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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

and reiley unretires

I do wish the man would make up his mind

and if he is going to clloect a paycheck I wish he would do his job

a comment of the war in RRAP

some couple of years ago I said enough was enough whe the vile libel on that NG spilled out and caused someone to burned out of their in in Marquette oughly a hunderd miles away solely for having the same name as myself

I declred then I would see this sort of insanity stop even it destoryed the NG in question and I said we would all have equal access to that NG

sadly I must report both gaols as acheived because by reducing the ng to a total mire that nothing get thrugh

were it in my power to create a working NG I would but I can't and neither can the mod of the Modded NG which is just barely more alive than RRAP

the porblem comes down to what it always the fact many of the poster choose to reward the disrupting for their bad behavoir ad allowed it to spread

Happy Hallow een to all

and safe treat or treating to those that indulge

reminder this blog has an editorail policy about coment Off topic coments are delted

Off topic coments are delted

have a nice day
the editor

Saturday, October 27, 2007

new blog launched
for techincal tips I have found

trying out an another means of post to the blog

apeartly my Hughernet account has come with the abilty to generate pop3 accounts for some time (this is news to me but oh well
and with pops and offline access I can easily generate blogs entries while traveling and up load them whenever I happen to find a hotspot to load form assuing of course this works at all

well got the new modem inplace

the d7000s from hughes net which is also supposed to allow faster speeds on both UPlink and DOWNlink configuring it was easier than anything I have dealt with before other than a couople of small issues like not being able to tell which of the many numbers was say the registertaion sign code or the pin for the site id it went quite smothly

now this seems to resolve most of the issues from the cyber attack and I have have consulted with tech support on the remaining issues and and they knew those were not yet resoved but they ae working on

On RRRAP the reult of my surving this attack iss shear chaos with massive amoiunts of forged posts each answered and denouced as a fake . one day I am going to have to learn how to write bots for that, but not today

Friday, October 26, 2007

husghesnet woes contiue

well sometype of continueing attack is going and tech support is stumped by it

the insanity of my foes never ceases to amaze me

it is being claimed around the net in various places (msotly by annymice) that my pssocession of US Army issued swr metter is something that can get shipped off to gitmo

100 post for this verson of the blog

nothing specail after all what it shows is that I have plenty of thoughts and I am not shy about posting them

Riley retires
according anumber of source RH is reitring

'bout time in my book I have listened on the air runing to and of course after the end code testing an d saw what Riley was doing about his job... I am not impressed

I doubt his sucessor wll do much better but who knows

Thursday, October 25, 2007

update on hughesnet

further news from Hughesnet on e their 4 transponders has been taken out byt what ever was done hughes is pissed as this means hardward replcement for some of it customers and others are reconfigured and forced to share reduced BW

Hugh net is pissed to put it mildly, and only god or a damm good lawyer can help whoeever is responible

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hughesnet under attack is KB9RQZ the target

well the problems at hughesnet contiue with tech support that a section of the network is being targeted amazingly enough it is the section that severs our home.

a person could be a forgiven for wondering with it coming on the heels of amjors attack at Terranews my primary nsp wether the kosher ham is in fact the target

tune in for my details as I get them and can access the net to report

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

was talking with the tech support at and the guy on the other said hell I wish I could measure your tranmiter out put.

as it happens the uplink in in 23 cm band and therefore is a freq at which one of my SWR meters works so I interfaced gave him a reading on the output and it is not good I was able to adjust the gain on the unit but even at max it still aint what it should be, although it should allow me to surf most of the time till the new unit arived

the tech support guy was a bit shocked having never encountered is subcriber that could test the output of th e system (other than one of their installers havig to going thech support process to get paid for the repair of his own unit

he also suggested I might look at a job with hughes net since folks are thin on the ground in my area I will look into it

Sunday, October 21, 2007

of servers and posting and interesting happnstances

well was lloking around for a posible new server since terranews is having problems

may have found a couople and the various racks of kelp were unlaoded today

the NG RRAP is well and truly kelped I am afraid

Saturday, October 20, 2007

happy birthday to dad

my father's birthday is today 72 yo

BTW remember the blog does have editorial standards

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

well a sad day for the household of the kosher ham

it determined to day that our dog has had his concer return with truly a venegeance and he was put down rather than continue his fruitless battle

