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Monday, April 28, 2008

a curious find

a post seemly from Brain Crow in 2001 to a medevil list Myy own interest in medevil reneacting being a recurrent theme in his mocking of me and my wife.
yjr picture from Karol having been cirulated by me around my non ham freinds in the SCA keeps returning a persistant rumour of him looking like some expeeled form the SCA for an unnamed reason (rumored to be something truly scadalous but..)he also look rather familier to me as if he and I have met prehaps at crossed sword at the Pensic wars or other SCA venue, or perhaps even exchanged amorous contact at one point he does look quite familier indeed
listen carefull to some tapes I have from pensic I hear a voice much like the voice that apears on several recordings on Karol's site ided as Crow i
it is a cruous set of devlopements sugesting that Crow feud with MY family (he may have been expelled by the action of my cousin from the kingdom of the east) it certainly would provide an explanation of Crows unrelenting hatred of me and my family, and his insistance on mocking that other hobby my wife and share
nothing conclusive but the cobweb does hang togther none the less

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the final proof that I ahave been mostly against the same guy as karol for years

That's why you're being hounded, that's why your club is going to lose it's affiliation with ARRL, and that's why we think you're a complete fucking asshole. form knights Coment

you know this is final piece of proof the hudning of me and my family have not realy changed (if anything it has dropped off) has not changed since becing more or less draged into the radio around Karol, if I was truely taking a new set of foes then I would have noticed an incresse in the hounding

this level nature more less proves that all of most of, if not all of my current foes are the same folks that are the folks of Karol. about the only other explaination is so out landish it must be discounted that being that Karol himself was ataacking me himself for most of the past 10 years to allow him to then "use" me at apoint of his choosing against his foes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

gee the stupidity of my foes has amazed me today

Tom has sent you a link to a blog: There was no reason to post that shit on your blog before you knew the facts. Now we've locked you out permanently. You're like kb9rqz. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: KB2HZE LINKING SYSTEM Link: --Powered by Blogger

they can'r even the differemce between meand todd

Friday, April 11, 2008


Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: Hey Mark: We managed to get the wiki page locked down, but not before I introduced spelling multiple errors. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger
Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: The guy who was deleting my stuff was too busy to notice the errors I inserted in the rest of his material, and now he can't fix them. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger
Wiki Editor has sent you a link to a blog: I especially like the link I broke which now doesn't go anywhere. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio Post: Crowell Subpoena Riley Hollingworth Link: --Powered by Blogger

just spaming me I guess I am supposed to to realiuze that they have decided to fight it out on wiki , and I guess I am suposed to rush over there and try and figure what they might have done

Thursday, April 10, 2008

more "threats"

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: Nice of this dude to leave his mailer open, but not nice of you to keep on editing the wiki. The next time you go to the wiki, enjoy the malicious scripts we've installed on it. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: Counting Down to May Link: --Powered by Blogger

dude you are a malious scripts

I suppose this is the attention you s desperatly seek but since it it suits my interests enjoy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

yawn another threat

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: You vile human being, no matter how many times you edit the wiki, our bot will automatically restore it. Sooner or later we'll see you in court shithead. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: Counting Down to May Link: --Powered by Blogger

as I have said I am entilely at your legal service

an interesting site

almost quilifes for for Karol could not have said it better myself pages

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more demeted threats

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: Now we have you. The wiki edit logs show that changed the text to claim it is a hate site after deleting important, informative text. The edit logs have been preserved by us for use in court. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: And The President Is ... Link: --Powered by Blogger

yes indeed you have me again totaly on the record the is a hate site

I remain as always entiely at your legal serive
PS pleas guys one or 10 of these messages at a time is enough

Monday, April 7, 2008

my version of about

==Description==Excerpted from the website:: '' ''' Who is Karol Florian Madera? ''' '': : '' This page will discuss the discriminatory hate speech distributed by Karol F. Madera. Madera routinely discriminates against Homosexuals, Muslims, the Disabled, African Americans, and Hispanics. Madera discriminates using the Internet and Radio (both regulated in Canada). the amusing thing is that I KB9rqz happen to be Bisexaul,and mildly fidabled and yet the real Karol F Madera, has become my ally in the scurious action of various of the scurilous lies spouted bu the website which is not run by him

another effort at blackmail

Dloyd has sent you a link to a blog: You'd better stop editing and listing those good folks web site as a hate site. We are subpoenaing the ISP to find out who owned the IP address which posted the defamation as part of a defamation law suit. We are going after you next. Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P. Post: And The President Is ... Link: --Powered by Blogger

I will as always post the truth as I see it the endless barrage of Blackmail is unaccablee in the civil disocurse

OTOH I do not edit that website if I had the poser o edir that website it basicaly would not exist as it is pruely a hatesite and is I believe a matter for the police as it stands I suspect theat the investagation into that site is proceeding, as such I will be reporting this communication as an effort at witness intimadation

as I have said many times I am entriely at your legal service indeed I welcome the chance to deal with this matter openly in court of law rather than in the back alleys of the net

Saturday, April 5, 2008

lastest from the tinfoil hat crowd there ham is proposing that RH is planing a serious of bust of hams with the goal of showing the GW Bush admin is doing something good and that media will report these busts and thus the election of McCain will be assured

nbow I am no fan of RH and I think RH is trying to roll over woger ab8mq exploiting his foolishness to enhance his abilities to use the "character rule" to include ojnline only "infractions and then I am going down next for deciding to defend myself successfully against the posting of a hunderd or so day fasle accuastion of child molesting and relder abuse and the rest

well I don't think rh is dumb enough to to try that either, but you never knwo I am prepared to fight and I remind everyone MY action in RRAP began after someone was threatened with arson and crusiftion based on having my name mark Morgan but no other conection to me, that he will target the subject on online death threats with his when he and his office ignored the complaint of that target for 10 years

Thursday, April 3, 2008

an urgent Alert to my readers about the FCC and AB8MQ;JSESSIONID_APPSEARCH=y1TmH1QJN6w1c17LVWlTGRYnJLMqxwQTlhWV8NcYHrnsXNmnFmyb!651828249!-945573415?applID=4170507

is a link from the FCC about this mans license. he is claiming that after 6 month he has not been contacted by Riley and/or the FCC. If this is the case then a serious injustice is being done to this man (interesting the injustice would be done to someone that deal out deals out serious injustice to others) in any event the FCC needs to move on this matter one way or the other, I don't know ether RH is going back and forth with AB8MQ.

not sure what to do about this becuase IF for once Wismen is not lying he is cowering in his closet hoping RH will go away and if RH is not serving him some sort of notice then RH is IMO violating his rights. while this blogger is NO fan of RH I doubt this the case I do however suspect that RH maybe taking advantage of a weak target to bully into alowing his office to set a precident that can be used by the FCC as a weapon against any of the rest of us they choose