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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another victory

kb9rqz attack blog empty and open a vic certainly for me wether by my actions or not I care not

Monday, February 25, 2008

well have not seen one of these in a while another a death from Dloyd Lavies

Tood has sent you a link to a blog:

Read and think mark. you can go away just like I have. The bad guys can vanish you.

Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio

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someone said insanity is repateing the sanme other and and expecting different results?

this is just nuts

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and back to private

dloyd attack blog well I guess dloyd is still having trouble takeing the heat of accusing me of forgery while using MY call online as if it were his own

ofcourse he will send it back public in a few days (or hours) claiming it is my fault somehow that he is attacking and harrassing me

oh well a victory of a sort

Saturday, February 16, 2008

again since people don't seem to be listening

I get advised to ignore the evil doer attacking the result fo trying that stagy is burn out a shot dead dog assorted personal injury

gee I am not going down that road again

this time I am incovenecing some folks that want to pretend that this crap doesn't occour in america (although how a ham with a radio and anttena for 75 m could do so is beyond me)

i get accused of ignoring this ignore it crowd" it is just that I have heard and found it wanting before nothing new indeed the "advice" that I should ignore it is almost become "spam" in its own right

Jews were told to ignore the NAZI rethoric this will pass the late 1940's are a testament to the rsults of that logic

you donb't like my tactic s used in self defense fine neither do I but till I get some viewpoint that covers me my family and and works better I stay with what works becuase I am not backing down to a terrists

"Never again"


since I object to helping these stalking I am turning the prfoil on and off to make their link from that site in accurate

some generaly quiet time for the kosher ham

it seems to come at the cost of todd coming under fire it is only worth oting since tit shows the same people are going after as todd and VE7KFM which makes it an interesting point for for the 3 of us to hav in comon

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008


the punce blog maybe tosed or maybe blooger google is just having another hick up

Dloyd is raving about my being scared to confront him on air . well you know taking off air fights on air is got resulted in ole woger beoming known as ole 2 test

while this is certainly a reason to avoid meeting dloyd on air it is minor one

after all

why would I want to tlak to him on air I don't like dealing with him on line why would I want more derect contact and since the air waves are archived in google I am less concered with what he says there, when we are online i play along a bit and see what he is up to

and why would I want to give him something to record when he is ready and waitng for it, after all I have heard what he/hisfriends has done with Karol I certainly have no reason to want that

and what do I gain by doing as he asks hell I doubt he would even stop insiting I refused to mett him nor do I believe he would give a true ID

no gain nor effort on my part