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

current plans of the kosher ham

right now I intend (not craved in stone ) the milwalke repeater hamfest on the 3rd of Nov as a rare occion my wife will not be there she will be in elkhorn for a craft show that day

other plan on 6th of Nov the CCRA will form it new dragoon squard ahem I mean nomiating comitee. I intended to duck that job ahving reseloved o seek the VP spot in the club. by the club constittuion the current vp and for theat matter the enire current slate of officers must step down because we have term limits for officers

it is conceivable that I may end up accepting the presidentcy but I would prefer to spend some time as VP since most folks don't know me that well
from a blog I often read

That freedom, as our founding fathers ably noted in the documents forming the USA, is from within and is an inalienable aspect of mankind.

sadly I have to disagree with the founding fathers these rights are all to "alienable" that is fgar too many of us are willing to even eager to give em up for even the ilusiois of safety

am I atacking the admin of GW Bush not really becuase after all since 9/11 we are forced to deal with aterror to an exntent we have not had to before. I am concerned that the drift in this directions will continue and that people will call for more and and moreof the same med till it kills the pataint

Friday, October 12, 2007

something very funny

even if it does sorta nage in gay bashing towards the end it is funny

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

just an idle thought

I hate long bouts of rainy weather

Thursday, October 4, 2007

about coments here lately

it seems a certain somewhat disguntled person has be trying to over load the google/blogger with inane coments Likely I have dumped some coments that did not merit

My apologies

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

well pleasenter news

my old Ft 847 seems to be working again properly on HF band a little repair a little gorunding and prehaps better than new since it can NOW do 60m as well and it could not do that looking forward to the arival of a hopefull decent mobile anttena set up of the ft 857

poor Roger Wisemen AKA "Woger" AKA AB8MQ

Convicted child molester Marqueer Morgan continues his spamming for the past week, until the NIM Busters admin put the ham board on moderation. It was because of Marqueer's spam he did so. Marqueer continues to neglect and abuse his elderly father, not even fixing him a meal because Marqueer's fat wide ass is stuck to the chair in front of his cheap computer desk.With his totally classless asshole behavior, it's no wonder Morgan's own mommy hates him:(Even Marqueer says so!)no she is Anne Morgan lives on Dewey Ave i don't recall the house number Iwe email rather than write lettersmy pleasure you forgot I don't get along with my (deletingwoger latest efforts at using personal data to harass)

poor woger

first of he leads the charge I am convicted Child molestor

OTOH checking
shows that NO one named Mark morgan is a regestered sex offender in Michigan

the rest of this a is tired old abusive diatrabe and is the root cuase of poor woger Hangout where he likes to post messages like this by literals the thousands

Roger has been the subject of many ham complaints and claims to use the calls of other like myself who he disaproves of

well at least it is a change form his disgusting song alleging I abuse my dad

btw anyone with evidence of a crime please contact

Monday, October 1, 2007

wow better than 100 vie anti mark attack attack at nimbusters in 48 hours
although I expect that link to die

2586 posts in 48 hours

you two take your nonsense to another site

amzing and since I basical respond there 1to 1 that means about 1200 post made attacking me with vile nonense were made by one person according the admin over Nimbusters

but then then the most likely poster, Roger Wismen, AB8MQ has been shut off from most of the rest of the internet, and has serious probelms as well (he is noted for his Rileygrams for jamming on 20m some years back)

PS tues oct 22007

still Poor "Woger" as he is known becuase of his lisp or slur (which he insists must be a sign of homosexaulity when other use the nick) contues a his feeble diatrabe

but that diatribe is reduced to what he crosspost with his remainign googleacount ad the outright forgeries he posts to RRAP et al trying ape my name

as to the suggestion I have lost something by the effective closure of the "ham" baord at nimbusters well I have I have lost the aid wger has been giving in having that first first BM of the day. but I will live

over all as long as woger is shut down it looks like I have have either won or at least gained the upper hand in battles with the online and maybe onair stalker