your way either - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:23AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...callig some one mental ill is not reasoning with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:23AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...insisting that someone submit to being called publicaly a pedophile is not reason with - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:22AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...attacvking the result of my dyslexia is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:21AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...demandin you foeaccept only your terms and condiction is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:21AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...insuklting my station is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:20AM

Why can't Dloyd face the is hard to believe for your posts you even know the meaning of the word "reasoning&q - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:20AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...trying to convince you have some moral highground as you harrass me is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:19AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...inistig you are enjoying those actions I consider attack is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:18AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...playing spellig cop is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:17AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...threatening to try and involve my inlaws in your vendaetta is not resasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:17AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...inisting that you define the termsof dscusion is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:15AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...indeed the few times you have tried any closeto reasoning you have agreed with me but - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:15AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...comenting on my marraige in RRAP or here is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:13AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...insisting there is somewrong with "thread jacking" then do it yourself is not reas - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:13AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...omisting I am not bi is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:12AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...raving about my book pruchases from 5-65 years ago is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:12AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...stealing and posting files that are none ofyour affrai is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:11AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...saying do as I demend or else is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:10AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...posting me is not reasonig with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:10AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...posting scat porn and saying it i my wife is not reasonig with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:10AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...calling me mental ill is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:09AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...caliming to ehind isp disruption is not reasoning with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:09AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...attacking newservers to get at me is not reasonig with me - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:08AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...making elder abuse complaint is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:08AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...making false abuse allegations is not reasoning - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:07AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...insisting on calling someone a cocksuucker in RRAP is not resoning with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:07AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...stealing someone call is not reasoning with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:06AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...libeing people is not reasonig with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:06AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...forging there names to post in not reasoning with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:05AM

Why can't Dloyd face the truth...treatening to murder peopleis not reasoning with them - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:05AM
Why can't Dloyd face the truth...valling someoe a rapist is not reasonig withem - NT - Anonymous 11/21/2007 8:05AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

latest "threat"

DBlank has sent you a link to a blog: I operate on my own schedule, never being foolishly quick, nor operating without careful surveillance of my targets first. I am the most dangerous opponent you have ever had. Remember that. Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham Post: 80 plus frgred post in day Link: --Powered by Blogger

we have seen your observation skills you can't see the nose in front of your face and reconize it for it is.

my most dangerous oppenent in the Ham world)was Robeson followed by woger either might have followed up on thiere threats. in the real none of you come close to beigthe worse I havefaced and destoryed , yes physicaly killed. You are an amateur at making threats and are the type never to come up from behind the shdows till you do you are no possible harm obeson woger and yourself have already pretty well incoulated me against anything you can achiive on the offical levels. Ihave faced down worse

Monday, November 19, 2007

80 plus frgred post in day

and Dblank keep trying to claim nothing is happening and it is my fault he forging my nam e and georgres Galen karol several local Puals on the web

not a shred of proof bu t oh anyone must have proof befoe they may express even belief

well Steve Robeson got realy strneg right before his fall hopefuly we are seeing the last days of Dblank

Sunday, November 18, 2007

an interestingDay in RRAP Dloyd shows that nick again and tries to claim that header can't be faked

Friday, November 16, 2007

Crowe et al lets make it plain

I do not support oyour efforts against Karol ve7fkm, he might be a a ess than desireable ham (he might not I have never encoutered him on air) he tell me and RH tell tells us all a varriation of the same story, he operaes within what CAnadian reg (as seen but their authoprites) deem the rules in CA he adknowledges in emails to ME that he is aware at least some of his material is likely beyond the plae in the USA under our rules.

anyone with aproblem with the state of CA's rules should indeed contact Industry Canada, and perhaps include real koral quotes to these bodies if his types of speech are your target, I ask in the name of mitzsvah of justice that they be REAL Karol quotes.

as to his onair Admirers like Crowe et al I have haerd some of you (not karol) since progation has better favored your signals comeing to me than Karol's own what I have heard not quite convinces me (all that would be needed to convince me is a bit more more reprition but i rarely hear you so as to conclude this was not an isolated inicdent) that YOU are in violaionf of part 97 and that RH shoud move to at leeast fine you heavil if not revoke your licenses.

