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Monday, July 30, 2007

another Vicory for as long as it lasts

is again of the net essentcaily it was accomapnied by the normal insults and deand balackmail over on demending I icsus the possibl e return of the blog he admits publicaly to stealing

I it said before I say again He can return the blog or not
he can choose to contain to demand I treat him with respsect or else or not
he can continue to stalk me or not
he can disapear back into the mists on the net or not

nothing he can do to alter his actions of the past
nothing he can do will alter the fact i will respond to him whatever forum by recounting his criminal deeds so as to see he is not trusted by anybody

Dloyd has been harasing most of this year and likely far longerunder other sock puppets and yet he does not learn thebasic and inflexible fact. I don't yeild to blackmail

"Never pay anyone Danegeld for you never get rid of the Dane"

you can't even try to resolve anything with this disgruntled asshole, so I am not going to try any further. If anyone wants the blogger domain,, email me at emailaddy and we can set a confidential transfer date/time. It will go to whomever requests if first, except the A-hole. Dloyd

is another plantive whine of Dloyd I am amazed at how he somehow thank after attacking and backmailing me for a last a 7 monthes straight he thinks I am going to repsond pleasently to ANOTHER try at blackmail

Mark, read very carefully FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Its a done deal, I am not fucking with your insanity any longer...dloyd

I do hope for once he is telling the truth but I doubt

Sunday, July 29, 2007

reports of my being tosed are greatly exagerated

The is almost enough to leave it at that

of Course my foes having no lives of their own igamine everyone else is like them

Saturday, July 21, 2007

well dloyd is an od victory of sorts

well the theifing blogger is back ( loony claim I do wish the guy would get a life of his own

since he has now relezed I was corect in claiming victory when he took his stolen blog "private" now is forced to open it back up so that people can the insults he has been impoently "shouting" to net for a few weeks a vicotory in thesense that he forced to admmit to himself I was right and he was indeed wrong.

Avicotry in another sense in that he exposes that his agenda is one of hate and down right evil

IOW I win eiteher way and he is in the sad sopt of losing to me no matter what even if he does the right and returns the stolen blog he still loses.

I pity Dloyd he is truely sad and without a life of his own he has to try and steal one from his name out of jeaousy of Lloyd Davies his online call from me and my wife

Friday, July 20, 2007

no accounting for madness

I read Hal truner mostly for entertainment value but this must be comented on

the link above pruports to cotain the conets of email received by Hal and his coments on it

it boils down to the sugestion that the US Army has spent some time thinking thinking about what to do in the event of an rebelion here in the USA

while the true plans for such would a secert .I can state absultely that they exist the army has plans for war with everybody inclduing various WN nationalist gruops in the usa and all of our allies enemies and petencail combatants like PA in the west and Isreal the only folksI doubt they have plans against is Hamas in the Gaza but I am certain they are working on those

this simply part and parcel of the model of the german general staff that is used by every real military of the world today

i supoe it may play well in his efforts to solict donations to his cause, might be mildly educational to the public

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

google grouops down? is the end of for now of Dloyd?

was reading in RRUKA thatggoles gruops seem to be down as my "friend" "dloyd" uses them to pos this vile lies as does wger and few others I do wonder at folks that intended to strike terror into thiere tagrets (likeme but can't even arrnage backup access to the mediuam they are using for it

