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Thursday, March 27, 2008

more bizre crap from
Sometime in November, 2007, Morgan accused several individuals of offering him a boy for the purposes of sexual gratification. Morgan reported these individuals to various agencies without the slightest bit of evidence regarding their involvement, then he published the names of the individuals in multiple venues. He continues to do so today. We rush to clarify that ALL of Morgan's allegations against innocent parties are completely unfounded.

of course any charge against an incoent is unfounded the porblem is of course I made no unfounded charges

again even RH has adknowledged I had evidence to support my claims

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the bizarre behavoir at keeps right on coming

Mark Morgan (self-described "ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM") reports that a man named Brad (presumably the President of the K3CR amateur radio club at Penn State University) has contacted him regarding the lies he posted about K3CR on his blog. See the transcript Morgan has reported here:

"Mr. Morgan; It seems that someone is taking an interest in this, at least at our end, and has taken the opportunity to simultaneously email all of our officers and the Dean's office in relation to these allegations. Thank you for the information that you have provided. If this doesn't go away soon, I'm sure we will be in contact again."

Morgan has utterly failed to apologize for publicizing false allegations about K3CR, and numerous others. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, Morgan continues to publicly malign multiple others for what he calls involvement in a child sex crime.

We will bring you further reports regarding these bizarre and completely untrue allegations, made public by Mark C. Morgan, President Elect of the ARRL affiliated Copper Country Radio Amateur Association, Inc. P.O. Box 217, Dollar Bay, MI 49922-0217. Morgan, who is a resident of 17366 North River Rd, Chassell, MI 49916, apparently has much to answer for.

Yes I fail to apoligize for the demneted action fo the authrs over

OTOH I do think you should accurately report the fact O am president of the the failure to even get such basic facts correct on a consistant seems to be proof that the autor of that site is dangerously Unblanced

as alaways I remian enterily at anyone lega service the fact such acuasation of misconduct have been laid against for the last 10 years with a single legal action being brought is all but proof of my incocence, That contiue to host such libel is proof iIMO that it owner wa9fox is himself ionvolved in the sex crimes being comited against me on a daily Basis

Indeed I desrie to publiscize far and wide the un warrnted and unlawfull attack derected against Pennstate's ham club with the call k3cr . It to be hopes that hams everywhere will demends that WA9FOX cease and desist his partiapation is harrasment and libel

To make matters worse, Morgan has also apparently now accused K2VR, HISATAKA ISHIKAWA, of 5202 Vanderhill Rd, Torrance CA of being involved in child prostitution as well. No one has been able to tell us why Morgan makes these false allegations, but here at the Center for Media Studies, we find his behavior unconscionable and we seriously question whether Morgan has the requisite character to remain an FCC licensee.

as to this matter it against is the sort of made up nonsense that the websitie is justly famous for

PS encouraging people send somethingto the club is particualrly quoitc as it it would be received and dealt by the secratary who happens to be my wife kd8ctl

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why does apearly suport defamation by its customers and refuse to even respond to a ToS complaint

how many people will targeted in this rediculkaous vendetta

Mr. Morgan; It seems that someone is taking an interest in this, at least at our end, and has taken the opportunity to simultaneously email all of our officers and the Dean's office in relation to these allegations. Thank you for the information that you have provided. If this doesn't go away soon, I'm sure we will be in contact again.73'sBrad

first myself then my family then the CCRAA and now a a Pennstate radio Club when wil the diatrbe of lies and crimainal behvaoir be stoped

Monday, March 24, 2008

just for you dloyd

it is truly amazing how much effort Dloyd went to to get this piopcu only to call it a fake

but that and this one I have myself take tonight should put that to rest But we all know it never will since the lying cowardly stakers will NEVER admit to the truth

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am so honner ed NOT

John Kerry has sent you a link to a blog:

Why do you tell such lies about me on this blog? I never did anything to you. John K.

Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham
Post: amazing the obession with defaming little ole me

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well Kery you insulted My and father in the 1970'2 you comitted treason I think both of those are reason to offended with you

wow and I thought was Ve7kfm the ham


UPDATED March 22, 2008:

Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) is under fire again for telling lies. Morgan identifies himself as a bisexual Jewish amateur who is into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. Sometime in November, 2007, Morgan accused several individuals of offering him a boy for the purposes of sexual gratification. Morgan reported these individuals to various agencies without the slightest bit of proof. All of Morgan's allegations proved to be completely unfounded.

Morgan is the President of the ARRL affiliated, CCRAA amateur radio club in Michigan's upper peninsula. Now, months later, Morgan has accused the Penn State University Amateur Radio Club (K3CR) of objecting to the truth being known about the child prostitution ring (which Morgan apparently invented out of whole cloth).

Morgan, who calls himself "an ally of Karol Madera" was previously banned from the world's most popular amateur radio website due to his practice of distributing malicious lies about others. However, Morgan's public embarassment and shunning has not persuaded him to stop lying.

Morgan also points the finger at non-existent amateur radio stations WA9FOX and KV3VR. To make matters worse, Morgan also indicates that the FCC's Riley Hollingsworth was satisfied with Morgan's explanation of his bizarre allegations. We are unable to reach Hollingsworth for comment at this time.