If karol is bad YOU are worse, if Karol is ok you are despictable

Karol and I hardly know each other, thus we are obviously not freinds at this point we are being forced to become cobeligerants in this reign of terror, while I disagree with his analys of attributing Delorean or as I prefer to call him D'blank for his total lack of a personality of his own, I agree completely that he he and I share a number of the same foes

I supose I should thank you for pointing this out to us both, but you motives in doing were not to be of aid to us.

In closing if you have a real problem with VE7KFM I susgest you seek changes in from IC on the rules of the ARS there I suspect if you were to be sucesfull that Karol would comply with said new rules and cease to be the problem you see him as, as it is I am certain as long Karol and IC see his operation as ok and you contiue o provoke him, te operations you claim to find objectionable will continue meanwhile I conmed to the Ham Code and sugest tha you follow better

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just something in to an eham speak out abou t about postive influense since you got licened

kb9nxl, now ab9kt the first ham after my lecnsure to adkonwo I might now something but still need a help translating the knowledge I had in to something usefull, amusingly he an avid user of morse which kept me from getting a novice license in the 70's one of the few advocates of Morse that was never in my fac e about the fact I loathe it on a very personal level/ I believe he awas also the first Ham I talked to on air gave me a shock when he inisted he was on 2m and I knew I was on 70 cm but the repeater took care of that

thoughts vs actions

I find it strange in various places people keep insisting I care what people think about me, that my actions somehow rove I am concerned about what people think of me.

the palain fact is I don't care what anyone thinks of me really , I care when they put those thoughts into action, particaluralyintoacxtion by forging my name over remarks that are not mine. I may also care what people sya about I do object for example when people tell the lie that I am a convicted sex offender or a pedophile (I fid the last particualarly anoying since as a rule I dislike children) I care when people seek to desemate lies about my as was recently done with anymice letter to george Thrunder w8fwg making claims I that fored other hams coments to blog which is itself a forgery created in my wifes name and call, yes that I care about it

I don't care the fear fearfull coward Dblank I will call him since his favorite nicks seem to start with D, he dislikes me. and I have fought bleed and suffered to protect that right. I even support his RIGHT to espress that feeling where reasonably proper. I have objected to his stlaking of me and my wife that is a criminal behavoir. I object to his effort to forge USENET posts and Blogs in my name and that of my wife and no doubt countless others

WRT to the ham he has mailed like Goerge you honestly I don't realy care what George thinks of me. It is nice if were to like me thatis always pleasent but even he it should come to pass that he comes to Dislike me or even hate (I suppose the goal of sending hima flase accusation derected against me) it is realy is no skin off my nose. all I ask of George or D'blank is basic manners really. I seem to get that from George and I don't from D'blank

accordingly I treat george with respect and maners and D'blank with a compemt

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

nice quiet day online

after therecent furies of forgng and such it would apeear that the forgers are finaly being boring into prusing other target

I guess no one can stand to be told "get kelp" more than a few thousand times which was of course the point of the message in the first place

took em long enough to figure out

Monday, November 12, 2007

Elmer Powers has sent you a link to a blog: I mailed the letters before you left the net. Now you're off the net, I'm feeling a little guilty about the 50 letters and post cards I mailed, but you forced me to do it by attacking ve7kfm in the forums. Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham Post: George got a his letter Link:

the insanity contiues

after all I am obviously still on the net
and sending the same faked email 50 times is hardly convincing

I have never attacked koral VE7KFM

but the fake insanity rolls on

George got a his letter

given the postmark we are to assume the mail was KZ8O one of Karols foes wether this is realy the case or not is hard to say at this point

Georges first though was to contact me BTW

Sunday, November 11, 2007

wierd or sick just delorean

Yahoo! Auto Response‏
You may not know this sender.
Mark as safe Mark as unsafe
Sent: Sun 11/11/07 9:05 PM
John Wittmann is a "Silent Key" (passed away) as of August 29,2007. Please send personal email to 73ThanksVic K8VIC

got this odd email it would make sense if I had sent him an email but I haven't

weirder still that while k8vic does live at the same address that aint the email qrz has for him;from=callsign

I have sent him an email at his QRZ address

Friday, November 9, 2007

I was so honnered just now

I received a nigerian bank fruad from Koffi Anon asking help in moving millions of the of the USA from his oil for food bribes