Monday, July 16, 2007

in honor of steves recent return

and Steveclaims My family is fucked uphe can't keep his brother staights His mom skips his daughters funeulhe would divorvice his wife ver the length of her hair? my word
OK...OK...So I started off with a bang and now it's tapered off to a trickle...Bad me. It's been a rough couple of weeks.Today is one of my brothers birthday, although I never could keep them straight...The 25th will be the others, and is also the day my Father passed away. I hate to say it, but I haven't seen much of the Ohio crowd since 2000...The last I saw any of them was my brother Richard in December of 2000. From the "original brood", I have two brothers and one sister of which I am the eldest. Dad and Jeannie had two kids, Niki and "Petey", for a total of 6 of us kids. All of them agreed to help me with Dad's final expenses, which amazingly only came to $125 for each of us (that includes me, not just among them). When I lost Taelor only 3 months after Dad died I asked them all to please help me out, yet not a one of them has ponied up yet. Dad's been dead 7 years now. I guess they don't call for fear I'll ask them when I can expect to get those checks...Don't worry, guys...I gave up years ago.My mother had "other plans" that she refused to even discuss changing when I told her of Taelor's passing. We did get a condolence card and a check for $20, though. Turns out the "other plans" were babysitting for the elder of the two younger brothers kids. Last Saturday (the 10th) I was on my way to pick up a couple of extra hours at the hospital when the engine in my 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage started eating itself alive. I am surprised it lasted this long. Amy's eldest daughter slammed it into other cars TWICE. She wasn't insured and never has made even a token effort to pay for the damage...Silly me. My insurance wouldn't pay since the step daughter was over 18 and not living at home. Double silly me.The previously mentioned Achillies' tendon strain has gotten better, but it still reminds me that I can't be going 9-to-90 on it. I forgot that the other morning when I was going out to start the car before driving home and I tried to "hop" over a small bush row...TWANG! OK, that was stupid...Now to slow down again.I'm glad to see my friend's list growing here on MySpace. I see that the "views" clock is at 218, so I wonder who's doing all the viewing! Maybe Britney Spears is waiting to see if I'm single yet so she can be the next Mrs Robeson! Well...Now that she's done the "bald" thing I think we can scratch her off my "Gee, if I was only 25 again..." list! I've always prefered long hair on women, and only tolerate short hair on my wife since I doubt any court in the land would let me use her unwillingness to let her hair grow longer as ground's for divorce!As silly as it may seem, I've taken a liking to a Tom Hanks movie, "That Thing You Do!"...I guess it's just nice to see a movie that's fun, doesn't insult anyone based on race, religion, or gender, doesn't have a single profanity in it and has a sound track you can actually enjoy and tap your feet to...If you haven't seen it an like happy-music kinda things, watch it.I see my friend Ken from Tracy City has joined me here! Hi Ken! Ken (KE4MBU) and his cousin, Kevin (KE4MBV), and I used to have late night round-table discussions on Amateur Radio repeater NQ4Y on 145.41mHz when I lived in Dunlap, TN. Those were fun times! ken, tell him I said "Hey"...I desperately miss living in Dunlap...Unfortunately the job market there is not what I'd like and it's an almost 80 mile trip 1-way from there to my present job. Oh well. Perhaps something will come available soon. The trip into Chattanooga is only 40 miles and is a quick hop onto Highway 111. I miss not being able to make the short walk to my daughter's grave, and I miss the laid back, clean air living up there. But I love my present job, too...Come on, Powerball!I've got two more installments of "My Father's Blanket" I want to do, then that's a wrap (pardon the pun). This thing really is getting pretty ragged, but it's one of the few things I have left of him that was something he personally touched. I ought to fold it up and put it in one of those "space bags" that you see advertised on TV. Otherwise it will be COMPLETELY ruined!So much for now...I need my beauty sleep...And lot's of it

way to go steve, siring then tlaking a defective daughter and you out your mom as a "whore" what a son your truly are Steve

the things great men have to put up with

it is amazing the effort the stalkers will go to try and harm me
is the latest trying deperately to recruit other to ue this link assuming the feds are going to arest or something
feeble lame crap

OTOH maybe they will finaly push goodgle in instaling better security

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the latest form the isane mind of Dloyd Lavies

after fakigng the TOSing his stolen blog last week 9and therby dumping week of his work in libeling for not much reason Doyd has now made his stolen "private" so that only his freind s can read his revelation of so called private infor about me
Whew Dloyd needs to get laid or something or see a phrink whatever to devote such effort trying attack someone he has never met

BTW the faking of my wifes call in RRAP was pretty lame

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

breaking news another attack blog finaly toseed off blogger

Dloyd the author of this and 6 other toseed blog this years claims he released it ot me

likely story

the 4th

well just clam 4th email heavy on the spam and the usaul stakers trying attack a vet for being more honest than they are not exactly my favorite forth but what the hell