So far, Mark Morgan has defamed at least 5 different individuals, including the owner of a popular radio related web hosting service. Today, Morgan added others to his list. He has now falsely accused the Penn State University radio club, and implicated Riley Hollingsworth in his fabrications. The circle of lies appears to be growing ever larger. Morgan apparently fails to realize that promulgating falsehoods about others could lead to large civil suits, and should the false allegations be found to have been made maliciously, he could be held responsible for triple damages, plus court costs and attorney's fees.

In his blog, Morgan states he is the President of the ARRL affiliated CCRAA club, in Michigan's upper peninsula. He also used the same venue to announce his untrue allegations. How long Morgan will retain his office is anyone's guess, now that his lies have become public knowledge. It is conceivable that CCRAA could recall Morgan since they could also be sued regarding his statements, inasmuch as Morgan has now defamed individuals in conjunction with announcing his official relationship to the incorporated Michigan club.

The sad truth kernel of truth in this sage is this: Morgan insists that someone calling himself "Dloyd Llavies" is stalking him, but rather than gather facts and real evidence, Morgan foolishly and recklessly lashes out at anyone whom he suspects could be his online tormentor.

wow someone has been hiting the Whitelighting today at least that is simplest explantion for this latest internet fanatsy of the autrhor of widely believeved to be Brain Crowe k3vr and hosted wa8fox about the only thing ture being sttaing that I am the president of ccraa

I do with the rediculaous and silly sort of cyber atack on me would cease but it seems unlike in the near near furutre failing that I hope the idoits contiue there wild a ridiculaous ride hopefully right in the jail the Wa*fow seem to belong in the state of wisconsin

I oof course an entirely at your legal service indeed I would truly welcome getting som me the principles on record

amazing the obession with defaming little ole me

source the link may or not work witht either the site QTH.con either under fire or just playing game (yes I can read it )
Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) is in the news again. Morgan is under fire for allegedly defaming 5 different individuals, including the owner of a popular radio related web hosting service. According to aggrieved parties, Morgan falsely accused four men of attempted prostitution, and one man of hosting a hate site. Morgan apparently fails to realize that promulgating falsehoods about others could lead to large civil suits, and, should the false allegations be found to have been made maliciously, triple damages, plus court costs could be awarded.

Morgan is the new President of the ARRL affiliated CCRAA, in Michigan's upper peninsula, although how long Morgan will keep that office is anyone's guess. It is conceivable that the club could also be sued if it is determined Morgan has slandered or defamed anyone while speaking to other club members in any official capacity.

You know there is still not the slightest evudence to support any of the raving on that hate stite and that is what the place is

I am of course aware saying anything these days can lead to lawsuits , I am not afraid of lawsuits especaily one that have been promised for many years

anyone want to sue me I am literaly entirely at and eagarly await your legal service

but it is clear that WA8FOX allows his service to be used for the defamation of hams like myself and now the CCRAA itself

Yes I am the president, I expect I wil keep the job at least 2 years and prehaps longer dispite the terms limits if I so any signs of being willing to carry on

the facts are I have stated that some atemped to pimp out a 9yo boy to me that I report to Law enforcement that ilgal action along my list suspects that is the simple fact apeartly some folks like K3vR and W4NTI obect to the truth being known

w4nti indeed will make online death threats (involing the Mafia of all things) when the truth about him is stated plainly

Mr Neeader should judge wether hosting a site that spews random hate and false accusation is good bussness practice assuming of course he is not bruned up with hate as to hip deep with them

of course it amusing in a wry sort of theway the way this fake ve7kfm site keeps twisting its own lies like one day Todd and Myself are Karol lover the next his arch foes, I am not sure wetyher this reflacts mental instability or an abilty to flipout on issues faster than John Keryy

or both

Friday, March 21, 2008

whythe defamatioin

source the link may or maybot work depending on the maddess of the hosts

Karol Madera's friend Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ), was banned from a popular radio related website today. Morgan, a self described Jewish bi-sexual male, who says he is into bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism, and who has also apparently reported on that he may have had sex with under age boys, was banned for cause.

Morgan has repeated malicious defamation posted by Karol Madera at several websites. In addition, Morgan invented lies of his own, starting a vicious smear campaign about at least 3 of his peers. According to reports, Morgan actually made reports to official agencies without the slightest shred of truth to back up his tall tales. According to Morgan's blog, he was previously contacted by Riley Hollingsworth at the FCC regarding malicious defamation he had posted on his blog. Morgan is widely credited with ruining usenet groups for other users by flooding the groups with thousands of nonsensical messages and lies. Morgan is not the first of Karol Madera's friends to be banned from various websites for anti-social behavior.

let see let me count the lies

first of all I hardly know Karol Id have to know better to even possibly be his friend he is not foes my foes is all he is my ally only because obviously the same folks attack me attack him as the onwer of prove on a regular basis

then of half truth dressed to be something guys if you learn to write better maybe Hilary clinton is hiring

if Karol has truly publish mailious defamation at his site thenI submit the he is entrely atr you legal service as am I in cabada as I understand the matter the laws are much tighter than the USA

as to my alleged lack of evidence Hollingworth himself was satified by it after the matter was reffered to him allegedly by kv3vr himslef who along with his freind w4nti seems rather pissed that HIS false accuastion was dismissed by Hollingworth, why Hollingworth would even take the complaint (that I responded to an effort to pimp out a 9 yo boy for sex by repoorting the offer and my list of suspoest which include w4nti and K3vr) of course is beyond me

Thursday, March 20, 2008

another threat but good for a laugh

Dan has sent you a link to a blog:

I'm going to take one of those rubber chickens and shove it up your nose, asshole. See you soon.