I do enjoy reading the them but this was clever

can't resisat comenting maybe I should resist but what the hey

why have I ever claimed to to be a technical wizz? Unlike a lot of folks I don't this terror of revealing mistakes I may have made in the the past esp if doing so I might save someone else from the same mistake

the guy that reposts my article with hs coments seems to feel I am emabraished by learning another way that HF operation differers from VHF

If I were not interested in larning stuff I would not be a Ham
why would I publish that article if I were emabarishded about the experence

BTW I am peved that Google/blogger will alow him to make such reposts with propery crediting ME the orinainal author

more on me and Karol and D and the mice

the anymice seem to express the concern that Karol somehow set up the erecent contact ect for some prupose of his own

perhaps he did. perhaps not

but this ham is no longer worried much about the motives and desire of other pople (if I were Wismen would have driven me truly nuts trying to deal with him) if Karol was playing some game with me and got what he wanted I don't realy care, since I lost nothing of of value and Hell I may have gained omething in the baragin

is it more likely the D stried to set up a fight and is now trying to provoke more fighting, very likely, but that is for his feeble brain to work out and is NOT my problem.

I do wosh ythes e sef apointd defensers of morailty would stop breaking the morality they claim to defend , would mak e My like and most other people lives easier if they did

Thursday, November 8, 2007

well things settling back toward normal

the effort to flood my inbox with fake emails allegedly from Karol" has ceased (likely someone out there ran an antispyware or ani virus scan) and a couple of the coment flloding streams has also stoped, again thank you scehduled scans

I amnot sure how Derlorean a composite entity likely including Bob Crowe and/or Dan W4NTI and /or others of Karol foes thought Karol and I could go to somekind of cyber war with each other. we are nopt active in the same meedidums much after I can't even hear Karol or his foes and fakes on 14.275 all I get is heterodynes o and other nosise on the freq

I don't know if Karol is in violation of IC rules concening his operation I know he has trreated me with more cortesy than I have ever received from hs foes notably W4NTI NG bashing of around Katrina where he declared I was a "trator to ham radio for having issues with our response to the disatser (I give us a c minus becuase from what I could hear we realy were not ready to operate without some govt in place, the govt of NO I gave an F dito the state of LA the feds a D)

it would have been if it had been even possible to dicuss the problems with ars response in th Katrina but scared cows can't be touched, (sounds the procode stuff don't it)

Life moveson though I still have hope that my foes will either move on from from their OCD obessed fanatsies of my life.

I wonder if the cowards that are always threatening to call the Covington market where my wife sell things (yes including potholders although the dish towel are better selllers) have noticed she works there this weekend

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

about the various wars on the web

those involve Karol Tood baxter et all I would prprfer not to tkae part in them yeah an aoccasoonal coment will pusshed trhough moderation but by and large this blog is about me my life the wars trying to land on MY doorstep which are quite enough for me

I will coment here and elsewhere about various of hem by I am the focus of my blog please eremeber that people

meanwhile at CCARS

last night was the club meeting it being the time of year where by the club constitution we try to form a drgaoon squad in order to find offcers for the comeing year.

the president started out the even by asking me to serve as cheif dragoon (head of the nominating comitte I mean ) I delcined citing that I was inelgibe for the pos t given I intended to offer myself for nomination. it seems I will stand for either VP ( my prefered choice egtting me a bit more in th eyeys opf the membership ) or if pushed to it the president I prefer not to take charge as my style can be bit shocking and I frankly don't know who does what in the club realy (beyond Geoge w8FWG who is suffering he periodic burn out comon to everyone from time to time)

the pormised snow is LATE but here

a couple 3 inchnot pleasant at this season

but of course these fizzlinf efforts at snow cover have to come ion order for real snow to follow and survive

Monday, November 5, 2007

looking at the green outside

I look outside at the greens and brown and marvel that we projected (for the second time so far to see snow and ice last night

no sign of iton this the 5 nov and we still have yet to see our first first snowfall

Sunday, November 4, 2007

LOL this is fun to share with you all

Michiel heeft u een link naar een blog gestuurd: Bijna thuis, Mark. Brian thinks you are too stressed out and should leave the net for a while. So do I. Come to the Netherlands instead. I have a big yacht you can sail in. Blog: Michiel's Blog Bericht: Terug in Nederland en weer aan het werk Link: --Mogelijk gemaakt door Blogger


fake mail is not very convincing wether from "karol" or "Lloyd"

A TimeLORD has sent you a link to a blog: Delorean forced me off the net, Mark. He impersonated me so much that all kinds of people were trying to sue me and arrest me. It's easier just to leave. Do it now. I left and now I'm happy. Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham Post: BTW fak\ing threatening emails to me from Mr Karol is NOT going to help you Delorean Link:

the efforts are amazing if futile.

if someone want to try suing me plase I am literaly at your service

no one is going to try aressting me but bring it on I could use th e money from the resulting lawsuit for false aresst

BTW fak\ing threatening emails to me from Mr Karol is NOT going to help you Delorean

indeed you obviously efforts to provoke me into a fight with Karol are not going to work from this end

and it seems that even Karol who is it seesm less net savy than I isn't buying your efforts
Karol should you happen be reading I never send link to any blog to anybody that is the callsign of Deloeran who you believe Mr Crow

wel it would seem I am in contact with Karol VE7KFM

and he is certainly not th monste r he is made out to be although i doubt I would like him much personaly

that is ok

after a bit of reseach I conclude that notes was legitimately from Karol

and therefore was an effort to drag me into this war

I reconize from the list of Karol foes W4NTI who has certainly tangled with me over the years, mostly becuase I did not not give Ham radio an "a" grade in Katrinia I gave the ars a "c' and the sate or federd "f'f but anything but praise to the skies was reason to attack me in Dan's mind

I can't ever hear Karol and company when I tune nearby all I hear is bunch of noise heterodyne and fragments of QRM

The efforts to attack my wife Gavrielah Honacki well it does start to unravealving with the number of folks on the Koral foes list being on his as well

I does tecnd to reinforce the notion the Karol may be correct in IDing Delorean as Crow (or possibliy one of Crows friends

at this poit I have no dog in Karols fight and frankly I find Karol on Net stye rather abrasive (like I find Todd's n9ogl) but it is interesting th fights people try ot push me into

amusingly if I were to choose side I am more likely to choose Karol's at this point, although I am not interested in his personal problems

a letter form Karol? see coment for my reply

I received these, presumably from you, a week+ ago.
FYI Fundamentally, I don't know what you're talking about....
I have never posted about you or on your site, which I am yet to visit....Then this morning I tripped across this:
Did you think that the odd post by DeLorean was me?!!

This is why "Mothers Against Canada" exists. Some Canadian ham with the call ve7kfm and a really tabloid web site is claiming that the FCC has threatened Todd with loss of license and loss of freedom for illegal short wave broadcasting. There is no corroborating evidence on either the FCC or the ARRL web sites (yet), but ve7kfm either has a scoop at or else has set himself up for a nasty libel suit.
Apparently, this is what happens when you have good audio and no signal.

I don't normally read/know who haunts your Groups, but from the reference to the substantially FRAUDulent URL as-if-mine and the 180 degree reversed reasoning, I'm 99% certain that DeLorean may be Brian 'The Fraudulent Psycho' CROW K3VR.
For more on this see: in general
but peruse first, for context, in particular.
RSVP & tell me what this is all about.
And if you mis-directed your missive, as I suspect you have, consider posting both of MY URLs:
on the Group/your website to spike his/their guns....
On 10/31/07, Mark kb9rqz <> wrote:
Mark kb9rqz has sent you a link to a blog: i said stop sodo it now you sack of siht.
Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham Post: well got the new modem inplace Link: --Powered by Blogger

Friday, November 2, 2007

you know in re Hilliary ad runing things

I realy think attacking Hiliary Clinton has not run anything. I disagreeshe has run Arkasas, and the entire Nation during her years as Mrs Clitnon (we know what Bill was doing after all

Thursday, November 1, 2007

change in plans

the wife is not feeling well (id say she was pregnat if the tess were not telling us otherwise) and she has decided she is feeling too bad for the trip

aricles wanted

well tommarrow some time we leave for...

the milwalkee area staying at her fathers my wife and father in law on sat well spend some time together at a craft (hopefully a decent sales venure for my wife but now real matter) I to the hamfest sponsored by the milwalkee repetea gruop should be fun

YES I plan to be at a Ham fest of Sat but this time my wife will not be there