Blog: CCRAA - Flooding Usenet From The U.P.
Post: Spring Membership Drive

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yea whatever

Thursday, March 13, 2008

an interesting devolement a link like this was provided my by someone claiming to be Deloraen he was trying to emabrass Todd but it looks usefull after all simply changing it like so providded such usefull data

I do adknowledge my benifactors wether they inteded to or not

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ah yes qrx suprter of terrists

amazing the shit one is expected to endure at the zed death threats are ok calm reasoned responses are not

ah well was banned once I'll live

BTW Dan I am entirely att your service

Monday, March 10, 2008

interesting set of exchanges on QRZ

let see N1LAF showing exactly why his advice that I gnore those making flase accuasation about me

gee I would think his reaction to someone posting something he disliekd would be enough

and Dan well I can see tonight why Karol calls him Rambo, although that is an insult to the Rambo charater from the movies

it works out that when you hang with dogs as N1LAF and W4NTI seem to do you likely come up with Fleas, plague infected one it apears in this case

yes Dan I am convinced you might have indeed sent the viles propistion to pimp out a 9 yo boy for some twisted purpose becuase you realy are looking like Dloyd Lavies after all you both insist on a right to control who reponds to your posts on USENET, you both seem to be in a positon to have developed a feud with NoVFP the real lloyd Davies to devolpe the monicker of "Dloyd Lavies" given that one of unsigned snail mails sent to the club officers around bears a post mark for your local pPO it is imposblie not to supect you hof being Dloyd Lavies sending of the pimp o gram

and the threshhold to report child sex crime is suspision indeed I never even say the lev reasonable suspison used, I certainly have it

Now I wish the QRZ had left up your post claimin gto be conected to Mafia, I was palning on forwarding that to RH as eveidence along with your other misdeeds that you lack the moral charter to retain a ham ticket, likely RH would have done nothing but I would have done MY duty

Monday, March 3, 2008

forgery is still techincaly a crime Dloyd

Tood has sent you a link to a blog:

I locked you out my blog because of you post your blog on mine and that not fair! Makes you common thief BITCHWHORE!

Blog: The Voice of Amateur Radio
Post: Something Educational

as we all know todd and I corespond directly and throughwith Karol thanks toy uo jerks trying to provoke fights amoug us

your efforts to forge a note from todd are totaly lame and criminal but laughable as well

lastest threat is a quixoitic one

ZitaZoid has left a new comment on your post "the lastest on Todd":

You said "a coment that was off topic was recievd and rejected"

Fine. I just deleted four of your comments from blogs I control in retaliation. Start with my sock puppets' blogs and you'll figure out which comments were removed.

You are a foolish little man who doesn't understand the forces which are arrayed against him. You are very much like Todd Daugherty in that regard (and I've spent most of my time on Todd). Now your own time has arrived.

the funny thing is I can't find where he has removed any coments of mine he seems to have removed coments but only one that were forgred ion my Name

way to go dloyd

althought the threat making is right on count I don't understand the force arrayed against me. nor do I desire to. I know enough, I face a one or more total sniviling cowards enaged a smear campiagn on a medium where increasing nobody belives such smearing so like a bad XBer they over drive their amps worse and worse spattering and making their own effort unreconizable in a frenczy of self QRMing

another victory?

dloyd attacks blog would seemed to have been tosed

another one bites the dust

perhaps that is why dloyd is pissed off in my email inpost with threats of retaliation

note to dloyd

I know it pisses you off to be required to follow the rules anwywhere

but it ihas been the same way for years coments must coment on the topic to which they were posted

you can delte (or try to delete coemnts of Mine where you can but it just shows you are a bully and you can't follow any rules anywhere

you don't need a reason to delete my coment you have proven that

either do it or don't

please the threats are truly lame dloyd

P.S. btw sending the fake blog email from todd is realy silly as todd and I correspond directly

Saturday, March 1, 2008

the lastest on Todd

recent tod blog entry

it does look like Todd is not falling for RH bait and contiunes his efforts against RH and his rather bizzare efforts to harras todd in silnece for some reason wishing to acomlish this instead of busting crowe and co for their misdeeds

i still think RH should REretire and move let someone else try to bring the order he promised to bring to the ariwaves

frankly it makes me wonder if the FCC has been pusshing BPL in hope it will kill of these turbulent hams and end the the need fpor real; enforcement there